Kreon and Lemos - Lookooshere

Resopal Red series are back, this time with something completely different. They brought Markos Spanoudakis - Kreon - and George Laimos - Lemos - to their cabins and they managed it pretty good. A side presents the most deep solid music made by these Greek guys. The amazing piano in the track is capable to bring you the most exquisite nostalgic feelings you can imagine. A weird track, but very very pretty. "Lyly Peeptoes" in the b side reminds me those great Saint Germain tracks. Jazzy deep house at it's best perfect to be listened in Luciano or Ricardo Villalobos set's. "Stalega" is also a great groove with a fine percussion, finishing this album beautifully. This is minimal art, in a total new musical style. It couldn't be forgotten here in the mnmland. Hope you like it, i sure did!

a1 - Lookooshere (feat Lannis Loukos)
b1 - Lyly Peeptoes
b2 - Stalega (feat Cateno)

minimize 08.1

Some tracks that marked my first month of 2008.. enjoy
mnmland suggests:

Tolga Fidan - Tanbulistan
Peter Grummich - Whats up Addults?
Jimpster - Dangly Panther (Joris Voorn remix)
Frankie - Brize
Moonbeam - Springstory
Kaufmann & Ferdinand - Munich (Patrick Zigon remix)
Max Cavalerra - Der Weg Zur Sonne
Mihalis Safras - Colpo Grosso
Stefan Tretau - Bettfluchthemmung (Martin Czubala remix)
Andomat 3000 - Vertical Smile
Martin Eyerer & Tony Rios - Chorizo (Paul Nazca remix)
Patrick Lindsey - The Dark Elf & Her Firefly
Polder - Shandy

Bonus: The Field - Morning


Dermaptera - Dermaptera 4

After half an year Dermaptera is back, to delight us with his 4th work on this small but good step by the label with the same name "Dermaptera" always on its tech house style with great connections between the first steps and the soul of the music. This character, not very know, is able to make certain souls wake up and destruct powerfull minds. This disc is composed by 3 musics nicely amusing but, by unknown motives there's no access to the names of the tracks. I recommend that all of you follow the grow path of this producer/label.

Label: Dermaptera
Catalog#: DERMAPTERA04

a1 - unknown
b1 - unknown
b2 - unknown

From Karaoke to Stardom - iDatura!

After great releases last year on Rrygular that bookmarked this guy performances and success, Jeremy Herpe aka From Karaoke To Stardom is back, now in Apnea Records (our mates from Spain). This French fellow is one of my favorite producers so that's one of the reasons I'm posting this here! It starts with "El Beso Magnetico De La Muerte" and we may say that with this title, this couldn't be bad. A minimalistic music based on deep groove and solid construction that will damage all those neurotic feelings out there, an example of how simple things can shake us up! "Diss-a-Peer" in the b side is the one that i like the most... this go into the same patterns of the first but it has an underground feeling that makes wonders in my neuronal system. A dark environment track, suitable to all kinds of dancefloors. Going and going till you can't get no more! Don't disappear and listen this great one! Well the ep has a third track, but it is exclusively a digital track, it's name is "Yep Not a Yeti" and as the two first ones, is awesome! Enjoy

a1 - El Beso Magnetico De La Muerte
b1 - Diss-A-Peer


Microcosm - DENEB

Great Great Great Great Fuck Great Fuck Great Great Great Great Great Great Great Great Great Great End Fuck Great DANGER

Label: MP Digital
Catalog#: MPDR 036

a1 - deneb
a2 - la bitteroise
b1 - nerval
b2 - pillonage


Glimpse & Alex Jones - Felaz

Another fantastic work from UK.
Now the congrats goes to "Glimpse and Alex Jones"...their work was sublime again. Two tracks composes "Felaz", both tracks have the same name, but, one it original(A) and the other(B) has been remixed from the great double composed by "Matt Star's Mello-Dub". Congrats for every one who's involved on that production, is amazing!Matt Star remix is already in the boxes of Ricardo Villalobos, Laurent Garnier, Raresh, Kiki, Clive Henry, Audiofly, Rob Mello, Perc, Matt Tolfrey, Dominik Eulberg & Will Saul...

