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July rush! Deep Minimal to enjoy smoothly...

mnmland suggests:

Piemont - Superheated

Tom Ellis - Gain
Patrice Baumel - Flow

Adultnapper - Apropills

Holgi Star - Don't Feel It
Karolin Mueller - Blinky
Anthony Collins - Whisper
Larsson - Ruanda
Mri - Le Bateau
My My - Day For Night
Chopstick & Johnjon - Birds (Afrilounge's Velvet Monkey Funk)
Michel De Hey - Sylvester 3 (Polder remix)

Minilogue - Hitchhiker Fs Choice
Minilogue - We All
Minilogue - Hypnotized

Gabriel Ananda - Endlich 17

Today Gabriel Ananda is doing a live gig here in Portugal at Anti-Pop music festival... so it's a very nice day to show something new from him. This guy doesn't need no presentation, he is well known through out the scene... and this Ep from the Deutsch is one of the best i heard from him lately! Endlich 17 contains two very pleasant different musics, showing two sides of this awesome producer. The a side is a very well produced track, the disturbed piano along the beat does it for me... but i can't say that this one will produce a dancefloor madness. What i can say is that the second music will completely push the feelings up to the crowd. "Rattamahatta" starts with a superb reverbed bassline and a construction step by step just as we like it. It goes pushing you through the limites... over and over! I hope he will play it tonight, it will surely rise the moods! For those who don't know this Ep, it's time to take a look, specially the second music, it's one of a kind :) Released on Platzhirsch Schallplatten.

a1 - Mahatma Regatta
b1 - Rattamahatta

Rls Date: 03.07.2008



Frivolous - The Emoticon Don

Daniel Gardner more known as Frivolous, works by the first time with minibar. This label owned by Cabanne has a fine set of records. After "club soda" by Tom Ellis, now comes this fabulous "the emoticon don". The first music "just add irony" demonstrates the pure adiction of the unusual to the usual, with and explendid bassline, the tone of voice fret and the melody decorated by drama, floating in a electronic house very pleasant. "the emoticon don(movimento primo)" is a tango jazz highly electronic and tradicional. "the emoticon don secundo(movimento secundo)" this time as a sax on a bouncing conventional horn. "tuc tuc tuc" is my favorite, it's more labored with all the developments of it very well maded, gathering an excelent work and a great danceable emotion that captivates you.

Label: Minibar
Catalog#: minibar 017

a1 - just add irony
a2 - the emoticon don(movimento primo)
b1 - the emoticon don(movimento secundo)
b2 - tuc tuc tuc


Fabric Contest

Hellow people, we have a free entrance for you to Fabric on this Saturday. It's a great party! So, if you are in England, send us an e-mail and tell us why should you get it! You have only untill tomorrow 11.AM to send out your message. Our mail is minimaland@gmail.com


The contest has already ended and the winner was Joe. Thanks to those who participated . Better luck next time :)

Demir & Seymen - Chiclown

This is the debut Ep of the German Demir and the Turkish Seymen as producers. They know each other for a long time and both have had single projects ... but it was together that they managed to perform a very impressive album, released on Highgrade Records Digital - another won bet on this huge label. The album has three pleasant musics where the main guns are "Chiclown" and "Code 1903". The first one is that kind of pumpy minimal that we like so much to listen... a music full of rhythm - huge beat - with a grow path that can only uprise our moods. Than "Code 1903" shows another side of this guys, more dark and mysterious. The beat is even more powerful and the music is build step by step with the main ingredients entering one by one... I can't stop listening this one. Finally "Sunou" shows up to ease up the feelings... it's also a perfectly produced music, more quiet, dub style, but very very good. They show a perfect know how of music, how to make it and pass the message. It's an hot bomb from two hot producers in a very hot label! You can't miss it!

1 - Chiclown
2 - Code 1903
3 - Sunou

Rls Date: 08.07.2008


Seismal D - Xystem

Autist can be already considered as one of the labels of the year! Their releases are always fresh and tasty... All their works have been fabulous and this one goes in the same way. This time they invited Seismal D to the decks. I guess he his Italian but i'm not sure. So he made two tremendous musics and the Ep still counts with two nice reworks made by Oblivion and by the surprising Frederico Milani. "Xystem", the first track of the release is already being played by Richie Hawtin, so it can't be bad... in fact it is an hallucinated journey subliminally constructed ... just like he likes it! Next we have "Roules" with a tremendous bassline full of power and sobriety. I got to tell you that, despite Hawtin's playing the other one, this is my favorite. It just pushes you over the limits, it will be perfect in a good soundsystem! Next we have Milani's mix of "Xystem"... it cleans the music turning it more minimal and not as confused as the first one... though the feeling is the same. Oblivion instead turns the music more tripped and dark. It's also a very nice rework. Release nrº74 on Autist Records... another one to be in the charts of the best Djs among the world.

