Henry Saiz - Labyrinths Designer EP

End of year in MONDAY

Label: Paradigma Musik
Catalog#: Paradigma 006

a1 - lost in the woods
b1 - lady in the mirror
b2 - from tangled seas


Spektre - Spektre Ep

To end the year in the most positive way i present, by the second time, Spektre! This one couldn't be bad, they gave it their own name, so the level demanded would gonna be high.. They didn't fail and, in fact, this duo from Leeds produced an excellent ep, perfect to the dance floors with great intensity and wicked music. "Hover" is very powerful, i can't get out of my head the strong double bass that runs all over the music, it's my favorite without any doubt. A great tune, one of the bests of the year that will surely throw things apart wherever it passes. Only compared to Luna by Dusty Kid. A massive bomb. "Is it a Bird?", the second track is another perfect one. With a funky touch here and there and some twisted breaks along the music this will be great to the after party's and things like that. Released by U.F.O. this is the last Ep i post here in 2007! And see you all again next year...

a1 - Hover
b1 - Is It a Bird?

minimize 07.14

last one of the minimize series, enjoy..
mnmland suggests:

Chordian - The End Is Night
Guido Schneider Vs. Jay Haze - G-Force
Mark Henning - Sick Note
Polder - Dirty Ol' Burt
Anna - Green
Jaumetic - Sigues Con Nosotros
Harry Axt - One Way Ticket
Jona - Puppets
Jori Hulkkonen - Crowd, Get Ready To Be Jamed
Jorg Burger - Superpicture
Daniel Steinberg - Pay For Me
Maxime Dangles - Pattern

Afrilounge - Lux Dementia

Chordian - Closed Eyes (Paul Kalkbrenner remix)


Matzak - Sobotta

After "Life Beginings" Matzak is back with another master piece. I haven't yet heard a bad release from this guy and this continues his normal standards. This time launched by Harmonik Records, the French producer presents us a more calm ep, directed to pleasure your soul. "Sobotta", the first track, drive you through great emotions in a different special way, a subliminal music that will surely seduce you. "Ultratribe" follows the same requirements, it remembers me the geniality of Nathan Fake in his greatest works... I may say that i fell completely in love by this one... Fly fly away! Finnaly "CC" a more shaky track, nicely produced with a great beat and, like the previous musics, brilliantly escorted by a nice and deep melody. With Christmas in the scene and the moods rising up this is the perfect album to come along with it... Music to remember the days... the better days.

a1 - Sobotta
b1 - Ultratribe
b2 - CC

Paul Kalkbrenner - Altes Kamuffel

Despite being released in may, today I became aware that I have not posted here this great one. It is surely one of the Eps of the year, so it couldn't be forgotten. After anti-pop festival in August i realized that Paul Kalkbrenner was a one kind producer, with a genuine and unique work, I think the most of his work is brilliant and should be known by all of you. So, sorry for not posting this before... If you don't know this yet i can tell you it's an explosion of synth and bass lines. "Altes Kamuffel" is a great union between melodic exposure and pumping beat, this one is always present in his live performances. "Ick Muss Aus Dit Milieu Heraus" is another great one, uprising feelings, perfect to throw us all apart in the dance floors with it's great percussion, kicking beat and amazing groove ! Please listen this one, a two Ep burner released by Bpitch Control. I hope you realize why i like this guy so much. Enjoy!

a1 - Altes Kamuffel
b1 - Ick Muss Aus Dit Milieu Heraus


Dilo - Questions Ep

Einmaleins strikes again, this time with Dilo making the Questions. This Argentian guy has done pretty good works in this year and this is not the exception.. it's another bookmark in his career fitting with perfection in the German label that we appreciate so much! . a1 "Questions", with it's rude bass line and deep solid groove starts this 4 ep track in the best way it could. Musics like "Faccia" - very minimalistic, typical in Dilo's work - presents another side of this producer. b1 "The Kittycat Track" raises up the patterns again. A typical Berlin track with those techno synths that sounds so fresh... gathered with a deep vocal brings attitude to it. Brilliant! Finally b2 "90 Cecilia Road" was Done with Ekkohaus - greek producer- and it ends the album in great shape. Step by step, this minimal tech track can only bring madness into your brains. Top release, this one will surely cause damage in the dancefloors! enjoy

