Andrea Gentile & Diego Capri - Thirty Ep

It’s always a special pleasure to present a new release on Einmaleins. This label will probably be considered the best of the year, their releases seem to be unique, always full of quality, exploring another sides of this kind of music. This time they invited Andrea Gentile & Diego Capri to show out their skills. The duo from Rome producers has been in the scene for two years now and in fact have been doing pretty good things. Thirty Ep is a deep dark minimal kind of album, highly detailed production, perfect musical harmony. They started this with “Gigrobot” introducing us to their dark environments. Its a track that grows gradually, step by step, with an interesting recycling after the breaks. I’s quite mysterious and we just can’t predict whats coming next! On the flipside we got other two enjoyable tracks: “Doubletruck” is another one of those stripped down minimal techno tunes that we like so much here in minimaland. All the things are done with low synths and low beats, giving you an atmosphere of fear and seduction till the end. Dark! “Reakone” closes down this Ep with a higher techno feeling, not as minimal as the others, but more powerful and neurotic, perfect to demanding dancefloors. Enjoy!

a1 - Gigrobot
b1 - Boubletruck
b2 - Reakone

Rls Date: 01.12.2008

Marco Carola - Bloody Cash Ep

The Italian Techno producer born in Naples is one of those guys that decided to put an end in his hardtechno productions and run through more deep minimal patterns. Marco Carola has already edited a few Ep’s in this new condition and he is easily achieving great success. Bloody Cash Ep it’s definitely his most brilliant release on Plus 8 records presenting four blasting tracks that will make wonders in the dancefloors. The release has 4 quality tracks that bet on great level of synths and some keyboard riff’s going along with some trendy beats creating an unique dance flow… that’s exactly what happens in the first track, “Bloody Cash”, flawless track, unstoppable rhythm, huge tech mnml construction. b side track is “Serins”, going through a different environment, clearly more electronic, but also with a pretty good double kick. Lot’s of snares, ups and downs, amazing groove!
There’s two digital onyl tracks, the first is my favorite of the all release - “Pampero” - build step by step, it presents a classic Carola bassline. It’s surely a perfect Dj Tool, a easy-going track to rise the moods among the dancefloor. Finally Carola takes a “Long Jump” into a resilient growing groove with some pretty good tools. Beats & more beats… a great work where Carola confirms his position in the scene. Now, let the dancefloor dance… pure medicine!

a1 - Bloody Cash
b1 - Serin
Pampero - Digital only
Long Jump - Digital only

Plus 8#104
Rls Date: 26.11.2008

Starbug - Hummelbar

Starbug is the (recent) project that I suggest to our readers today. I have few info’s on this one, I read they are the new hot stuff from one of the hidden champs of the Rhein-Main-Area on the recent electronic circuit. They might be hidden but they have been doing some great productions and all of them have been released on their own label - Starbugs Recordings. This Ep is their 6th release and has already been supported by producers like Luciano, Villalobos, Dan Curtin, Barem and Matt Star, among others. It’s really a cool tech minimal project with some stylish tribal tendencies. “Hummelbar” is composed by three flavored club tunes. a1 track is a massive one, with some great basslines around a deep tribal construction that shows all the quality that this guys have. Next it’s “Reine Nervensache” - b1 - that shows up… a perfect tool to every Dj with a quite good rhythm, some low level synths and a somehow neurotic construction. The last track is “Zoink” and I must say that it’s quite a way to end this Ep. I immediately fell in love for this one… the construction goes step by step, the beat is very good and the bassline huge. Pumpy, highly detailed, minimal techno cuts that will have a massive effect on the dancefloors.
Brilliant, seductive minimal project with all the inputs to be one of the best in the scene! We expect a great future to this Starbug releases. Not to loose out of sight!

a1 - Hummelbar
b1 - Reine Nervensache
b2 - Zoink

Rls Date: 17.11.2008

Delete & Colmenares - Sirve?

Sirve? Ep is a collaboration between Venezuelan producers Sergio Muñoz a.k.a Delete & his friend Miguel Colmenares. Both artists got together for a couple of sessions in the concrete jungle that is Caracas and the result was a weird but groovy collection of sounds showings us the best Latin flavors of the mnml market. If you know Delete from previous works you might remind some weird disturbed sounds like Frankie and that kind of genre… this Ep is not about that kind of music, it’s softer, turned up to minimal patterns, just as we like it. “Si sirve” is a shuffled-groove track with many different elements that somehow fit together, this reminds me a lot Ricardo Villalobos tracks presented in his 2004 album Thé Au Harem D’Archimède. “No sirve” on the other hand is a straighter track with a strong analogue feel. “Si sirve” gets the remix treatment by Easy Changes - one of our favorites - who offer a straight-up dancefloor approach that slowly builds into a massive groove, the construction of the track is purely amazing, straight minimal roots while pompelmoessap deliver a big room concoction of their own for those in need of a darker version of the original - our fav track of the Ep. rounding up the release is a final remix on the experimental tip with quit quite quick’s rendition of “si sirve”. Minimaland recommends it to all the fans of Villalobos productions! Released on Produkt Schallplatten

01. Si Sirve (Original Mix)
02. No Sirve (Original Mix)
03. Si Sirve (Easy Changes Remix)
04. Si Sirve (Pampelmoessap Remix)

