Heartthrob vs Troy Pierce & Gaiser - MVS1

Released 20 days ago... i just couldn't not post it here! You must have listened this musics already in m_nus dj sets but they are finally out. Heartthrob worked both with Gaiser and Troy Pierce and the result was brillian. A1 side is pure minimal, going so deep with awesome reverbs always with ups and downs that just don't let you stop, a master piece worked with Troy Pierce. In the b side you have another perfect music! just minimal all the way, nasty girl has the 4/4 rythm that we like, the construction is brilliant and it has all those little elements that we like to listen in a music. Just keeping the flow going on.Always present in hawtins or magda set's:) Release nr 47 on m_nus records

a1 - Heartthrob vs Troy Pierce - House Nation Amended
b1 - Heartthrob vs Gaiser - Nasty Girl


Gino's and Snake - Automaton

Press release:
" after the big support of holden, bodzin and dahlbaeck it's now time for the official release from the two french men gino's and snake. you will definitively hear their influences being part of the surrounding of oxia and the hacker. this ep is 100% made for the dance floor. the three tracks are hot!, damned hot! playlist by oxia, the hacker, monoroom,..."

I agree with the dancefloor part... it's perfect to a great night! My fav release this week, and there's been some good ones like Tigerskin - Fresco or new Wrume's work at Freud Am Tanzen. back to the ep, the three tracks are so perfect, non ending moments, deep uprising journeys... great emotions. Automaton - a1 track - describes it all. Release nrº 12 on Voltage Musique Records

a1 - Automaton
b1 - Borderline
b2 - The Grudge

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