a1 - Questions
a2 - Faccia
b1 - The Kittycat Track
b2 - 90 Cecilia Road


Elektrochemie - Get Yourself

Monday went, don't you go to

Label:Get Physical Music

a1 - Faking
a2 - no. 10
b1 - Get Yourself
b2 - My Home


Andre Crom - Kardio Ep

After Misc. - Sinus Hotel, Sender records gets back with another pleasant presentation. Andre Crom shows up to Sender#72 with Kardio Ep. Twisted release by this German producer, resident in "Harpune", famous Duesseldorf disco! A 4 track Album where minimal marks place in it's acid side. I loved the release note on this one. I can't describe it better than Sender did, so here it is... enjoy:
"With a resolute dancing-step Dr. Andre Crom leads us into his ICU. Here only patients of the THI (Techno Health Insurance) are taken care of. Which therapy would you prefer? In treatment room A1 the Endorphin flow is stimulated by a grooving acid-bassline, while next door in room A2 a relentless metallic synthline cares for dilated pupils and raised Adrenalin blowout. If the nutcase nurses send themselves on a trip again with their medicaments and don't keep an eye on their patients during therapy, their temperature curve is rising (B1)! So it's about time for Rehab in station B2, with a Kardio therapy approved by all health insurances: dancing!"

a1 - Endorphin
a2 - Adrenalin
b1 - Fieberkurve
b2 - Reha


Mxime Dangles - I Need Sun

In christmas times a nice Gift offered by this producer, Maxime Dangles. After great productions like Agujas or Strawberry the young french comes back with an excelent disc. The second work by Bambú. A three music ep, each one of them directed to a different part of the day. A disco trully completed and full of good work.
"I nedd sun" it's one of the excelent musics of this one, very well built, step by step. A perfect music to a dancefloor with a view to the sea in a nice late afternoon. More turned to elecro comes this "deuxieme voyage", a great jouney by the way. And to end this , my favourite - Pattern - with as incredible power, i just feel like to jump out of my chair and fly away. With the wright magic to a fantastic night. To the ones that are lost and to the ones that don't want to get lost... here it is recommended Disc!

Label: Bambú
Catalog#: Bambú 02

a1 - i need sun
b1 - deuxieme voyage
b2 - pattern


Oxia - Lost Memory

New release from Oxia - a.k.a. Olivier Raymond - one of the most important producers in the French scene who released musics like "Domino" that everyone loves. His music genre uses to follow melodic standards, music to fly and never get back. Don't expect it here... this one goes around minimal stuff, subtle changes, those things that makes you want more and more. I'm becoming addicted to his productions! Lost memory is a awesome ep released on his own Label - Goodlife - with two tremendous works. "12 Years Later" is a nice music, perfect for anyone's "game", you'll like it for sure, a groovy one. The b side "Lost Memory" is the reason why i'm posting this here. It's not the kind of stuff i was expecting from him,but it's surely a massive production (another one) that this guy presents to us. Tripped neurotic patterns, groovy minimal, great bass line, killer music! As i read in a review... "it will keep you hot during the upcoming winter". I can't get enough of it and i hope you feel the same way i do. Don't loose memory on this one...

a1 - 12 Years Later
b1 - Lost Memory

minimize 07.13

mnmalnd suggests:

Gummihz - Hypnotized
Kiki - Dancing Graffiti
Micha Klang - Poli Moli
Magda - Reflected (Liquid Acid remix)
Sian - Spook
Marco Resmann - Traffic Circle
Delete - Come Out Wherever You Are
Tom Hades - Verstort
Mia - Wild Ponys (Autotune remix)
Butane - Mute Solo
Einklang Freier Frequenzen - Bubble Drum
Plastikman - Panik Attack (Guido Schneider Second Attack remix)
Miss Kittin - Kittin is High (9/11 mix by Black Labelle)

