Let's Go Outside - I'll Lick Your Spine Ep

Somewhere between techno, minimal and electro we find the 4th release - and the best one - of Pnuma records, sublabel of Soma Records. "I'll lick your spine" is the first release of Let's Go Outside aka Stephen Schieberl - Portland based producer - and it has been on the tracklists of guys like Move D and Ricardo Villalobos. The smooth techy feeling of this music with it's calm beats along with that female subtle voice melts me down completely... The remix of repeat repeat add's to the original a more trendy electro feeling, making it suitable to the dancefloor rooms with's it's darker bass and leveled construction. Don't miss this one!
I'll pull your air, I'll Lick your spine, I'll put my hands everywhere, I'll make you mine..

a1 - I'll Lick Your Spine
b1 - I'll Lick Your Spine (Repeat Repeat rmx)


Easy Changes - Magic Tunes Ep

Getting down to basics again i present to you Easy Changes :) When i saw it was a FoundSound release i knew it had to be good. But i wasn't expecting so much from this one. Sil and Denis Guttersnipe aka Easy Changes of Moscow, Russia began producing minimal techno in 2005 and after two netreleases this is possibly their 1st great achieve. All the three tracks are great presenting a great knowledge of how to do simple and top music. "Hungry Wood" is a nice dark tune and "Eggplant 04" presents a smoother minimal track. My favourite of this release is "Magic Tunes" beggining with a stroke of powerfull bass and then leading it through a great journey of what the best you can have in this kind of music. Just going and going through it's 8 minutes of unexpected pleasures. Great release, don't miss this magical tunes.

a1 - Magic Tunes
b1 - Hungry Wood
b2 - Eggplant 04

Beroshima - Horizon Ep

Release nr 38 on Cocoon Recordings by Beroshima, Berlim based producer. Great Ep, nice & different. Horizon is being played by Michael Mayer among others. It's a great old school feeling track, full of explosions in a awesome melodical environment. Some say this is one of the worst's cocoon releases... well,what i have to say it's that this one is not their style, but it just can't be considered as a bad one. Horizon is fabulous and the remix of Pig and Dan just has it to the high standards of minimal music.
Rythm non stop, nice growing paths, a underground beat and there you go... a tripped track, keeping the melodic aspect and just enancing it to a techy level! This remix just fullfills the original one. Nice melodic release brought by the label of the great Sven Vath

a1 - Horizon
b1 - Horizon (Pig & Dan rmx)


Dusty Kid - Anatome EP

Label: Boxer
Catalog#: BOXER 51

a1 - Kore
b1 - Psika


Spektre - Clone Ep

Spektre are Paul Maddox & Richard Wakley two Uk producers. This is their fourth release, and in my point of view, the best one. Dark music, great bass lines... nice construction, trippy loops, and so much more. After the release of Tigerskin - Heterefon , Heimatmelodie accomplish their 2nd great Ep... my guess is that they are definitely a very promissing label. the a-side clone is full of those things i pointed before, a great music. But the B side - Chiral - is something more. You have to listen this non-endless paths of poisoned music. Just kicking it up to the best.
In so many things i listened this days, this one was, without any doubt, the most different and interesting one! respect!!!

a1 - Clone
b1 - Chiral


Jason Emsley - Inept Starlet EP

A great ep produced by Jason Emsley with 2 excelent musics. "P.H.I.A.P.O.S that will make you loose your marbles on the dancefloor around 6am..... " and "Parasite" is a strong music, with its perfect rythmn having an incredible power in the cerebral mechanism. A growing with long steps but very well defined.
Catalog#: PLATZHIRSCH 13

minimize 07.7

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hi.. music won't stop, unfortunatelly i'm full of lame works to do - less time to listen music - but here are some of my favourites of the month. Just a few bombs thrown up in the air! keep the feeling going ... 'till the better days


Paul Ritch - Nordbanhof

Catalog#: Minisketch 05
b1 - Murder

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