Digitaline - Rubicube

Format: 12"
Label: Cadenza
Catalog: Cadenza 07
Style: Techno / Minimal


a1 - Rubicube ( 8:32)
b1 - Belladone (10:26)

The 7th release on Luciano & Serafin's label show's that quality is above all, a great EP, another one on Cadenza this time bye two guys from lausanne, their debut 12", with great patterns, excelent percussions, always following the lines that we are used to in this label! Rubicube marks a great rhythm perfect for the dancefloor.


Booka Shade - Mandarine EP

Format: 12"
Get Physical Music
Catalog: GPM029
Style: Minimal, Electro


a1 - Mandarine Girl (8:04)
b1 - Point Break (6:39)
b2 - Triple Identify (6:58)

This is one of those Ep's that I have for a long time - it was released on may - but don't payed the atention it deserves. When i listened it today it seemed different, it had a meaning, Mandarine Girl captured my senses... a great hypnotic melody and always a progressive construction, one of the tracks of the year (the beat makes you remember andre kraml - safari _ james holden remix). After listening to it i was afraid that the other two tracks weren't that good, but they really are... a bit of acid, a bit of electro and always brilliant productions!

‘Mandarine Girl’ was inspired by a special night they shared in 1993, at Sven Vath’s legendary techno club The Omen. There Walter encountered a smiling beauty who came out of the writhing crowds and put something in his mouth, a sweet segment of juicy mandarine, then with a look she danced away never to be seen again.


Ricardo Villalobos - Video Interview

  • Check the interview of Ricardo, recorded in awakenings festival here ...

Today we have also a crazy soap opera starring Richie, Villalobos & Magda, an anti minimal site but very funny though
Check it out!


Name Festival - Lille [Fr]

During this weekend (20, 21 & 22/10) the name festival takes up on Lille's cause.
The line up is awesome, you can visit their website
here !

Line Up:
Ellen Allien (Bpitch) / Ivan Smagghe (Blackstrobe) / T Raumschmiere Live (Shitkatapult) / Steve Bug (Pokerflat) / Kiki & Silversurfer Live (Bpitch) / Electric Indigo (Female Pressure) / Losoul Live (Playhouse) / Sylvie Marks (Bpitch) / Jay Haze & Argenis Live (Kitty Yo) / Guido Schneider Live (Pokerflat) / Erol Alkan (Trash Club) / Optimo aka Jonnie Wilke (Kill The Dj) / Wighnomy Brothers (Kompakt) / Booka Shade (Get Physical) / Angel Molina (Sonar Music) / Sierra_Sam Live (Trapez) / Mandy (Get Physical) / Abe Duque Live (AD Rec) / Gabriel Ananda (Karma Rouge) / Liquid Architecture / Schlomo (Foreign Beggars) / My Robot Friend Live / Stephen (Dirty Dancing) / APM 001 (ArtPoint M) / PussySelektor (Dviason) / Da.6K (Dviason) / HTK (Kiosk) / Richie Inkle (Pseudo rec) / Cellophane (Toys For Boys) / Tez (Poster) / Clementine (Les cochons de l'espace) / Laurent Tricard / Bern (Trapez)
Visulas : Fanny Bouyagui (APM) / Bowling Club (Dalbin) / Zelabo / Niko Stumpo (Dalbin) / Pitch Visuals Live /AV.TV

The price is 13€ per day! If u can make it why waste it?


Anders Ilar - Pholo EP

Format: 12"
Label: Defrag Sound Processing
Catalog: Dfrg 012
Style: Techno, Minimal


a1 - Leakwhorl Lops (5:32)
b1 - Shellwork Opals (6:19)
b2 - Hollow Sparkes (6:20)

The first release of Anders on Defrag is heading straight to the dancefloors, a great tree track EP all produced with genious minimal patterns, great rhythms and amazing acid reverbs, old school style claiming to be the most apreciated release by A. Ilar following his last great releases on other labels. A great 12 inch to end this three track day!

Audio Werner - Just Dar It!