Kalabrese - Makelovedisco


Matthias Schaffhäuser - Gott Ist Tot

Typical german kind of music, "Gott Ist Tot" is a major release from Mathias Schaffhäuser. This Cologne based producer, owner of Ware Records produced a spectacular Ep. In the B side he invited Apendics Shuffle to remix it. Let's start from the beginning... The original track - a side - is a minimal genius one! Like someone said... it pushes, pumps and peeps. Disturbing bass line, aggressive rave patterns and a tremendous environment during the music. What a peace of art, so underground it hurts! Then in the B side, the Apendics Shuffle re-construction. Coming from another great producer, it couldn't got out a bad one, and it didn't... It goes around the same kind of disturbed minimal but it's just not as pumpy as the A side. Less funky, more sexy, it's up to you to choose what kind of music do you like the most. Release nr. 75 on Ware , a tremendous work, let's pray it goes directly to the dancefloors, so we can all have a great time of amusement.

a1 - Gott Ist Tot (original)
b1 - Gott Ist Tot (Apendics Shuffle remix)


Heerhorst & Meissner - Fahrstuhlmusik

The latest release (nr.9) on Kompass Musik , one of our favorite labels, presents a great work of Heerhorst & Meissner. Their only previous record was very nice and comparing with this one u can see the improvements in their production. "Fahrstuhlmusic", the first track of the ep, is the main one! A peace of art full of emotion. The melody is simply amazing and gathered with a deep bass makes it those kind of tracks that u can't get out of your mind. Nathan Fake kind of feelings if you know what i mean... Than you have "Whooop", a funky deep track that floates around minimal paths, perfect for the after-hours disturbed times. This ep ends with "Heroin", a track that during simple reduced beats tells you a story of an addicted guy... the vocal is nice and amusing but the music is not the kind of stuff i like! The A side is basically the important thing here. Enjoy

a1 - Fahrstuhlmusic
b1 - Whooop
b2 - Heroin

Matthew Dear: Interview

Link stolen from O Som e a Fúria
Interview with Matthew Dear aka: Audion, False, Jabberjaw
read it here


Pan-Pot @ Industria

Ricardo Villalobos - Sei es Drum

Latest production of Mr Ricardo Villalobos. It's always hard to judge the man's work. This 3#pack vynil might be a peace of art to ones and a terrible release for others. I think it's his best work since "The Au Harem D'Archiméde"... this "Sei es Drum" is a solid one! "Andruic" is a typical Villalobos kind of production; "Fizpatrick" is the best one of the album, i can't get enough of it, and musics like "Druic" - solid bass involved in a seductive construction does it - or even "Primer Encuentro Latino-Americano" with more than 10 minutes each are able to keep your focused and in great joy. . "Samasai" is strangely nice but "Bailla Sin Petit" has nothing to do with the rest... It might have been one more experience for him, completely failed! It ends with "Farenzer House" and has the name would suggest, this music has a simple housy beat, but an enjoyable construction. With some tracks previously released in his Fabric#36 edition, this is surely another bookmark for this guy. So... count on typical low synths, long journey musics, groovy minimal just going and going but don't expect pumpy tech minimal because that's not the way things work in this 3x12"! Produced and released by his own hands, limited edition, one of a kind.

a1 - Andruic
b1 - Fizpatrick
c1 - Primer Encontro Latino-Americano
d1 - Druic
e1 - Samasai
f1 - Baila Sin Petit
f2 - Farenzer House


Anthony Collins - Cannibal

Anthony Collins is, in our days, one of the biggest upcoming producers of the French scene. Cannibale brings up the best there can be in minimal deep music. Released by Highgrade Records this Ep shows how trendy music can be... Suitable to all styles. The a side track is a neurotic deep modern tune very shaky and perfect to all kinds of dancefloors. The remix, by Tom Clark and Daniel Dreier lows the level down, not hitting so hard on the drums, making it less deep and more minimal. A pure Berlin work, as the experts would say. BlaBlaBla, the b side track, is also a very pleasant one. A great journey of endless feelings with a pure minimal bass line getting along. Simple and perfect. I've appreciated this one a lot... 3 great tracks to this rainy days! Enjoy it, the Cannibale's are out there!