Rls Date: 16.11.2008

Paul Brtschitsch & Cio D'or - Aroma Ep

Paul Brtschitsch is a Berlin resident and has been producing since 1997. He is one of those genuine German producers that we so much appreciate! He had some great releases during the past years, most of them on Frisbee Tracks, one of the greatest labels ever in this kind of music.
In this release he teamed up with Cio D’or, a young talent that has already had some references in our blog due to some nice productions. Her first steps in music were playing congas in a jazz band at 17, from there she started to develop a refined taste in music and soon she appeared among the German techno scene. From there on she became one of Germany finest Djs and now she has been showing some production skills.
Aroma Ep - released on Broque - shows all their skills. This release presents some of the finest music i listened for a while. It starts with “Safran”, a pure underground track with that kind of rhythm that can’t make you stop, the bassline is up to level and the neurotic synths in the back makes it perfect. Also a reference to the construction, the sounds keep entering in the right place, just adding more and more to it. Amazing performance! Next “Ginger” appears showing up another kind of flow. This one turns up to deep roots chilling out the moods. Its a nice tune, turns well on sunny morning flavours. Ending up there’s sort of an experimental track - “kurkuma”- with three minutes, a spooky one perfect to a soundtrack.
Highly recommended.

1 - Safran
2 - Ginger
3 - Kurkuma

Rls Date: 03.11.2008


Kreon - Jack Ep

The German label Cecille Numbers is back! In their 4th release they bring back Markos Spanoudakis aka Kreon, one of the producers of the year. The Greek shows once again a pack of groovy productions with 3 tracks made to delight us all.
The Ep starts with Jauce, a very funky track with a stunning shaking beat and some vocals that will turn the dancefloor crazy! It’s definitely a track turned up to sexy deep house flavors but somehow, it would adapt just fine to a morning minimal party! In the b side we have “Clorpe”, this time with the kind of rhythm that we support here in minimaland! A deep track build up step by step, with the different elements appearing one by one in the proper time. This is the kind of groove that we are in to, so it’s easily our favorite track of the Ep. To end this sweet release we have “Just Jack” with some sassy soul vocals and a great bassline beat, a house tune, once again, turned to morning party’s. It’s a nice shake but it doesn’t properly fit in minimaland patterns!
Despite the house convergence, we can’t say that this is a bad release… the level of production is well above the average and the kind of productions is somehow different and tasty! “Clorpe” is the most shiniest track of the Ep, full support!

a1 - Jauce
b1 - Clorpe
b2 - Just Jack

Rls Date: 10.11.2008


Rievaulx - Ghosts In The Machine

We were already missing Kickboxer’s releases! This parent label of Boxer Recording has presented us some pretty nice releases like Haito & Diringer - Perception and Matzak - Might is Right. Now, after 3 months of absence, they release their 22rd edition with Rievaulx ( aka Bryan J Robsan, one part of Solaris Heighs) leading the decks. It’s this guy’s - UK based - debut and he got in to the scene in the most perfect way.
Rievaulx makes me remind producers like Gabriel Ananda and Dominik Eulberg, he bets a lot in deep melodies and some twisted neuro environments around them. “Animo” is the perfect example of it, it has great chords, a tremendous deep housy beat and a neurotic melody able to make you mad while you listen it! Sweet sweet theme! In the b side appears “Boxing Shadows”, the greatest track of the Ep. The melody is very groove, the minimal techno 4×4 high pace beat that begins around 1:14 minutes it’s devastating. It makes the junction of the different pieces seem perfect. I hadn’t listened a track like this for a while now, it’s a beautiful track made to touch our souls but also to make us dance.
Easily the best release i listened this month! Don’t miss this one, for your own mind health!

a1 - Animo
b1 - Boxing Shadows

Rls Date: 27.10.2008

Gregorythme - Square Roots Ep

From the legendary Cadenza duo Digitaline comes this Swiss producer Gregorythme. In his second release this year and debuting for Minimood (Berlin/Lausanne based label) he shows an irresistible minimality on his grooves that we had to support! The Ep has two original tracks and a remix performed by Tokyo based So Inagawa.
Square Roots Ep starts with “Besides B-sides”, a track that we can connect to what Digitaline normaly does. The beat, drums and the fabulous Chords are very Cadenza like! It’s a fantastic minimal installment track that will acid you up in the dancefloor. Next So Inagawa shows up to deliver a trippy tech-house remix… it’s also a great groovy track with an insistent percussion and some great bassline getting along with a neurotic organ that will make your mind fly into another state of consciousness. This guy is one of Minimood’s permanent artists, he is making top productions, and this remix is the greatest example of that fact! Lastly, b2 track, the original “So Low in Oslo” is the shiniest piece of this Ep. It’s also another deep minimal turn-on, reminding me a lot Villalobo’s epic productions! ” dripping with sleazy laziness this track is a shuffling monster of maxed-out understatement. as bewildering as it is brilliant, this is another fine example of MINIMOOD’s ability to push, produce and bend the boundaries of today’s scene.”
A must have to all-minimal supporters, to be release in the first days of December.

a1. besides b-sides
b1. so slow in oslo (so inagawa’s too fast in tokyo remix)
b2. so slow in oslo

Rls Date: 1.12.2008


Sierra Sam & Marcus Vector - Slab City Ep

Following their debut joint EP on Contexterrior, Belgian duo Sierra Sam & Marcus Vector return home to their own ToysForBoys label for another collaborative EP. Sam - resident of Berlin’s Tresor - is definitely one of the producers of the year, he has been making very good tracks - most of theme with Bloody Mary. This new work with Marcus is another major key on his career with three tools that you’ll all like!
Opening up there’s Slab City, a genuine peace of good minimal techno, with an excellent rhythm and a awesome pack of tribal drums that will make you feel an enjoyable vibe! Next there’s “Parole”, another perfectly executed minimal production, this time with some electro sounds to come along… In the B side the owner of Upon You, formerly part of Pan-Pot, Marco Resmann aka Phage shows up to build a different view for “Parole”. He inputs another vibe to the track, giving it a schizophrenic dimension and a very dark feeling. If i had to rate this remix I would give it an “A”, the production is excelent, the way the different pieces enter in the track is brilliant and the global feeling of the track is so hypnotic that probably will make you insane!