Format: 12"
Label: Trapez

Catalog: Trapez Ltd 037
Style: Minimal, Tech house


a1 - Just Wanna Get Down (8:39)
b1 - Dar Papaya (8:54)

After the blast of his previous release "Zwrtshak Drive" here is "just dar it", the first of two releases on trapez, a great EP bringing to us some old flavours already forgotten, Dar Papaya is the track with the most vibe, a pumpy beat & fruity samples that turns the music very joyable . Just Wanna Get Down is a juicy celebration of the latin grooves, a track to rise up through the morning that remembers you the better days, the soul days! Huge release to listen carefully!

Ricardo Villalobos - For Disco Only 2

Format: 12"
Not On Label
Style: Tech house, Minimal


a1 - Morphunx (12:04)
b1 - Morxam (12:45)

"Anonymous gear from Villalobos here, finding the master of minimalism construct a pair of absolute killers that allegedly utilise the work of Philip Glass as a backbone. The spacious composition and odd samples sit uneasily amidst the low-end rumbles and tight percussive chugs – another flawless execution from a producer who refuses to rest on his laurels. Limited copies only" (review by boomkat.com)


Trick & Kubic - Orbital Dance Machine

Format: 12"
Label: Great Stuff Recordings
Catalog: Gsr 017
Style: Electro, Electroclash, house


a1 - Orbital Dance Machine (Original mix) (6:37)
b1 - Orbital Dance Machine (Tomas Andersson nervous disco remix) (5:30)
b2 - Orbital Dance Machine (Delon & Dalcan remix) (5:23)

Not being the kind of music that i normally listen, here it is "Orbital Dance Machine", a great electro release by trick & kubic two german guys that produced i highly rated tune very powerfull & ravy! with remixes of Tomas Andersson - a disturbing one, i don't know where his head was when he made this - and the great french artists Delon & Dalcan with a crazy electro rave mix that will blow your heads off, surelly the best track of the EP


Trentemøller - Sunstroke

Format: 12"
Label: Poker Flat Recordings
Catalog: Pfr 061

Style: Deep Minimal Tech House


A1 - Sunstroke (7:35)

B1 - Minimal Fox (6:41)

From the dannish Trentemoller, one of the most innovative producers of the year, this release on Poker Flat, his second on this label, is a massive one! Always keeping his psychedelic touch with his weird samples and reverbs this 12inch is more subliminal, more deep with great constructions that take you into a ride with the music that you wish it could last longer. Sunstroke & Minimal fox are brilliant constructions of feelings that keeps you touched to the music! This EP is not like previous releases that were going directly to the charts of all the great djs, but if you listen carefully it might be the best production that he's had till now! Tracks to play while you are warming up the room (?)... Trentemoller can do no wrong.

Slam feat Dot Allison - Kill The Pain (Marc Houle Remixes)

Format: 12"
Label: Soma Quality Recordings
Catalog: Soma 180
Style: Minimal, Techno Minimal


A1 - Kill The Pain (Marc Houle Dub) (5:47)
A2 - Kill The Pain (Marc Houle Vocal) (6:14)
B1 - Kill The Pain (Alex Smoke Dub) (6:16)
B2 - Kill The Pain (Instrumental) (4:37)

Following his line of production always marked by a great minimalism, Marc Houle gives “Kill The Pain” a twisted teched out treatment. Precise beats, noisy hithats, great synths do the work on both Houle’s Dub & Vocal treatments. Also with Alex Smoke leaving his mark on a quite good work, more tech-housy with distorted errors and a great pattern. Marc Houle Dub is the best track of a good 12inch to listen carefully!


Onur Özer - Freakdisko

Format: 12"
Label: Freude Am Tanzen
Catalog: Fat 023
Style: Minimal, Tech House


a1 - 1996 (10:59)
b1 - Lovu (7:06)
b2 - Doppelgänger (7:15)

This second release by Onur Özer resident of Indigo Music Hall in Istambul show us that Turkey too is online with minimal tech scene! "1996" has great patterns, a great tech house track able to lead us to a great night on the dancefloors. Lovu & Doppelgänger are more minimal classic tunes very glitchy and nicely produced ensuring that Onur is here to stay!


