Prime Time - Rotor

Prime Time is a new project heavily supported by Oxia. I guess he is like the music godfather of Jeremy Carrasco and Johan Speissegger, he bet on them and it is in fact, an excellent bet! When i listened this release i didn't knew anything about this guys and then i read that they have been involved in techno scene since the 90's, mostly in the suburbs of Paris. This is their 2nd Ep and the best thing i listened this week. The release is composed by three neurotic minimal techno musics, full of style and passionated feelings, and a remix of Oxia, a guy that doesn't know how to disappoint us. So, the release starts with "Metro"... a sick track with deep synths in a pure underground trip. A music very well constructed where we can notice a high level of production. Rotor is a hypno track with a nice rhythm but the rework made by Oxia makes it much more than it, turning it into a perfect dancefloor music giving it a darker boost and a all new set of pumpy elements... never forgetting the original feeling. Last, but not the least, we enter in the"Acid Park" with a magnificent view to another side of the minimal music. You emerge into an hypnotic feeling of tripped acid music... always messing around with your mind. Great groove! Released on Goodlife, a nice surprise!

a1 - Metro
a2 - Rotor
b1 - Rotor (Oxia rework)

b2 - Acid Park

Rls Date: 01.07.2008


Anonymous said...

thx hugo for this great feedback !
nice surprise when i found it over the web ; )

jeremy / prime time

Anexado said...

remenber the beautiful gardendance of
Viana do Castelo.

Anonymous said...

where is the link???

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