From Karaoke to Stardom - iDatura!

After great releases last year on Rrygular that bookmarked this guy performances and success, Jeremy Herpe aka From Karaoke To Stardom is back, now in Apnea Records (our mates from Spain). This French fellow is one of my favorite producers so that's one of the reasons I'm posting this here! It starts with "El Beso Magnetico De La Muerte" and we may say that with this title, this couldn't be bad. A minimalistic music based on deep groove and solid construction that will damage all those neurotic feelings out there, an example of how simple things can shake us up! "Diss-a-Peer" in the b side is the one that i like the most... this go into the same patterns of the first but it has an underground feeling that makes wonders in my neuronal system. A dark environment track, suitable to all kinds of dancefloors. Going and going till you can't get no more! Don't disappear and listen this great one! Well the ep has a third track, but it is exclusively a digital track, it's name is "Yep Not a Yeti" and as the two first ones, is awesome! Enjoy

a1 - El Beso Magnetico De La Muerte
b1 - Diss-A-Peer

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