Audio Werner - Zwrtshak Drive

Format: 12"
Label: Hartchef Discos
Catalog: Hcf 05
Style: House, Techno, Minimal, Tech house


a1 - Zwrtshak Drive (11:03)
b1 - Audiomaut (13:33)

This third released of audio werner is a great one, beeing in the record case of djs like danniel bell, ricardo villalobos, richie hawtin, tanzmann among others. This Cologne artist has a minimal Detroit oldschool touch with lots of touchy noises well linned up with the amazing groove! Massive production by Audio werner who recently launched his 4th released on Trapez - "just dar it" - and i'm looking forward to hear it!


False - River Camping

Format: 12"
Label: Minus
Catalog: Minus 030
Style: Minimal


a1 - River Camping (9:29)
b1 - Falling Away (6:48)
b2 - Tanning Booths (6:56)

Minimal 4/4, no vocals, deep bass, weaked constructions... this is what you get when matthew dear becomes false! "River Camping" and "Falling Away" are surrounded by great synths, soft kicks, smooth pads and, small, hypnotic, erratic noises. Tanning Booths is the most pitched music of the three tracks linking Matthew Dear to his fields of minimal techno productions.
This Ep is a great release... and don't miss out "river camping", the weirdest and best track of the three.


Siskid - Clean Breakfast

Format: 12"
Label: Initial Cuts
Catalog: Initial 010
Style: Electro, Tech house


a1 - Skin flavour (feat. Lou) (7:30)
b1 - Butter knife (6:53)
b2 - Skin flavour (St Plomb rmx) (5:07)

Siskid is a very promising talent that, on his productions, show us influences of German minimal scene... A great first EP to roll on the the dancefloors. This producer promisses to be one of the best in the field! Skin flavour it's a great electro house track full of emotion and with obvious german influences! Butter knife is also a great track, a "gigolo" track... surelly that you will apreciate a lot! Very groovy and very powerfull! The remix of St Plomb goes down for a tech house genre but without loosing the feeling of the 12 inch!

Peter Grummich - Switch Off The Soap Opera

Format: 2xLp
Label: Shitkatapult
Catalog: Strike 061
Style: Techno Minimal

a1 - Incoming (There's no way out) (5:17)

a2 - Orange moon (4:57)
b1 - A roboter (5:38)
b2 - The Animal (6:38)
c1 - Switch Off The Soap Opera (5:24)
c2 - Joy da Silence (5:27)
d1 - Camp Tipsy (5:41)
d2 - Bread & Butter (7:08)

From one of my favourite producers who so brilliantly remixed Matthew Dear - It's Over now, this new lp it's all we can hope for! A great album from a skillfull guy that's been deejaying for almost twenty years.
"This 12-track album isn't meant to be played at a rave. It just isn't that type of album. Instead, it seems like Grummich wants his audience to strap on some headphones, throw this album in and just let the sounds fall into their ears - without any other message or direction than what they conceive in their own minds. He's the musical equivalent of one of those shrinks who hold up cards with funny ink blot images on them and asks how they make you feel. "
Techno minimal in subtle finger prints!


Matthew Johnson @ Sms (Video)

See the video of Matthew Johnson djaing @ Sms in 2005 here!

Trentemøller interview

"DJmag.com catches up with Danish producer Trentemøller, the bloke who's made one of the best records of 2005 so far." Reed the interview here!

Matt John - Joker Family Park One

Format: 12"
Catalog: Perl 049
Style: Minimal


A1 - Princess Unknown (10:05)
B1 - The Rising Scope (6:38)
B2 - Ferro Sanol Duodenal (7:29)

Released by the great Perlon label, entitled ''Joker Family Park One'' it marks the first part of an, hopefully, endless story . At the beginning, we meet miss ''Princess Unknown'', who rings the bell with enjoyable and fluid passion. After the best track of this 12"- ''The Rising Scope'' - a dark, acid, detroit style track full of paranoia, we finally reach ''Ferro Sanol Duodenal'', which marks the end of this smashing debut of Matt John.

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