a1. Slab City
a2. Parole
b1. Parole (Marco Resmann remix)

Rls Date: 27.10.2008

Mathias Kaden - Moron

Mathias Kaden is back to Vakant records, a German Berlin based label for minimal techno run by Alex Knoblauch and Stephan Bolch, one of our favorites. In his first release this year for them he shined up with two long length minimal tracks, huge bombs I must say! In the a-side you will listen “Moron”, a great turn-on reminding me some productions of Mr. Villalobos - the bass variances are wicked and the rhythm is perfect to dance. It’s really a brilliant construction, showing us why he has such great reputation among the techno mnml scene. B side presents “Shetani” clearly going to deeper spaces. The beat is not as pumpy as the first, going through a deep construction! Once again, Kaden bets on worked bass variances (maybe he has been listening Villa, no?)! When the beat starts to uprise and then going down you’ll get a great different feeling about this! It’s really a worked Ep, with tracks that don’t bet on fashionable music, it’s just the deepest minimal you can have, with the kind of rhythms that can be only listened in the best guys of the scene! Kaden is definitely one of the greatest producers among this kind of music, one of the greatest Vakant bets! Huge EP!

a1 - Moron
b1 - Shetani

Rls Date: 03.11.2008

Philip Flindt - Or Wha

It took me a long time to decide what to post here… the releases this week weren’t that great but, fortunately this EP came up, it’s easily the best think i listened in the last days. I didn’t knew the producer yet but after a small search I can tell you that Philip Flindt is a Copenhagen - Denmark - based producer and this is his 2nd release. Both have been brought up by Freunde Tontraeger, a very promising label! The released is composed by one original track “Or Wha” and two remixes featuring Monoroom and Nils Nilson, two guys that know what techno music is all about!
The original is a grooving minimal track with a powerful bassline and lots of energy to full-fill the crowd’s expectations. The emotions just keep going high and low during it. It’s a top production full of quality moments. Nils Nilson remix is also a great one, building a step-by-step track with all the sounds entering one by one, in the right time… it improves a lot the first one, giving it a greater minimal flavor. Last but not the least we have Monoroom’s work, turning the original completely upside down! This is a great approach to the track, Frank Nova & Oliver Schleenvoigt used their normal deep lines to built a rather minimal installment, the rhythm is the best you can have in this kind of music! The pace is awesome, the horns were excused! Release nr 7 on Freunde Tontraeger, another must have to all musical collectors.

a1 - Or Wha (Original)
a2 - Or Wha (Nils Nilson rmx)
b1 - Or Wha (Monoroom rmx)

Rls Date: 03.12.2008


Exercise One - All Out Ep

Exercise One (Marco Freivogel & Ingo Gansera) are not newbies here in the minimal land. We’ve posted great releases from them like Debaya, Dark Star, Intensity, or Oi Oi London this is Kreuzberg… We really don’t want to review always the same producers, but sometimes, when the quality they generate is so good it’s really difficult for us to avoid that fact and don’t feel tempted to review another release from them.
This is exactly what happens with All Out Ep, on Lan Muzic, label run by themselves and founded in 2005 with Kitchentools Ep (Lan001). Anja Schneider (runs mobilee) supported the project on her Radio Fritz Show and then it was only a step untill invite them to release Steady Pulse Ep. After that I think the history of them is pretty well known. Some releases on Mobilee, Exone and their own Lan Muzic.
Exercise One is known also by their live performances, that have been acclaimed in liveset’s like Mobilee pre-sonar showcase in 2006. Their live performances are focused on spontaneity and improvisation which leads them to hypnotic basslines and twisted sequences.
All out is a great track, filled of senses and progressive chains interconnected trough all the frequencies of the track spectrum. A little bit progressive, goes from a start to an end adding and quitting samples and feelings with determination, what looking at track’s name makes some sense. They seem to put all out till the end of the track. It’s not really hard electronic, but its undoubtly one of the hardest tracks I’ve heard from Exercise One and still having their own fingerprint.
Parasol it’s a LP (Long-Play). The cadence and the real simple sound connections are the rule here. It’s thirteen minutes of good mood, sound exploration and musical tricks, upgraded at minute three with sounds and a new body. Everything at this point seems a little bit lost for some few moments, searching a new identity. Everything fits? So, lets go, continue the good mood! A relaxed one, to face different states of mind with simplicity. Cadence, exploration, groove and a good vibe are the keywords in this production.

