Va - Death Is nothing to fear

Amazing release by Spectral Sound. Audion aka Matthew Dear has done a tremendous job in this one. It contains so many ups and downs, so many feelings, thoughts that can't be described, you have to listen it! Surelly one of my favorites, it leads me through high frequency paths... It's name "I Gave You Away" is quite sugestive... Disturbed track, neurotic type. Recommended to angry people... the kind of people that give things away without seing all the circle and than don't know why it happened like that! Perfect in all it's ways, 12 minutes track... just going and going! The rest of the album is ok, the bodycode - swedish guy i think - track countains nice dark arguments and Par Grindvik presents a shaky music to the EP. Audion is the key of this release...

a1 - Audion - I Gave You Away
b1 - Par Grindvik - Casion
b2 - Bodycode - Exciting Ride


Half Hawaii - Into You / Out of You

First work of Bruno Pronsato and Sammy Dee as a duo... i liked it a lot, or else i wouldn't post it here, but i think some of you might not appreciate it. Its pure deep minimal, with excelent knowledge of how to build long constructions with small variations always keeping that subtle feeling... perfect to the relaxing moments where you just want to chill out! Reminds me some tracks of Ricardo Villalobos first productions... just surfing throught the sound waves. Release nr 60 on perlon, mantaining their killer instinct. a must have!

a1 - Into You
b1 - Out of You


Ryan Crosson - Hopskotch & Gotham Road remix

The original tracks of Ryan Crosson - Gotham Road ep have been remixed by two of the nicest minimal producers in the scene. Hopskotch has deserved the attention of Bruno Pronsato and all i can say is that this music is one of his finest productions. Long deep bass line covering all the way and great neurotic clicks. In the b side you have Magda (one of the best producers of m_nus) showing once again her great upcoming talent where you can notice the similarity to Hawtin's finest productions. A must have! To be released on trapez, the 53rd of their limited editions. I searched the album in the www and i found it... Download it here

a1 - Hopskotch (Bruno Pronsato remix)
b1 - Gotham Road (Magda remix)


Tigerskin & Antilope - Just In Case

Tigerskin and Antilope formed a German aliance to produce this EP. Kompass musik releasing their 4th one always presenting brilliant choices. Just in Case is one of the best musics of the year... it has a great bassline side-lining with powerfull synths that marks all the music. Deep patterns and a great presentation of what the Berlim crue can produce, what a track. B side is more of the same, less pumpy but as groovy as the first. Top production! This release is just a way to say how music can be so enjoyable with its simplicity.

a1 - Just In Case
b1 - Roger Rub It

Paul Ritch - Higher

Hi there people, i'm back and with great releases to share with you! The first one i wanted to talk about it's Paul Ritch latest ep named higher, the 2nd release of paradigma records. The french producer presents a talented work full of energy and good mood. The ep starts with a melodic dark track - Higher - with makes an introduction to this release the best way it can be. Than you have Memory, my favourite... Contains all the rythm, breaks, variations and construction that i like to appreciate in a music so it's a fabulous one! It should be amazing on the dancefloors. Blowbass ends the ep the best way possible... smoothly but always with that feeling that we all like to have when we are listening a nice music! Be aware to this very promissing producer! Release nr 2 on paradigma musik

a1 - Higher
b1 - Memory
b2 - Blowbass

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