a1 - Cannibale
a2 - Cannibale (Tom Clark & Daniel Dreier remix)
b1 - BlaBlaBla


Adultnapper - Juror Nr 9

Juror Nr 9 is the last release of Adultnapper. Minimal rude techno is what to expect here, seductive music that enters trough your soul and doesn't come out no more. The huge flute present in the a1 track brings us multiple neurotic feelings that appears to not have an end, wow! "Brandy McLeod" is another great one. My favorite I must say, cause it has that kind of construction that i'm always talking about... recycled music, beginning in a simple beat and than just keep rising and rising. A small but perfect music! The Last music of the Ep is Gaiser's remix for Juror Nr.9, a strong one, typical from him... quality music because this Minus guy doesn't know how to make bad music. Perfect way to end this three track album. The Juror might consider them all Guilty! Release nr 26 on Audiomatique, the best they had in a long time.

a1 - Juror Nr.9
b1 - Brandy Mcleod
b2 - Juror Nr.9 (Gaiser's Found Guilty remix)


V.A. - Case Closed

7th and Last release of Cereal/Killers. For those who don't know this label I can say to you that they specialize on uniting great producers in their limited edition Eps. Artists like Ada, Metope, Gabriel Ananda, Misc. or Dj Koze have previously made their contribution to this fantastic releases. The last one counts with Reinhard Voigt, Frank Martiniq and the owner of the label, Pan/Tone! The first track "Brown Star" is a simple genius track made by Kompakt's head man. Just going around a weird bell and an heavy beat in a pure minimal construction. Nice work! Then You have "Stick It" by the inevitable Frank Martiniq. I haven't heard this guy for a while and I'm glad his back cause the music he makes is brilliant. This is, in my humble opinion, the track of the album ...recycled beats, just giving and taking in a deep mysterious work. All you can expect in this one is your feelings uprising every moment during a peaceful harmony of strange feelings... You got to listen it, please! In the b side you have Pan/Tone's work. He doesn't let it down and follows his friends by doing also a great job. It's the shakiest track of the Ep. "Sly" is not new, it was released before, but by it's greatness, it's out again... Case Closed..

a1 - Reinhard Voigt - Brown Star
a2 - Frank Martiniq - Stick It
b1 - Pan/Tone - Sly


Halland - Ginger Lynn

First release of Halland - aka Elias Landberg (Swedish Producer) - on the 8th Limited Series by Num records, label of Phil Quenum and Lee Van Dowski. A calm minimal Ep where "Lynn" is the main attraction. Detroit style all the way with a subtle growing during the music, a charge of neurotic loops and a great deep solid beat. What a seductive music. The A side - "Ginger" is also a great work imputing a perfect construction - step by step - where quality is above all. Smoother than the B side, but without any doubt, another master piece 8 minutes of excelent taste. Num records is getting quite good, always with top releases and this is not an exception.. two great dance floor tracks, minimal at it's best. Limited copies edition!

a1 - Ginger
b1 - Lynn

minimize 07.11

mnmland suggests:

Benno Blome - Sarahtov Airlines

Misc. - Quarz

Jackmate - Interspherical Tensions
Shane Berry - Scrawlys
Maetrik - Transform
Mossa - Colorado Bitch
Vicknoise - Entre Las Nubes
Alex Cortex - Himem
Mihalis Safras - Hellas
Heinrichs & Hirtenfellner - I Don't Like a Fault
Audio Werner - Before

Stare 5 - Your Chattering Mandibles

Pigon - Promisses


Miss Fitz - Hawaii via Miami

2nd release of Maayan Nidam aka Miss Fitz, from Berlin, on Raum...Muzik - release 062. This girl bases her music on low synths, pure minimal beats, always with the company of fresh loops. Ricardo Villalobos is on of her greatest fans and for that offered Miss Fitz his services as a remixer. He made a long remix, as usual, with great effects and a strange vocal, adding his genious touch in every step of the music. Less deep than the a side, but perfect for the first hours of the minimal dance floors. This might be the 1st time that a remix of Villalobos isn't better than the original music.It's at the same level... brilliant and smooth work by both producers enhancing the idea that Berlin really is the main city of minimaland! Extreme fine production by Miss Fitz - both "Maternal" and "Glide Over" are huge tracks - giving us just what it takes to enjoy well defined music... and in the b side an endless journey through mr Villalobos thoughts and feelings. Don't count on pumpy tech house music, this is pure minimal... at it's high standard level

a1 - Menternal
b1 - Glide Over
b1 - Menternal (Ricardo Villalobos In the Pipe remix)