Enjoy it...

A1. Felaz (Original)
B2. Felaz (Matt Star's Mello-Dub)

Marc Antona - Blind Tested

After great releases launched by Micro Fibres or even by Mobilee, Marc Antona produces the first work on Sender records.
The first music "Brain Raid" is a trully journey to a brain full of ups and lows, mixtured with a melancholic loop noise ready to eat your head. Sweet Peppers" has the same beginning as the first but with more bass flavors and a quite notorious growth able to be enjoyed.
The third one was without any doubts the one that pleased me the most with great power, great rhythm and a two chord melodie ideal to wake up the people by 7 am. D Day is also a fantastic music, it only has a less pleasant point, the irritating noise that looks like an old rusty door.

Label: Sender Records
Catalog#: send073

a1 - Brain Raid
a2 - Sweet Peppers
b1 - Not a Serious Thing
b2 - D Day


Moonbean - Spring Story

"The Russian duo Moonbeam have taken a year out to concentrate on a worthy follow up to their debut record "Eclipse" on Traum. We are proud to release once again a strong musical 12".
The 3 track EP includes on the a-side "Slow Heart" a dreamy piece of techno with melodic stabs, airy and liquid at the same time in its shape. A real voyage through layers of sound telling a story in it.The flip side holds the tracks "Something Alive" and "Spring Story".
"Something Alive" is the most stripped down track by Moonbeam. Rhythmical and written in a stop and go modus, this track has a more fragile sound aesthetic to it, but explodes after the break into a supernova of sound. And"Spring Story" has the uplifting quality of offshoots breaking through the earth in fast motion! Full of energy and speed this peak time techno track could be an alternative to the a-side "Slow Heart"."

This promo ep is realy great stuff...


A1. slow heart
B2. something alive
B3. spring story


Chaim & Guy J - Israelity EP

Nice double, composed by Chaim and Guy J.
"Israelity" is an amazing Ep released on the last 03.01.2008, by Turbo Records from Germany.

A great electronic background composes this ep!

...feel the rhythm to get the essence...

a1. rue de charlotte
b1. don`t panic
b2. skin

Jichael Mackson - Same Same But Different

Boris Steffen aka Jichael Mackson - Berlin based - begins the year with "Same Same But Different". Based on low synths and subtle construction changes during long musics (more than 12 minutes each) this Ep reminds me Villalobos finest productions. "Flatscreen" is the dance floor track, it doesn't stop growing and going to everywhere it can in a long round of deep minimality. This is one of the reasons why i like this kind of music so much. It just gets so minimal that it becomes deranged! The "1000bugz" appeared and we are fortunate people for listening them. This one is even deeper, has a nice low Goa melody along with it in the beginning but then, the bugs are released and pure low(!) flying instinct enters... Like I usually say in this kind of releases, this is not an Ep for everybody, just for those who like it simple and minimal! Released by Stock 5

a1 - Flatscreen
b1 - 1000Bugz


Kolombo - Realistic

One of my favorite producers from last year is back! The Belgium Based artist Kolombo brought us a huge Ep based on deep grooved music! In matter of facts, i had to lower the bass level of my sound system cause the dub tune is very demanding. This guy always bet on alternative things inside his area. "Realistic", the first music of this release is perfect. Great rhythm, perfect bass line and cool flow, beginning till the end... Cass was invited to do the remix and the result was nice. The bassed music turns into electro minimal style, it's not so powerful but is surely a tripped and funky one. I wasn't expecting so much of this remix cause it changed the original completely but is pretty good. The last music of this Ep is "Indigo"... and like the name says, this one moves into different horizons. At the very best level of guys like Superpitcher or Michael Mayer, Kolombo produced a kind of melancholic dark track that is able to change your emotional feelings in just a second. Listen and get destructed by it! To be released by BluFin Records next monday (21 of Januray)! Absolutely insane