a1 - Xystem
a2 - Roules
b1 - Xystem (Frederico Milani remix)
b2 - Xystem (Oblivion remix)
listen the samples on beatport: link here

Rls Date: 14.07.2008


Prime Time - Rotor

Prime Time is a new project heavily supported by Oxia. I guess he is like the music godfather of Jeremy Carrasco and Johan Speissegger, he bet on them and it is in fact, an excellent bet! When i listened this release i didn't knew anything about this guys and then i read that they have been involved in techno scene since the 90's, mostly in the suburbs of Paris. This is their 2nd Ep and the best thing i listened this week. The release is composed by three neurotic minimal techno musics, full of style and passionated feelings, and a remix of Oxia, a guy that doesn't know how to disappoint us. So, the release starts with "Metro"... a sick track with deep synths in a pure underground trip. A music very well constructed where we can notice a high level of production. Rotor is a hypno track with a nice rhythm but the rework made by Oxia makes it much more than it, turning it into a perfect dancefloor music giving it a darker boost and a all new set of pumpy elements... never forgetting the original feeling. Last, but not the least, we enter in the"Acid Park" with a magnificent view to another side of the minimal music. You emerge into an hypnotic feeling of tripped acid music... always messing around with your mind. Great groove! Released on Goodlife, a nice surprise!

a1 - Metro
a2 - Rotor
b1 - Rotor (Oxia rework)

b2 - Acid Park

Rls Date: 01.07.2008


Tom Ellis - Twaddle EP

To me, he is one of the revelations of 2008 besides his already vast curriculum as a producer. A musical genre pretty minimal/deep, very dense, united by a universe of particles, all of them getting to the floor without any abnormality, with very little highs and lows. After a "Club Soda" released by Minibar, disc on what i acknowledge the great talent of this producer and became in love with it, it comes now this "Twaddle" launched by Floppy Funk, a house of great value and well known of Tom Ellis. Composed by 4 musics all of them with good quality. "Bad Son", one of my favorites, marked by its fabulous growth and the necessary pauses very well placed. "Zone On" is weirdly strange, and its well followed by a soul-jazz loop and a deaf vocal. "Babseyish" has a great rhythm, with long and good pauses and the respective and wonderfull entrance. The loud noises are very well placed too. To end this one is "skip the skitz" wich is perfect to a real club with all the minimalism required to it's real satisfaction.

Label: Floppy Funk
Catalog#: floppy 17

a1 - bad son
a2 - zone on
b1 - babseyish
b2 - skip the skitz


Lexy - The Last Days of The Glow Worms

In the past few days I received this sweet release produced by Lexy a.k.a. Alexander Gerlach and in fact it's one of the nicest things i've listened in a while! This might be considered as the highest step that this German producer took in his career as a producer. Areal is one of the most considered labels in the scene where expectations are always very high! The Last Days Of the Glowworm doesn't let it down, it has two fabulous tracks that you like for sure. In the a side you can count on a great music that will shake the dancefloors. Build step by step, everything seems to enter gently into the music to create an unique environment. A monster track, perfect to shake things up in a open air party! In the B side, more of the same... Berlin style all the way in a track that can makes us remember Superpitcher's best productions. Lexy is on the right way... I will be waiting for his upcoming releases. Another bet won on Areal Records. To be released in the beginning of August, be aware and don't miss it!

The story of the Glowworm:
"it really did look a bit weird: a huge, red tower consisting
of billions of blazing red glow worms and all this happening right in
the middle of Berlin-Kreuzberg. When you got closer to this tower,
you were lulled in the ear-deafening buzzing from the exhilarated
little animals. The longer the tower was buzzing passively
however, the more nervous the people of Berlin became. After all,
this absurd natural phenomenon must mean something. Experts
were helpless, the people of Berlin confused, religious fanatics
from all over the world in uproar. But the only thing people could do
was waiting to see what was going to happen."

a1. The Last Days Of The Glow Worms

b1. The Return Of The Skakavac

Rls Date: 04.08.2008

AREAL #049


Robert Dietz - Jaszu Ep

We knew Cecille Numbers - parent label of Cecille Records - by their awesome first release with Lemos on the Decks. Now this German label is back with Robert Dietz. I didn't knew this producer but his work is quite nice! 4 very seductive tracks, from the deepest feelings to the most refined art of minimal beats! First track is "Backseat" and it approaches a deep sexy housy style, perfect to a great after hours party in the first hours of the morning. "It's lonely the dub" is the kind of music that i deeply like! Groovy beat and perfect flow during all the music. Dub art, true german style! Finally we have "Lost Horizon", a nice neurotic music with great variances of bassline. This one really leads you to higher mind states.If you buy the digital version you'll have a bonus music called "Salon du Roi", also quite listenable! A complete Ep directly made to enter the deepest parts of your body, mind and soul! One of the most groovy things i listened this hear. So... a new talent and a very promising label is our suggestion for today! They are to loose out of sight! Really liked their kind of music style... their next release? Kreon -Hey Jack Ep... be aware!