Release Date: 06 October 2008 | #Catalog: LAN017

Release Info (pdf)

Yann Tiersen & Jay Haze - Comptine d'un autre été: l'après-midi

Tuningspork presents “Comptine D’un Autre Été: l’aprés-midi”. Jay Haze gathered with the French composer Yan Tiersen to perform a one sided Ep full of deep melancholic moods. Yan is a musician known internationally for composing the score to the Jean-Pierre Jeunet movie Amélie. His music is recognized by its use of a large variety of instruments in relatively minimalist compositions.. Jay Haze fell in love with this guys music enough to take a beat under one of his tracks and the result was simply beautiful. Translated to English the title of the track would mean something like: nursery rhyme of another summer: the afternoon. It’s definitely a charming peace of the most delicate art, that really enters in your soul, and at the same time is a bumping minimal techno track perfect to open - or close - those kinds of special party’s! The piano melody along that deep typical Haze’s beat - and later the Violin - is really something that transmits a special feeling, heavy-hearted! I hope you’ll stick with this for a long time, it’s a refreshing change of pace for Haze and for Tuning Spork, and I guess that it will bring some massive turn-on moments into the dancefloor … simply amazing! Supported by Lee Jones, among others.

a1 - Comptine D’Un Autre Ette, L’Apres Midi

Rls Date:17.10.2008
Tuning Spork Ultra Edition


Marc Antona - Simple Venus

Following works realized by Sebo K, Marcin Czubala and Gummihz, Mobilee Records present us this extraordinary, deeply worked, vinyl. Marc Antona has previously took presence in labels like Micro-fibres, freak n chic and also Sender Records - label in witch he show us a magnificent work named Blind tested. In this new work composed by two tracks he is able to transfer an enormous power and energy, maybe inspired in his Sender 073. One of them - Simple Venus - is gathered by a constant click of two weird tones, starting with an accelerated rhythm, then a pause followed by it’s natural recycling. It’s excellent for a brain wash during a critical mind state. In the flipside of the ep it’s a well more powerful “Give me flowers” applying new situations in the right time managing to enter in the same patterns of the first track with the so called “natural recycling after the break”. It also has a great bassline composed by two distinguishable moments making the track very accessible to the dancefloor, you will start to dance and don’t even know it!

Label: Mobilee
Catalog#:mobilee 044

a - simple venus
b - give me flowers

Rls Date: 26.10.2008



Masomenos - Bobby Ep

Bobby Ep it the 5th release of the mysterious producer/label Masomenos (moreorless in English). No one knows who are the producers behind this project, but their music is able to transmit some of the most trendy minimal sounds that i can recall. All I know is that they have a store in Paris so they must be from there! So, in this release you will be listening three groovy minimal techno tracks, starting with “What is this” presenting an huge bassline and some hypno constructions that will surely delight the dancefloor… sublime work! Next, on the b side you’ll listen “On Fait La Java” going to deeper tones and some tribal percussion, it’s also a very pumpy track where everyone will feel the urge to dance! The 4×4 rhythm and the step by step construction is perfect in this one. Finally, b2, showing some “Love” with a tender deep bass and a kind of disturbed sub-bass that’ll get everyone going. It’s a more calm track, with some melodic touches but completely suitable to the crowds needs! The 5th release to what should be a great new label, don’t miss this exciting new project. Played by Luciano and Sis, among others.

a1 - What is this?
b1 - On Fait La Java
b2 - Love

Label:Welcome to Masomenos
Rls Date: 10.10.2008


Stephan Hinz - Bacala

Kling Klong, Renaissance or even Boxer recordings are some of the labels, carriers of good works made by Stephan Hinz. But it’s Martin Eyerer who has been following Hinz’s works more closely, like : Shangai or Tucan. After the remarkable Ep edited by Kickboxer( parent label of boxer recordings) named “Etudes For Rhords & Canned Strings” comes back to Audiomatique to launch this fantastic work named Bacala. It’s a disc composed by two musics, one of them being a remix produced by Adultnapper. In the a side we have the original track, presenting a fabulous construction, very well defined, step by step and a dark pack of tones that will surely have a great success on the dancefloors during the coming Winter. In the b side it’s Adultnapper who enters in action, applying some obscure tones and glancing some parts of the original track giving to it a higher dark consistency. It’s definitely an excellent choice to a crazy late evening in a tender rainy day.

Label: Audiomatique
Catalog#: AM 33

a - bacala
b - bacala(adultnapper remix)



Ricardo Tobar - With You

Directly from Chile we present you Ricardo Tobar. He has been in the scene for a couple of time, having previously released three Ep’s at Border Community, always presenting deep melodic environments in his productions. Boomkat.com compared him to The Field and we totally agree on that, it’s the same kind of sound, but obviously with another influences going on. This time on Traum, Tobar presents a album full of unexpected pleasures. The first two tracks can also remind us producers like Extrawelt or Oxia… music directly made to enter through your brain… “La otra playa” is to be danced with your eyes closed, imagining you’re in a spectacular landscape where nothing bad can happen or even exist… amazing journey! “With you” invests on a harder rhythm never forgetting the melodic part. I can’t stop listening this one… the amount of feelings that are transmitted in this one is something unexplainable… you’ll have to listen it for yourself and see! “Escalera A Central”, the last track of the release, starts with a pretty good kickdrum and some darker samples setting up the pace. A great one to enhance some evil energies, pure underground rhythm and neurotic melody showing a different look on Ricardo Tobar’s productions! It’s another won bet on Traum (it couldn’t go wrong), electronic melodic songs, always with a dancefloor range.

a1 - La Otra Playa
b1 - With You
b2 - Escalera A Central

Rls Date: 06.10.2008


Miskate - Pointless Ep

It was already in 2005 that I begin to listen some Miskate tracks in Ricardo Villalobos set’s. Since then I became a huge fan of this girl and today I present you her latest work! Pointless Ep was released on one of the most appreciated labels here in Minimaland, the one and only Einmaleins! For those who don’t know this producer I can tell you that she is from Pittsburgh and, apart from doing music, she has been working as a co-organizer on Foundsound.
In this release Miss Kate present’s us three genuine pieces of good-taste with a strong charge of deep, minimal lines and perfect step by step constructions. The Ep starts with “Bric a Brac” characterizing all that I’ve said about her music… deep minimal music, low synths and funky groove, perfect to night dancefloor rhythms. Next follows up “What’s The Point”, a track that explores darker environments,able to get you frightened with a couple of spooky voices presented in it; A word also to the bassline, leveled to perfection. In the flipside you’ll have a remix of “What’s The Point” by Lazy Mouth. More stripped down techno, acid synths in loops and a nice 4×4 groove! To listen in the club or at home, you won’t get disappointed. Grab this as soon as you can, get to know one of the best American projects in the minimal techno scene..

