Andrea Gentile & Diego Capri - Thirty Ep

It’s always a special pleasure to present a new release on Einmaleins. This label will probably be considered the best of the year, their releases seem to be unique, always full of quality, exploring another sides of this kind of music. This time they invited Andrea Gentile & Diego Capri to show out their skills. The duo from Rome producers has been in the scene for two years now and in fact have been doing pretty good things. Thirty Ep is a deep dark minimal kind of album, highly detailed production, perfect musical harmony. They started this with “Gigrobot” introducing us to their dark environments. Its a track that grows gradually, step by step, with an interesting recycling after the breaks. I’s quite mysterious and we just can’t predict whats coming next! On the flipside we got other two enjoyable tracks: “Doubletruck” is another one of those stripped down minimal techno tunes that we like so much here in minimaland. All the things are done with low synths and low beats, giving you an atmosphere of fear and seduction till the end. Dark! “Reakone” closes down this Ep with a higher techno feeling, not as minimal as the others, but more powerful and neurotic, perfect to demanding dancefloors. Enjoy!

a1 - Gigrobot
b1 - Boubletruck
b2 - Reakone

Rls Date: 01.12.2008

Marco Carola - Bloody Cash Ep

The Italian Techno producer born in Naples is one of those guys that decided to put an end in his hardtechno productions and run through more deep minimal patterns. Marco Carola has already edited a few Ep’s in this new condition and he is easily achieving great success. Bloody Cash Ep it’s definitely his most brilliant release on Plus 8 records presenting four blasting tracks that will make wonders in the dancefloors. The release has 4 quality tracks that bet on great level of synths and some keyboard riff’s going along with some trendy beats creating an unique dance flow… that’s exactly what happens in the first track, “Bloody Cash”, flawless track, unstoppable rhythm, huge tech mnml construction. b side track is “Serins”, going through a different environment, clearly more electronic, but also with a pretty good double kick. Lot’s of snares, ups and downs, amazing groove!
There’s two digital onyl tracks, the first is my favorite of the all release - “Pampero” - build step by step, it presents a classic Carola bassline. It’s surely a perfect Dj Tool, a easy-going track to rise the moods among the dancefloor. Finally Carola takes a “Long Jump” into a resilient growing groove with some pretty good tools. Beats & more beats… a great work where Carola confirms his position in the scene. Now, let the dancefloor dance… pure medicine!

a1 - Bloody Cash
b1 - Serin
Pampero - Digital only
Long Jump - Digital only

Plus 8#104
Rls Date: 26.11.2008

Starbug - Hummelbar

Starbug is the (recent) project that I suggest to our readers today. I have few info’s on this one, I read they are the new hot stuff from one of the hidden champs of the Rhein-Main-Area on the recent electronic circuit. They might be hidden but they have been doing some great productions and all of them have been released on their own label - Starbugs Recordings. This Ep is their 6th release and has already been supported by producers like Luciano, Villalobos, Dan Curtin, Barem and Matt Star, among others. It’s really a cool tech minimal project with some stylish tribal tendencies. “Hummelbar” is composed by three flavored club tunes. a1 track is a massive one, with some great basslines around a deep tribal construction that shows all the quality that this guys have. Next it’s “Reine Nervensache” - b1 - that shows up… a perfect tool to every Dj with a quite good rhythm, some low level synths and a somehow neurotic construction. The last track is “Zoink” and I must say that it’s quite a way to end this Ep. I immediately fell in love for this one… the construction goes step by step, the beat is very good and the bassline huge. Pumpy, highly detailed, minimal techno cuts that will have a massive effect on the dancefloors.
Brilliant, seductive minimal project with all the inputs to be one of the best in the scene! We expect a great future to this Starbug releases. Not to loose out of sight!

a1 - Hummelbar
b1 - Reine Nervensache
b2 - Zoink

Rls Date: 17.11.2008

Delete & Colmenares - Sirve?

Sirve? Ep is a collaboration between Venezuelan producers Sergio Muñoz a.k.a Delete & his friend Miguel Colmenares. Both artists got together for a couple of sessions in the concrete jungle that is Caracas and the result was a weird but groovy collection of sounds showings us the best Latin flavors of the mnml market. If you know Delete from previous works you might remind some weird disturbed sounds like Frankie and that kind of genre… this Ep is not about that kind of music, it’s softer, turned up to minimal patterns, just as we like it. “Si sirve” is a shuffled-groove track with many different elements that somehow fit together, this reminds me a lot Ricardo Villalobos tracks presented in his 2004 album Thé Au Harem D’Archimède. “No sirve” on the other hand is a straighter track with a strong analogue feel. “Si sirve” gets the remix treatment by Easy Changes - one of our favorites - who offer a straight-up dancefloor approach that slowly builds into a massive groove, the construction of the track is purely amazing, straight minimal roots while pompelmoessap deliver a big room concoction of their own for those in need of a darker version of the original - our fav track of the Ep. rounding up the release is a final remix on the experimental tip with quit quite quick’s rendition of “si sirve”. Minimaland recommends it to all the fans of Villalobos productions! Released on Produkt Schallplatten

01. Si Sirve (Original Mix)
02. No Sirve (Original Mix)
03. Si Sirve (Easy Changes Remix)
04. Si Sirve (Pampelmoessap Remix)

Rls Date: 16.11.2008

Paul Brtschitsch & Cio D'or - Aroma Ep

Paul Brtschitsch is a Berlin resident and has been producing since 1997. He is one of those genuine German producers that we so much appreciate! He had some great releases during the past years, most of them on Frisbee Tracks, one of the greatest labels ever in this kind of music.
In this release he teamed up with Cio D’or, a young talent that has already had some references in our blog due to some nice productions. Her first steps in music were playing congas in a jazz band at 17, from there she started to develop a refined taste in music and soon she appeared among the German techno scene. From there on she became one of Germany finest Djs and now she has been showing some production skills.
Aroma Ep - released on Broque - shows all their skills. This release presents some of the finest music i listened for a while. It starts with “Safran”, a pure underground track with that kind of rhythm that can’t make you stop, the bassline is up to level and the neurotic synths in the back makes it perfect. Also a reference to the construction, the sounds keep entering in the right place, just adding more and more to it. Amazing performance! Next “Ginger” appears showing up another kind of flow. This one turns up to deep roots chilling out the moods. Its a nice tune, turns well on sunny morning flavours. Ending up there’s sort of an experimental track - “kurkuma”- with three minutes, a spooky one perfect to a soundtrack.
Highly recommended.

1 - Safran
2 - Ginger
3 - Kurkuma

Rls Date: 03.11.2008

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