a1 - Realistic
b1 - Realistic (Cass remix)
b2 - Indigo


Alex Tsiridis - Rubber Suit

After Mihalis Safras, Trapez Records continues to bet on Greek producers! This time invited Alex Tsiridis and the result couldn't be better. As himself says, due to his young age he is still exploring sounds as you may notice on "Rubber Suit". A track full of different spaces that don't stop growing and growing 'till it develops to a tremendous groove. The wicked bass line melts me down completely. In matter of facts, this music is one of my favourites at the moment... it's completely neurotic and i like it that way. "Suasion" doesn't go as far as the other one but it's also very good! Again deep percussions and nice inputs during the construction. The quality of production is awesome but i think that's because it's Trapez and not an ordinary label. It will be for sale in the 11 of February, it's another promo that will be a hit when it reaches the stores

a1 - Rubber Suit
b1 - Suasion


Sebo K - Far Out

Sebo K is my choice for today. I usually like his music but this time, in this edition of Mobilee Record, he really shown his amazing potential. Far Out transcends you into another dimension... a huge chord during the music, an hypnotic feeling... the amazing old school bassline, the "step by step" construction, it all works out to be one of the best works from mr. Sebo K. Enjoy this deep funky techno master piece, it will work perfectly on the dancefloors. A limited one-sided edition... Grab it soon!!

a1 - Far Out


Allan Villar - Trece

This might be the beginning of a very promising career for Allan Villar. From the capital of Brazil appears this 17 year old "boy" showing a refined minimal techno, already considered a great revelation in his country. In matter of facts this is a quite solid work with strong lines and perfect knowledge of music. "Sorro", the first track is a great flow and "El Tiner" starts to show why I liked so much this guy. Great rhythm and bass line in a disturbed music full of weird sounds, just as we like it. "Semrumo" (translated it means: "no place to go") is more calm, gathered in a dark environment full of creepy sounds that will give you repeated goosebumps. "Do Mi" ends the album in a great pumpy way. Released by 6one6 and distributed by Kompakt-mp3.net, a surprising one from our mate Villar.

a1 - Sorro
a2 -
El Tiner
b1 -
b2 -
Do Mi

Haito & Diringer - Perception

Haito and Johannes Diringer, a duo from Berlin were my first choice of 2008. It's their first release at a major label. We all know Kickboxer excellent taste when they are picking the plot to this ep's and this is not the exception. "Perception" is a relaxing music marked by deep grooves through a melodic harmony that will delight your soul. The remix by Simon Baker is the main key here. This will be huge in every dancefloor it passes, the dark environment it brings, the minimal growing pattern, the bass line... it will all converge into what we here, like the most... perception is what counts! "E-Love" brings again the deep feelings, it reminds me those morning sessions from mr Tenaglia. A nice one for the sunny days, if they decide to show up. Surely a high quality release, out in the 21st of this month. Don't miss it! Wishing a great year to all of you - thanks for the 100000 visits :)

a1 - Perception
a2 - Perception (Simon Baker rmx)
b1 - E-Love


Reinhard Voigt - All In EP

To start the year in the right away nothing better a fresh kompakt... Voigt, a staff producer, welcomes us to 2008 with "ALL IN", now that pokers is in the trends, this disco is perfect for one of those nights in a "mind game".
"All In" has two musics, in a German style, or we wouldn't be talking of a work realeased by kompakt. The first music "all in" reflects the pure German rhythm, gathered by shiny melodie and at the same time, very dark, making it look like the christmas tree with same balls of only one colour.
The second is "missing billie, with a same style as the first but not so rasp. Here is a disco to the addicts of .. doing , or not all in.

Label: Kompakt
Catalog#: KOM 168

a - all in
b - missing billie

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