a1 - Bric A Brac
a2 - What’s The Point
b1 - What’s The Point (Lazy Mouth mix)

Rls Date: 24.09.2008


Johnny D - Requiem of a Dream Ep

Johnny DAfter some releases on Oslo Label and a mixed cd for cocoon (disco invaders - cocoon ibiza summer mix), Johnny D (Johannes Debese), strokes now on 8 bit records, label run by Nick Curly and Gorge (Nick Curly also runs Cécille together with Marc S), based in Mannheim, Germany.
This Ep, "Requiem of a Dream", appears as a delight to our ears. The first track, "Requiem of a Dream", starts very gentle with a background violin sound almost unperceptible. As the medium harmony make their intrincated games, a new bass appears and the music keeps growing in a progressive way till the moment the violin sound appears with a new evolution, as the registry maintains the same, this is minimalism!... Keeps going in a beautiful way, new sounds added, but the main record mantains the same. This, gentleman's, is 8 minutes of pure delight...
The second track, "Scope of mind", starts a little more bassed, but the formula is the same. Great under construction, every bpm space very filled without a lot of samples. It seems simple and easy, but it's not. Nowadays some artists add a lot of things to a track, and that's not minimalism, it's more confusionism,lol. Johnny D haves a word to say on that, appears to be the message underneath this Ep.
Great harmony powered by great bass chains in a very progressive well structured final result appears to me as the best description for this Ep. Not heavy, but heaven :)
Supported already by names like Nick Curly, Ricardo Villalobos, Loco Dice among others...

a1 - Requiem of a Dream 08:11
- Scope of Mind 06:42

Release Date: 08/10/2008
Catalogue: #8bit015

Listen to it here! or Here!

Available on: www.beatport.com


Kleep - Formula One / Muppet Ride

We present you Leep, the latest project of the Finnish-born Sami Liuski. We is a well known artist from previous projects like Bangkok Impact and Putsch'79. It's the second ep released under the new name by the musician and they have both been released on Klang Elektronik with great success! Sami recently moved to Berlin and has been exposed to more minimal and techno surroundings receiving the proper influences to turn himself a true producer. His tracks are all about minimalist pumpy basslines, neurotic melodies, dry kickdrums and heavy acid percussion as you may notice in "Formula One", presented on the a side - excellent track. His style is completely suitable to German normal patterns and his music is perfect to enhance the dancefloor feelings. In the flipside there's another perfectly executed track. This one has a more aggressive rhythm and a nice tripped constructions with lots of neurotic variances. They are both great grooves and will be a nice add-on to everyone's collection. Kleep proved to be a great newcomer in the scene, we'll be paying attention to his next releases.

a1 - Formula One
b1 - Muppet Ride

Rls Date: 08.09.2008


The Youngsters - Babylon Superstars

Olivier Mateu and Gilles Escoffier aka The Youngsters are not exactly young in the scene... they have been around for several years and, in their second production during 2008, they come to show us, once again, what electronic music is all about! "Babylon Superstars" was released on 2020Soundsystem a few days ago and it is by far the most delicate unique piece I listened this week. The Ep has got two original tracks and a remix executed by Simon Baker (another class producer) in witch all of them appear to demonstrate a certain flavour that probably will get you addicted to. The first track of the side a is a great piece of deep minimal house music with a smooth groove that would be perfectly used in a morning after-party. Then Simon Baker's remix appears to shake things up. He adds a more underground percussion and a different groove to the track turning it into a high standard tech house mix. The bassline in the 2nd part of the music is a massive turn on in the track!
In the flipside the duo presents us the strongest piece of this Ep. Fukuoaka Underground is a stunning track, build step by step with great snares and some hypnotic moments that were brightly turned into a wonderful dancefloor piece. It's a peaceful track but will let your mind float away during a couple of minutes. This is your chance to know better this duo's work. Three deep minimal anthems perfectly build to raise up your soul and spirit, a collector's release, i bought mine! While a dreamy atmosphere remains in your head your body is locked in an inescapable groove.


Rauwkost - Trump It

Today we present you two very talented producers from the Netherlands - Floris Regoort & Jasper Lowik are the duo behind Rauwkost. They couldn’t have a better debut, this Ep released on ThirtyOneTwenty has been played in sets of known Djs like Ricardo Villalobos, Raresh, 2000 and One, Karotte, Anthony Collins, Shinedoe and Andre Crom among others. In fact this is a special Ep, one of the bests i listened during this last months, all the tracks show a particular refined production of fresh new sounds, dancefloor killers.
To start the Ep you have the pumping “Trump It”, a massive production with a very nice rhythm and awesome breaks followed by groovy euphoric moments. I guarantee that this one will be tarring apart the crowds, it’s the kind of track that is able to raise up the moods and expectations of any dancefloor ambience. On the flipside we have a different kind of track, the oriental flavoured “1 Nacht In Duizenden” it’s not as groovy as the first one, betting more on a dark underground environment with a rude dry beat and a subtle growing construction, just as we like it here in Minimaland. “Unsere Liebe” ends up the Ep in the perfect way. I’d say that the first two tracks were some of the best productions I listened this year… this third is goes even further, this is a non-stopping, high pace, tech house bomb that promises to raise up the temperature and cause a massive stroke in all of you - not advisable to people with a heart condition!
This promising duo have done three very different tracks, all of them top quality, already showing a know how and passion for music above the average. It’s definitely one of the best releases I listened this year. We will be waiting for their next work that will be released on Kompass Music - KOMPA014 - “The Green Jacket EP”.

