Dachshund - Spontaneous Ep

The reason i'm posting this Ep is mainly the second track of this ep. When i was listening to it i commented with a friend that this was a great track to listen in a great pool party with the sun coming down just around 9P.M. And then i noticed that the name of the track was "Holiday Inn", so let's just all pretend that Dashshund done we both have the same ideas of what this track is for. In fact this music is a perfect long length deep combustion right about to explode in the late afternoon. Listen it calmly and relaxed and you will see what i'm talking about! In the A side you can count also on good vibes with a more shaky track, full of nice reverbed synths and a very wicked rhythm. Getting back to basics, i can tell you that this producer from Switzerland has been doing some great performances and his latest releases are all worth to take a look - as well as his forthcoming ones on Harthouse. Spontaneous Ep is the perfect gathering of all his talent. Both "Holiday Inn" and "Perception" are pretty good tracks and will suit terrific to the Summer. Released by Perspectiv, label based in Germany.


a1 - Perception
b1 - Holiday Inn

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Anonymous said...

cmooon only 64kb/s. ehhh

thanks anyways :)

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