Ruede Hagelstein - dog vs dog III

Fuck Mondays

Label: Lebensfreude
log#: LFV 21

a - Fieser Mopp
b - Der Kammblaser

Cio D'or - Kimono

Cio D'or start producing in 2004, her debut album "Hokuspokus" on Treibstoff was rapidly into the charts. Since than, karmarouge was on of the labels that tooked her in and she launched a great success - with Gabriel Ananda - called "Lauschgoldengel". Now she is back with "Kimono" making her debut at Motoguzzi Records with three great tracks marked by deep patterned techno. Abstract music, dark and heavy beat, slow but genious growth during the music. At the first sight it might appear too minimalist, but if you listen it loud you'll see the great minimal techno that this album has. "Kimono" sounds like minus works, very hypnotic, great bass line guided by deep grooves. A work of art, in my humble opinion. Than you have "Fata Morgana" presenting the same minimal style, a bit more techno, not so pure as the 1st one. "Psst!" might be, for the most of you, the best track of the Ep. The resonant bass line along with a great percussion its evil stuff. Than, in the middle it appears a new bass line, more intense, saturated, with a stronger filter, just perfect... a deep dark techno bomb, just going and going 'till it takes you down! All the three tracks are very good, perfect to the dancefloors. The best release i heard this last 2 weeks :) ...enjoy

a1 - Kimono
b1 - Fata Morgana
b2 - Psst!


Peter Grummich - Fresh Air For Fresh People

Sick release from Peter Grummich - German based - on Karloff records, known by their sympathy for different music. I fell in love with the A side in the minute i put a hand into it! The tripped "Breezin" freshes up the air in a spectacular sense... the amazing dry techno beat along those disturbed sounds that just don't stop getting deep inside your head just full fills all this classy music. This is, in matter of facts, one of the best musics i heard in the last times. Heads will role when this hits the dance floor. Production at it's highest level, berlin stuff, dubby bass and deep neurotic behaviors. In the B side you have "Fresh Air for Fresh people", a great music also, more shaky, less disturbed... perfect bass, nice construction and there you have... simple classical dance music just to rise up your days, enjoy it!

a1 - Breezin
b1 - Breezin (Tool)
b2 - Fresh Air For Fresh People


Seph - Creeping Corazones

To end this week i'd like to get back to typical classic minimal patterns... So i picked up Seph's last album at Dumb-Unit called Creeping Corazones. This Argentinian guy that gain his reputation with some good releases at pretty honest netlabels made a wonderful work in this one. "Creep Take 2" is a 12 minute track surrounded by a dark environment that just don't stop coming and going... I can't get tired of it, it's subtle but shaky, dark but alive! Then in the 2nd track Seph team's up with Pablo Denegri creating a tripped minimal tune. Again a long length track, again a perfect construction during it... bumping till the end. Two Top tracks marking another great release by Dumb-Unit - number 40 - deep dark techno just keeping the feeling alive..

a1 - Seph - Creep Take 2
b1 - Seph & Pablo Denegri - Nozaroc


Mihalis Safras - I Need My Mom

Mihalis Safras has been the Greek producer with the most important action in the last year. In a week of spectacular albums I present to you "I Need My Mom"... Well if his mom listened this release she would definitely be very proud of him! True deep techno, this album is marked by three very disturbed bombs! Going around Detroit sounds in "I need My Mom" and then escaping to Berlim hypnotic minimal underground with "Cook N Garden" Safras show us how music can easily be so good. "Bongie" is my favourite one. Dark bass lines and pumpy beats that will leave you thrilled during all the way.. perfect if you like it simple, rough and deep. Release nr.9 on Syndikaat Records, techno label from the Netherlands.