a1 - Trump It
b1 - 1 Nacht In Duizenden
b2 - Unsere Liebe

Rls Date: 08.09.2008


Philipp Wolgast - Unshaved

Kompass Musik after attendance’s as Extrawelt, Remute, Tigerskin or Heerhorst & Meissner edit, for the second time a work by Philip Wolgast. After “My Maid Siren” is held in 2006 by him, now is the time of “Unshaved”, a disc very well composed, with 3 exceptional music. It is in the a side that you can listen my favorite, named “unrasiert und der heimat fern”, capable of making anyone dance, getting our interior, feeding a whole natural adrenaline. Excelent building accompanied by a devastating bassline . The remix was made by the Argentine Juan Franco Di Lorenzo aka Dilo, giving greater energy to the music, with the appropriate break always in the right time, carrying subtle touches of piano for his remix. For the lovers of ghost entries, after a pause well achieved, we have “within”, with a very tribal percursion, very well crafted regarded to time and the addition of important factors in its development. Disk completely advisable to our dear readers

Label: Kompass Musik
Catalog#: KOMPA012

a1 - unrasiert und der heimat fern
a2 - unrasiert und der heimat fern(dilo remix)
b1 - within



Channel X - Burning Train

Upon You is a label well known by all of our readers. We generally like their works and once again this is not an exception. In their 15th release they invited the duo composed by André Quasar and Mirko Hensel aka Channel X to lead the decks. They previously released works to Stil Vor Talent and Kassete Records, i must say that i didn’t knew this guys but their works is pretty interesting.
Burning Train has got two original musics and a remix performed by the famous Ruede Hagelstein. In the a side you pass by a “Lost Train”, a pure underground techno track with a hard bassy beat and a step by step construction, just as we like it! It’s a track perfectly suitable to the night pumpy rhythms that you’ll surely appreciate. In the second track a “Hot Candy” is given to all of us… a typical minimaland lovers track, pretty well constructed with all things appearing in the right time! Amazing nigh track with a wicked dry beat, amazing hit-hats and a hot pace setting it up, rhythm non stop so you can dance till you can say no more! Finally in the b side Ruede Hagelstein appears giving “Hot Candy” a completely new feeling… he turns it into a deep groove with a soft melody gently enhancing the track to after hours sessions. It’s also a nice track giving the tender touch that this Ep seemed to beg for. This turns this release into a must have one, with a different mixture of textures and flavours.
Burning Train is Upon You.

a1 - Old Train
a2 - Hot Candy
b1 - Hot Candy (Ruede Hagelstein remix)

Rls Date: 01.09.2008


Sis - Trompeta

This is surely one of the most talked releases of November. Sis aka Burak Sar release Trompeta on Ricardo Villalobos’s Sei Es Drum imprint. The people that didn’t miss the greatest summer parties will surely recognise this one. I listened it last Saturday at Fabric for the first time in a club and I can say that I found it pretty good. This one is being played by Ricardo Villalobos, Luciano, Loco Dice, Dubfire and DJ Koze among others, it’s definitely the main anthem of this summer and it couldn’t be forgotten here in minimaland.
The a side presents the so talked track, “Trompeta”, filled with a huge pumpy 4×4 beat and a melody perfectly suitable to all the summer feelings. The fantastic sample taken from “Balkan Beat box” by Bulgarian Chicks will be remembered for a long time and will make a big blast to the forthcoming months! The flipside “Clarinete” is more adequate to minimaland’s taste with a refined dry beat and a pleasant Clarinet melody. This one floats to minimalistic patterns, it’s not as housy as the a side, therefore is the one that we really support in this release!

a1 - Trompeta
b1 - Clarinete

Rls Date: 15.09.2008

Sis had already released another work - Neisrib Ep - this time on Cecille Records, this one was too a big summer hit. If you like this trendy dancefloor tracks you should take a look at that one too.


Misc. - Chemosphere Ep | Minimaland.com Interview

Lost Souls parties are well known all around the world. To expand all that success they created a new fresh label and invited Misc. to perform the first release! We interviewed the duo about this one. A minimaland.com exclusive interview

Read it here


Tom Dazing - Motion Sickness

Tom Dazing is a producer that always makes me get groovy feelings when I listen his music. Despite it's his debut here in minimaland I can tell you that I've been following the man's work for a long time. His music always contains great rhythm wired to a magic neurotic mind that he surely possesses. In his second release on Toys For Boys Records he doesn't escape that rule and presents us two great tracks along with a remix of "Motion Sickness" performed by the American Tim Xavier. In the a side you can listen "Cappadoras", a powerful track, full of twisted feelings and a perfect bass line - my favourite. I would call this some kind of acid new techno waves, always pushing the reverbed sounds to the limit and then recycling it, making the track going back to the beginning, allowing another extra-run that drives everyone crazy. Mad! In the b side we have another disturbed production. "Motion Sickness" is completely neurotic, even more rougher and rawer than the first .. the amount of little different sounds that we have in this music it's maybe too much for a standard producer, but this guy make them all gather perfectly, combining all the elements to construct a tasty dark hallucinated track. Finally we have the remix of Tim Xavier. This old school producer that no one can be indifferent to show us all, once again all his knowledge. He turns the techno hardcore original track into a magnificent peace of minimal 4x4 techno, constructed step by step. It's in fact a great improvement, I became delighted when i listened this cause i realised that he didn't forget the raw feeling of the original... he just adapted it to the minimal standards that we all appreciate. Great work!

