Exercise One - Debaya

Keeping the feeling of the last post i'll present to you now a pure genuine tech house release.

Press review for mobile 011:
It´s the 2nd relase on mobilee for the two beat wizards “M Freebird” and “Gansera” better known as Exercise One. “Debaya” and “Flight Cancelled” hit the dancefloor with deep bass and heavy synth lines, dark melodic parts and euphoric breaks. Both tracks are tested during live gigs all over Europe.From the moment Exercise One appears on the stage they catch the audience.This is what the new 12” is made from. Less blubby minimal more dancy techno.

Jeremy P. Caulfield - Tumble dry

If you are looking for subtle minimal techno, progressive rythms and something to calm down, i'll present to you tumble dry by Jeremy P Caulfield, old school Dj and Producer, one of the most respected in the Canadian scene. This ep brings back the feeling of what the music was all about, just listen it carefully. Against The Rip does it all for me, subtle patterns always giving you the feeling of wanting more of the same. A great release on dumb unit

a1 - Against the Rip
b1 - Nude Beach


Giorgos Gatzigristos - Skip Tutorial

The first ep of the Greek Giorgos Gatzigristos, released on k2 (sublabel of kompakt), pleasant us perfection for the summer, without euforic moments, the 12" is based on simple music and noisy effects disturbing that simplicity always stepped with a progressive and perfect construction . The first side Skip Tutorial is a great example of what a minimal track should be and the b side - Sloensje - is perfect to the summer feelings! Another promissing producer uprising the scene.

a1 - Skip Tutorial
b1 - Sloensje


Extrawelt - Fernweh / Drehfehler (Kompass Musik)

There's something you can't lose...

EXTRAWELT is back with something very good... Just hear it!

The first release of Kompass Musik.

A Fernweh http://mp3.juno.co.uk/MP3/SF220512-01-01-01.mp3
B Drehfehler http://mp3.juno.co.uk/MP3/SF1214303-02-01-02.mp3


Paul Kalkbrenner - Keule

Release nr 131 on Bpitch control, mr Old School, Paul Kalkbrenner is back with a great release! I'm usually not into his kind of work but i appreciated a lot this album! His music is more genuine and dynamic always keeping that disturbing progression of sounds, but this time, quieter... I think thats the reason i liked this one, the touch of kalkbrenner is not so subtle as in other albuns but the dancefloor mania is more present... Keule is the perfect example of it, nice kick, 3 or 4 noisy effects... breaks,progressions and you have a smashing music to the party people. Atzepeng, the first music of the B side has a deeper construction always marked by the geniality of Mr Paul Kalkbrenner, pure relaxing music, perfect 10 for the chilling moments. Freund Blase is, to me, the nicest track of this ep closing the gap between Apzepeng and Keule. Amazing Freund Blase perfect in all the ways it can be.
Old school telling how to do it..

Listen to:
a1 - Keule
b1 - Atzepeng
b2 - Freund Blase

Edited in2007: This album still brings me the same joy and kind of feeling... Atzepeng is beautiful, keule is a bomb and finally Freund Blase envolves me in such an unbelievable way...


Guido Schneider - Focus on Ep

Guido Schneider always produce the kind of music that enjoys me the most. Pokerflat is an habitue in this kind of releases and this one does not escape that rule! The Vynil version, "Focus on", a 2x LP, contains only Guido tracks while the album will be a mixed cd containing other tracks. I think i'd already heard the most of this tunes before, in sets of known djs. Super Sander and In case you didn't feel like showing up are the great simbols of this 2x LP release. Don't miss the best of what is done in the minimal world..
"I want to send my listeners on a journey based on hypnotic grooves, but I like to break through the .ow of sound with irritating details" - Guido Schneider

Listen to:
a1 - Super Sander
b1 - Rundata
b2 - Rumours
c1 - In case you didn't feel like showing up
d1 - Too many Voices
d2 - Drifting

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