Justin Martin - Nightowl

Justin Martin debut album for Buzzin' Fly.... This San Francisco - Usa based producer created a sick groove, somewhere between deep and tech house, filled by a tripped melody and great sub bass that launches us to a great ride. I heard Sven Vath playing this one and i fell in love with it in the same moment. This music will rip you up, it's perfect to the dance floor entusiasm. I must say every release of him has been great and for that he is one of the big guys here in the 6th floor! The Manoo (member of Rodamaal) & François A remix is more of the same... brilliant music, perfectly shaped in harmony and obviously bringing us the same great emotion. Suitable for the late after hours. This is a limited release, so if you want to buy it don't waste any time..

a - Nightowl
b - Nightowl (Manoo & François A remix)


Kolombo - Model Ep

Olivier Grégoire aka Kolombo is a Belgian artist and produced a perfect Model for Karate Klub - excellent German label - with the cooperation of mr Robert Babicz. The original one is a very pleasant track filled by smooth and deep minimal ways and by simple & genious melody. A great way to start a night... just going and going. Than you have Babicz remix, adding it more underground but keeping the feeling on! 11 minute length track taking it to incredible paths of enjoyment! A bit more funky, bit more shaky, worked up to full fill the dance floor motivations.
I must say i liked the both a lot... but the original has all those standards that i like to listen... Smooth brilliant release... another great one

a - Model (Robert Babicz remix)
b - Model (original)


Reggy Van Oers - Metza

Another excellent ep launched by trapez, this time produced by Reggy Van Oers(character that is unknown to me, but from now on will make part of our musical dictionary). This ep contains two very audible musics and they are both worked in the same sense. As "Cytric" as "Metza" have a great individual growth,many cautions and everything done in the right time. In "Cytric" we have the possibility to listen the "mad" voices in the back. A nice ep that is worth to be listened.

Label: Trapez LTD
Catalog#: TRAPEZLTD 58

a - Cytric
b - Metza


Misc. - Sinus Hotel

Perfect 4 track album @ Sender Records by Christopher Bleckmann & Hannes Wenner aka Misc. "Fassade Noir" is the great candidate to the dance floors... it has an incredible bass line, top hypnotic feelings and a great rhythm. Synths all over the place, minimal construction, step by step... it hast it all! what a blast! You may notice the differences between all those previous albums by misc and this one... much more deepness, minimality, less confusion and lower lines. In the third track you get a taste of what Misc. is usually all about - wicked blast off music. But than it brings it down again in "Dance Your Name" with all those charges of low synths, groovy beats and neurotic percussions. Released in the last day of August, nr 67 at Sender. A must have...

a1 - Fassade Noir
a2 - Staroulette
b1 - Frank Around The Corner
b2 - Dance Your Name


Voigt & Voigt - Speicher 54

Reinhard Voigt and Wolfgang Voigt got together for the 5th time to produce a brilliant ep released by Kompakt on their famous extra editions! This two old school producers ( Wolfgang is even co-founder of Kompakt) show once again how music can be great and simple. Typical smooth growing paths in the A side, very minimal, always uprising the emotions with their typical German tunes! In the B side you have a berlin track, step by step along with that great melody and there we go again... They like to call it "minimal techno pop", printing their own spirit and their personal mark. With all those minimal requirements that we like to listen in a track "Diskozwinger" will be a great winter tendency's presentation. One of the best Speicher's I heard...

a1 - Going Audio
b1 - Diskozwinger


Anti-pop music festival - After it

In the last few days something pretty good happened, the best set's and live acts of the Anti-Pop music festival appeared on the web ... here's some sweet gifts to all of you, my favorite one's are here for you to listen carefully, great music, on and on... enjoy! If you have any requests for something u'd like to hear, just ask. We think that this Magda set, despite having many musics that she played there, it's a fake one, if any of u can help us, please do... respect!