a1 -
b1 -
Motion Sickness (Tim Xavier remix)
b2 -
Motion Sickness

Rls Date: 25.08.2008



Stimming - Una Pena EP

Violeta Parra, a chilean singer from the age of 50/70 is the founder of such vocals that make a great contraste with the breaked house and complete of minimal parts, as in the case of this pretty track “una pena”, that you can listen in the A side. In the b side we have Argy’s mix, with the uprising of bass and rhythm, keeping off side the beatifull and honest Chillean melodies that i so much liked in the a side. Martin stimming edits this again on Diynamic music, label that he already knows very well besides he has already worked with Buzzin Fly and Freerance. The German that mounted a rhythmical scheme , very light in the top of this original - Violeta Parra - arauco tiene una pena.

label: Diynamic Music
catalog#: DIYNAMIC017

a - una pena
b - una pena(Argy remix)


Niederflur - Typo Ep

Niederflur (Christopher Bleckmann & Hannes Wenner duo), debuted on M_nus label, and only by itself these five simple words (MINUS) make music panorama crumble when a new Ep is arriving from their Headquarters. So, judging Niederflur’s debut on M_nus label it’s like judging angel’s sex. It’s a quality add-on fact. What to say about Niederflur - Typo EP? Well… It’s really hard to find an Ep that goes on all the spectrum of the techno/minimal-techno genre with this level of quality. Let’s put in dj language… you put this Ep in your bag and in every point of your set you have a mix for it, from the top to the bottom, from the hypnotic to the progressive, you choose! Reviewing, Typo is typical techno bassed with a trip appearing on the horizon that goes on and on till the end with the bass derivable to the harmony trip. Iso goes minimal tripy, details and confused/clean highs leading to some kind of trance. In all the musics the bass is always niederflur. What’s niederflur basses? Richie Hawtin called them “basslines from hell”! Led is my favourite one, a lot to the hypnotic drives. The bass is melted, reverbed and hypnotic, and the construction follows that path, in a very minimal reverbed bass hypnotic way. Amp (one of the digital releases), is a really good progressive one, ideal if you want to keep the stage, or start the top peek. Finally , Pvc (the other digital release), I’ll call it minimal electro techno. Fits electro sets, fits techno sets, and fits minimal sets needing some variation to a good side. Really great sound games with a electronic computerized sound creating a disabled addictive harmony. I’ll consider this a don’t miss Ep. Haves great quality, great grooves, great sample games, great variations… Doesn’t have a track that will be the one of the year, but for sure all these five tracks will be in the best sets of this year. It’s a great quality “all-terrain” Ep. 8/10

1 TYPO (7:19)
2 ISO (6:01)
3 LED (6:12)
4 AMP (5:39)

5 PVC (5:24)

Release date: 09/07/2008


Simone Tavazzi - Cloud

This is one of the Eps that couldn't be forgotten here in Minimaland. "Cloud" is one of the most talked releases of this month, it's success is tremendous! Simone Tavazzi aka Delysid 25 is an Italian producer trying to make his way to the top! This Ep is already supported by guys like Matt John, Xpansul, Mark Henning, Fabrizio Maurizi, Someone Else, Luciano Esse and Renato Figoli. The release comes with 3 superb tracks - the original and the remixes by Butane and Danilo Carboni.
In the A side you have a killer techno track - like this label seems to like - with a high rhythm, pretty good bass level and a strong groovy beat, unstoppable! So... expect a dancefloor turn on. This typical italian kind of production makes us all cry out for more. In the b side you have it, Butane remix presents us a minimal version of "Cloud", reminding us the typical deep constructions that we so much appreciate here in our blog - low synths, step-by-step construction and a tremendous bassline, perfect to be listened in a pleasant morning. Finally you have Danilo Carboni remix, a Kleptomaniac funky style, making an even more powerful interpretation of the original. When I saw this release i thought that this track was going to be the weakest link but I was totally wrong - this is such a great groove, perfect to be listened in the first ours of the night.
It's in fact an excellent Ep that you should have in your collection. Release number 5 on Renovatio Records, a record that is known by their support to emerging Italian producers.

a1 - Cloud
b1 - Cloud (Butane remix)
b2 - Cloud (Danilo Carboni Cleptomania remix)

Rls Date: 30.06.2008


Ellen Allien - Elphine (remixes)

Ellen Fratz is one of our favourite producers. She began her career in 1995 and since that date she didn't stop any more, always maintaining a pretty good level. All her major productions have been released on Bpitch Control and this is not an exception.
Elphine is one of the tracks that were most talked about concerning to Ellen Allien's last Album - Sool (Bpitch175) released last May. To celebrate all it's success the Bpitch Control guys decided to launch a 12" of it inviting Zander Vt, Troy Pierce and Louderbach to remix it.
So, in the A side you have the original track released last may and the remix of Zander Vt. For those who don't know the original I strongly recommend it! It's one of those tracks that can't get out of your head, very smooth, with pretty good vocals and an incredible deep soul. In Zander Vt's remix you get a higher rhythm, a stronger bass and the same feeling of the first. Fritz Zander and Sven Von Thülen are the duo behind the name and they didn't messed it up. The remix is quite enjoyable and perfect to the dancefloors. Pumpy! Next we have the American Troy Pierce! I don't need to introduce him to you, you all know his work... i hope! In this remix he doesn't let his reputation fail. When the track begins you immediately understand that this one is going trough another roads. The beat is huge, with a gigantic bass line and an acid rhythm that makes you wonder... how does he do it!? When you start to listen the Ellien's vocal in the back with all those trippy effects and strong neurotic lines you realise: this is what music should always be! Finally you have Louderbach's release, he takes Elphine to darker and calmer lines always with quality above the average...
After the remixes of "Mango", Bpitch presents us another great pack of remixes, this time of "Elphine".A Must Have!

