Till Von Sein - Ovas

The Berliner Till Von Sein is a producer that is gaining more reputation each day it goes. His music is perfect to after hours sessions bringing an enormous happiness to the dancefloors. After having produced some records to Trenton, Morris Audio and Moodmusic he now appears on Dirt Crew Recordings for a very inspired Ep. This new face of the Deep House scene presents three classy tracks with lots of different influences from soulful house cuts to jazz always combined with those kind of underground grooves that we so much like. On the first track of this release - “Ovas” - Till von Sein was assisted by Catz and Dogz to create a great funky track that will deliver a great feeling of joy to the dancefloor movement. The passionate “Nulla” is those kinds of deep house tracks to enjoy a splendorous afternoon at the sunny beach. Just chill! Finally “Sunday Madness” shows up with a fine percussion and a great rhythm completed by some soulful vocal samples. If you like it simple and deep, this is your kind of Ep. Till Von Sein confirms all his potential… lets wait for more. After hours are back.

b1 - Nulla

Rls Date: 02.03.2009


Kolombo - Sniff Ep

Kolombo is a producer well known among the mnmland. We have been covering some of his best releases and in this year he already released two Eps, one on Bluffin Records (Tweedle Dee) and the other on Turbo Records, a Montreal based record label that started out in March of 1998 as a partnership between two friends and DJs, Mark Dillon and Tiga.. old school! While “Tweedle Dee” is a mysterious confusion of weird sounds (not exactly a master piece), “Sniff Ep” is a classic release marked by delicious minimalist constructions and really progressive rhythms. A1 track is a really progressive blow tune marked by a sample recall us to some illicit happenings. It’s very well constructed and will have a certain success in the dancefloors. “Pique Nique” in the B side is the most strong track in the Ep and the real reason of why I’m posting this here. This one has an awesome trippy sub bass groove that is able to eat your mind up. The crispped synths are also delightfull and the all elements seem to combine perfectly, a real brain teaser. Release nrº 61 on Tiga’s Turbo Records. Snifffff

a1 - Sniff
b1 - Pique Nique

Rls Date: 11.02.2009


Ray Okpara - Brothers Ep

Ray Okpara started his career a few years ago but it was last year that he really came up among the electronic movement. Now, in 2009, he shows up once again, this time at Oslo Records do deliver a massive mnml production. “Brothers Ep” is all about long repeated loops with small variances and some fine percussion that will cause you a crazy urge to dance. In fact this Oslo release presents a pack of 3 magnificent tools where quality is ensured.
The first track “Brothers” is an unique percussive pumpy journey that will certainly be a hit in all the dancefloors. B1 track - “We Keep” - fly's off through deep atmospheres and long melodic hypnotic chords giving the Ep and extra classy feeling. Finally the last one “Snice” gets back in touch with loops and percussive elements creating a really groovy feeling. If you like quality and cutting edge mnml tech sounds you really should buy this records. A must have.
Oslo delivers!

a1 - Brothers
b1 - We Keep
b2 - Snice

Release Date: 26.02.2009

Mountain People - Mountain 007

The label/artist Mountain People might be unknown to some of you, but the ones that already know this project also have the sense that their music is characterized by deep grooves and long house splendor. Once someone asked “How deep is too deep?”… and that is really the question that you should be asking when you get to listen Mountain People 007. This release has got two minimalist deep house tracks that might not get into you at the first try, but if you listen it carefully you’ll see that this really has got lots of potential. On “Mountain 007.1″ you’ll have a slow pace demonstration of the finest deep mnml there can be able to lead you to such hypnotic states that your mind will stop thinking for a few seconds while you’re listening this beautiful fable. 007.2 climbs over the mountain with some refined percussion, genius bass and recycled lines. It’s the most solid tune of both, a growing jam that can only be produced by the best. I really would like to know who’s behind this project… If you like it deep simple cuts, exquisite production and classic beats you’ll definitely like this. This is music that work nicely for Djs who like to combine minimal and nudeep house in their sets. Get to know Mountain People!

a1 - Mountain 007.1
b1 - Mountain 007.2

Rls Date: 03.03.2007


Minilogue - My Teenager Gang

Marcus Henriksson & Sebastian Mullaert got back to Mule Musiq to produce another dub minimal hit! After “Animals” we may think that they would slow down on production but that’s not what happened. In fact their first release of 2009 brings more from the same: strong drums, deep basslines and some neurotic keyboard effects gathered with carefully chosen samples. In the A side you will listen “My Teenager Gang”, a dubby track, charged with lot’s of bass and some tribal elements: some birds singing, conga rhythms and some great world music chants leading you to the impression that you’re on a music safary around Africa. They all combine perfectly in the whole 10 minutes of this great production, it’s really a master exotic techno dub cut. On the flip “Hundraelva” bets on other kind of roots where synths make the difference. This one reminds me a lot “Hitchhiker’s Choice” or some Cadenza productions, jazzy tones are everywhere getting along with some hypno plastic surfaces ready to terr u apart!
This two tracks are some of the reasons of why i love Minilogue. They are able to do such different things always with pure quality. Their background on Progressive Psychedelic Trance must have helped them to create such different and good environments. If you like pure music don’t miss this Ep.

a1 - My Teenager Gang
b1 - Hundraelva

Rls Date: 16.02.2009

Alejandro Vivanco - Nachtstring

The Chilean producer is back! The guy who created “Rojo Pomodoro” shows up once again to deliver two precious tracks full of passionate grooves and tribal techy house rhythm. The first track “Nachstring” is something very special, a long length one that starts with some twisted piano chords and a genuine 4×4 beat, very dry, very danceable. The percussion is always an essential part to this kind of tracks, and I bet that as soon as you start listening it your feet will start moving to the beat. In fact this is one of his finest works up to date, 10 minutes of ice breaking music, hitting the floors perfectly. Unmissable!
On the flipside Vivanco offers another massive turn-on. It’s not as hynotic as the first but it contains some high level psyched synths and an amazing percussive beat that will drive you mad. I really think that this kind of tracks can only be done by the Chilean crue - Villalobos, Luciano and Alejandro. 10th release of International Freakshow, already supported by Loco Dice, Luciano, Karotte, Johnny D, Mathias Kaden and 2000 and One.

a1 - Nachstring
b1 - Cicatrizante

Rls Date: 16.02.2009

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