a1 -
b1 -
It's Lonely At The Dub
b2 -
Lost Horizon

Rls Date: 19.06.2008
CEN #003


Kreon - Gagnant Ep

Since “Lookoshere” - release 19 on Resopal red series - that I been following the great careers of Lemos and Kreon and their unique form of producing. So this time the Greek Markos Spanoudakis worked alone… but the level of music stills the same.
It was an important element to see… what kind of music would Kreon or Lemos produce when they where on their own. What i can say to you is simple: Both continued to do amazing things, never forgetting their solid bases of jazz themes in deep organic beats!
Gagnant is another peace of art with three major musics all able to delight the dancefloor demands. “Fuente”, the first track, has a spectacular bass line and nice neurotic piano notes in the back following the beat through the development of the music. It’s in fact a great music, where his jazz influences are well noticed. You will see that this could only be Kreon… or Lemos. “Tromarasou” follows the good taste of the first, this one has a more pumpy rhythm but the heart of the music stills the same, very passionate. Last, but not the least we have “Momento” flying trough great electronic synth lines between a deep calm construction where the elements enter, one by one… nice to the late hours of the afternoon!
Kreon is a major fresh air in the entire scene, i’m glad something like this appears every now and then. Released on Resopal, on their red series… a must have!

a1 -
b1 -
b2 -

Rls Date: 30.06.2008



Johannes Heil & Extrawelt & Gregor Tresher - The Double Feature

When i saw that this three German artists united to make an album i couldn’t let it pass by… The Double Feature includes two fabulous track where Johannes Heil teams up in the first with Extrawelt and in the other with Gregor Tresher. Let’s start from the beginning with “Erdbeerfeld”… 12 minutes of an amazing journey through the most delicate sounds that this kind of music can prove i This music is so well created that will make wonders in the dancefloors. The amount of things that you can feel during it its incredible, not to miss!
In the B side theres another kind of music, most enhanced with power but as well produced as the first one. It’s like if Heil was adapting to what Gregor Tresher normally does, building it step by step uniting perfectly all the ingredients that we like so much in this kind of minimal. “E” is a minimal tripped groovy track. It would fit perfectly in a set just right after “Erdbeerfeld”.
All I can say to you is that this Ep is unique cause it gathers two styles in the same genre of music… and it’s just not regular music, it’s done by some of the best producers of the world! I liked it a lot, hope you do to. Released on Metatron.

a1 - Erdbeerfeld
b1 - E

Rls Date: 19.06.2008
MTR #003


Phil Kieran - Wasps Under A Toy Boat

If you’re looking for wicked music that will drive you, or your crowd, insane here is the answer to your problems. Phil Kieran’s second Ep on Cocoon Recordings presents a strong music path, full of neurotic moments and massive constructions. This guy from Belfast has been in the scene for a long time and knows what he is doing.. this is the perfect example of it. “Wasps Under a Toy Beat” in the A side is a major techno trip with great breaks completed always by disturbed growing patterns. This is a music to raise the people’s mood to dance, maybe it will be hard to enter in your mind, but once it gets there it will stick to you madly. If you think this is heavy stuff wait until you listen “Tartan Paint”. This music starts and you think that it drives you nowhere.. but it’s not like that, suddenly things start to make sense and all those strange noises couple into a mad dark minimal track. Once it gets step by step, with things in the right place it won’t stop no more. This is a hard Ep, it won’t fulfill all of our readers tastes… but some will like, and that’s the point of showing this to you!

a1 - Wasps Under A Toy Beat
b1 - Tartan Paint

Release Date: 23.06.2008
Cor 12 #049


Dachshund - Spontaneous Ep

The reason i'm posting this Ep is mainly the second track of this ep. When i was listening to it i commented with a friend that this was a great track to listen in a great pool party with the sun coming down just around 9P.M. And then i noticed that the name of the track was "Holiday Inn", so let's just all pretend that Dashshund done we both have the same ideas of what this track is for. In fact this music is a perfect long length deep combustion right about to explode in the late afternoon. Listen it calmly and relaxed and you will see what i'm talking about! In the A side you can count also on good vibes with a more shaky track, full of nice reverbed synths and a very wicked rhythm. Getting back to basics, i can tell you that this producer from Switzerland has been doing some great performances and his latest releases are all worth to take a look - as well as his forthcoming ones on Harthouse. Spontaneous Ep is the perfect gathering of all his talent. Both "Holiday Inn" and "Perception" are pretty good tracks and will suit terrific to the Summer. Released by Perspectiv, label based in Germany.


a1 - Perception
b1 - Holiday Inn

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