Minimal paths

Because here, in the minimaland, we always want the best for the minimal cause, we want that you, the minimal addicts, give us new ideas and ways to ensure a better interface with you guys. So leave ideas, critics, enhancements and everything that crosses your mind in this moment, cause its needed some feedback in this blog and also minimal addicts that want to write about it. Minimaland was created with the target of giving minimal a new space, not only to describe it but also to discuss about it, making us a community that cares and fights for the things we believe.
Can you do it?

Hear it. Recicle it. See it.


Shaking my head up

With no time to write and no patience either i'll show what has been shaking the house around here

  • Fraktion - Frakion Ep (resopal red 004)
  • Argy - Night Ritual (poker flat 067]
  • Fusiphorm - u am i Ep (foundsound 006]
  • Shane Berry - Fillertet 2 (trapez ltd 040)
  • Bodzin and Huntemann - Black Ep (gigolo 185)
  • D Eulberg & G Ananda - Harzer Roller (traum v70)
  • G Ananda - Anandas Bassmaschinchen (treibstoff 2059)
  • Dsp Speedwagon - What Happened (trapez 061)
  • Mike and Dot - Eiderdown Ep (substatic 052)
  • and Still... Richie Hawtin - The Tunnel Ep :)


Audio Werner - Trust

hartchef records called up (again) Audio Werner, one of last years great revelations, for a pure production! Trust is a brilliant track always uprising our emotions with a great construction always bringing nice feelings to the listeners. Shiers! is a pure crazy minimal track always messing up with the shaky grooves around the music! Another genuine production, the 8th release of this label.

Listen to:
a1 - Audio Werner - Trust
b1 - Audio Werner Shiers

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