a1 -
a2 -
Elphine (Zander Vt remix)
b1 -
Elphine (Troy's One Eyed JAK remix)

Rls Date: 18.08.2008


TG aka Tim Green - Mr Dry

Trapez are back to their basics!
Tim Green is the featured artist on their 90th edition and I can say to you that he managed to do a very good work on this one! We were already missing this kind of work that Trapez normally brings us so this release gave us all that we hoped for! This producer, based in London, has released most of his work on Four:Twenty Records and now he presents us two groovy tracks, made to make everyone dance! In The A side we have "Mr Dry" that starts very gently only with a small beat but once the elements start entering into the music it doesn't stop any more! It's a track with a great bassline, a perfect flow and some neurotic dark elements to drive your head into the other side! I normally don't like voices in the songs but this one has a spooky acapella that fits very well in it so it's another turn on for this great track! In the B side don't expect less... "Glow Worm" brings even more power and enthusiasm! I confess that this one is my favorite... it has an explosive beat and such an incredible rhythm, and in the middle of the track the feelings turn even more aggressive and than you will feel in techy heaven !For you that used to like Trapez releases, i really advice you to listen this one. It has all that we normally require in music and you will surely like it. Great British production.

a1 - Mr Dry
b1 - Glow Worm

Rls Date: 07.08.2008


Amê mixes Fabric 42. Exclusive Minimaland.com Interview

Fabric 42 will be released on 15 September and the featured artist mixing this cd is the duo Âme, known by their major hit "rej". I already listened this next Fabric release and i can tell you that is pretty good! We gathered with them for an enjoyable interview!

Quenum - Vault Elements

The French Philippe Quenum has released over 70 records during his 10 years as a producer. He also is one of the founders of Num Records - considered by many one of the best labels in this kind of music. Although I never posted anything from him, I always follow his productions and he is one the guys that I most respect. In his first release of 2008 he presents us an unique piece of simplicity and good taste. The Ep starts with "Lousiane", a 2 minutes track where he explores different experimental environments. Than the show really starts with the awesome "Venice After The Rain"! This piece of art starts very gently with a deep bass and some sweet chords and it goes on and on always in a peaceful tone. As the name suggests, it fits perfectly to a Rainy day... it's a bit sad in the beginning but in the middle of the music the moods change and it develops to a groovier side. Great music! Next the disturbed "Vault Elements" presents us a different state of mind, with minimalism signs all over it - dry beat, weird chords, perfect constructions and a great rhythm. This will make wonders in the dancefloors. The music has also a 4th track - Mokossa - that is only available in Digital Format. I listened it and I can tell you that it's also a very nice club groove, but not what he like here in minimaland Vault Elements was released on Thema, label based in New York. If you are a music lover and like to listen some of best old school techno producers you can't miss this Ep.

a1 - Lousiane
a2 - Venice After The Rain
b1 - Vaul Elements

Rls Date: 03.08.2008


Daniel Mehlhart - Origami

Daniel Mehlhart, a young producer with just 22 years old, with plenty of works edited by labels like Karmarouge, Neuton or even FOEM CREMA, presents a record, for the first time, on Kindisch. Origami is an original name to a disc dedicated to melodic minimal, something that goes through his career. "Origami" has a small melodic essence, pretty oriental. "Alles klar Alles easy" doesn't miss the rule on the small melodic particles, but this music is much more worked in terms of development and growth step by step. Times well defined, with an excellent break doing the natural recycling of the music "Fata Morgana" gives an incredible will to balance, cause of it's intermittent cranky percussions. One African connection noticed through the music by a minimal vocal and it's own tribal waves." Nebelschwaved"(digital only) will certainly be listened at all those dancefloors around the world. Well developed, melody always involved, excellent to a full sun morning!

Label: Kindisch
Catalog#: KD 017

a1 - origami
- alles klar alles easy
- fata morgana
digital track
- nebelschwaved


Sascha Funke - Mango Remixes

Mango of one of the best works launched by Sascha Funke. His album with the same name was released last February on Bpitch Control and now it was time to do some remixes of this great success! This fantastic label doesn't know how to let us down and, to maintain the high level of the original music they invited three producers that have a doubtless reputation!
In the first side we get to listen a re-work from Stefan Kozalla aka Dj Koze's. His Pink Moon remix is one of a kind getting you through different waves along the music... it starts very smoothly and in the middle of the music it has a break and than the rude dry beats starts doing it's effect! This is a brilliant dark remix, able to make you fly through different coloured moons. If the a-side is good don't expect different in the other... Superpitcher and Tobias Thomas throw in a spectacular old school mix, very intense and catchy, full of positive energies. In fact, it couldn't go wrong with this two guys, they have been in the scene for a couple of years and their skills are recognised by everyone.
Don't expect pumpy music in this release, this is the truest German style, directly made to hit he mind, to fly away and hopefully never get back! Release nr 180 on Bpitch Control, remembering one of their best launches of the year: Sascha Funke - Mango.

a1 - Mango (Dj Koze's Pink Moon remix)
b1 - Mango (Tobia Thomas & Superpitcher's Como Mango Version)

Rls Date: 04.08.2008

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