Minilogue - Ghost

September, month of responsibilities... So I'm starting it by presenting to you a work of Minilogue - one of my favourite producers - and so far, one of their brightest productions! Ghost is a deep minimal techno music perfectly glanced by a groovy bassline and some deep chords that just don't stop floating around. Than in the b side you have the "beat tool" of the original making it an excellent dub techno berlin classic style music. If you want power, u have it here! Leave The "Dub mix" to the chill out moments...
Release nr 36 on Mule Electronic, once again presenting to the audience a top quality ep..

a1 - Ghost
b1 - Ghost (Beat Tool mix)
b2 - Ghost (Dub mix)


Maxime Dangles - Agujas

The Future..


a - Agujas
b - Love Water


Nathan Fake - You Are Here

I there, it's been a long time and i have a lot to update... but just in september. August is not a season to spend time at home listening some music, but what the hell, i'm here and i'd like to show you something that i fell deeply in love with - the live remix of Nathan Fake - You are Here! It has it all: the heart, the minimal feeling, the emotions... it's just a fabulous track to enjoy in those great evenings that you surely like to have.
No more descriptions, just listen it and enjoy the awesome work that this guy does. Not recommended to those who just like power power power, that's just not the way it goes this time:) Stops is also a great music but the live mix of You are Here is awesome, one of the best songs of the year. Released on Border Community (where else could it be?)

a1 - You are Here (Live remix)
a2 - You are Here
b1 - You Are Here (Four Tet remix)
b2 - Stops (Live remix)



Samim - Heater

Analysed in the field with a cow...

Label: Get Physical Music
Catalog#: GPM074

a - Heater
b1 - Heater(Claude Vonstroke remix)
b2 - Ultraviolet


Rework - Love Love Love Yeay (remixes part 1)

Part one of remixes for Rework's great hit "Love Love Love Yeah"; Chloe's mix - my favorite - in the a side, takes you to a darker side than the original. Subliminal construction, tripping vocals on a eight minute track build up directly to the dance floors. In the B side we have a Rework's reconstruction. Chelsea Girls mix just enhance the paths of the original one for what it's supposed to sound in our days. A nice improvement making it a track based more on deep dub feelings ...now all we have to do is wait for the second part of the remixes. Great playhouse release, nr 138 of this old school label. listen also the original one, enjoy!

a1 - Love Love Love Yeah (Chloé remix)
b1 - Love Love Love Yeah (Rework's Chelsea Girls Mix)
Original - Rework - Love Love Love Yeah


Friendly People - Cap'n Can't Get Right

Our friend Alex Under is back - this time under the name of Friendly People - and produced a massive ep! His unique neurotic style is well stepped out in this one. Latin's production marked by heavy bass and non stop dark rythms just gets you through a higher level. I was missing this kind of performances by mr Under. Now he's back, hope he manage's to keep the high standards! Release nr 6 on Cyclical Tracks, Spanish label. Don't miss this one, it's the best u can have!:)

a1 - Cap'n Can't Get Right A
b1 - Cap'n Can't Get Right B


Holger Laudert - Blümeranzen EP

In a word? A Wonderful Ep, I strongly recommend it! Freies Geläut is delight to a senses of an addicted in minimal music! The other tracks complement the Ep and makes it a reference in this year's releases..
From now on I'll be more sensitive to Holger Laudert releases, It's a summer mnmland resolution! :)

Label :Eintakt
Catalog# ET17



Freies Geläut (9:12)
Strauss (6:38)
Wupper (6:02)

Alejandro Vivanco - Madre Tierra

The label of Mr. Luciano just don't know how to stop. In the last three months they released great albuns like "Argenis Brito - Micro Mundo" or "Pikaya - Kambrium" and now they present us the brilliant work of Alejandro Vivanco - Chilean based producer. Beggining with "Lemon Lab" Vivanco sets up the pace with a great minimal track. A track 100% suitable Cadenza's kind of music, perfect techno grooves, great loops and there you go, recycling the mind. Than you have "Dissolved", slowing down the rythm a bit, but keeping the feeling prepared to what comes next... "Madre Tierra" a long lenght music that gives u a great journey through Chilean rythms. What a blast, 12 minutes of deep emotions leaded by amazing percussion and a simple beat. Peacefull and Perfect, don't miss it. Release nr 18 on Cadenza Records

a1 - Lemon Lab
a2 - Dissolved
b1 - Madre Tierra

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