Spektre - Clone Ep

Spektre are Paul Maddox & Richard Wakley two Uk producers. This is their fourth release, and in my point of view, the best one. Dark music, great bass lines... nice construction, trippy loops, and so much more. After the release of Tigerskin - Heterefon , Heimatmelodie accomplish their 2nd great Ep... my guess is that they are definitely a very promissing label. the a-side clone is full of those things i pointed before, a great music. But the B side - Chiral - is something more. You have to listen this non-endless paths of poisoned music. Just kicking it up to the best.
In so many things i listened this days, this one was, without any doubt, the most different and interesting one! respect!!!

a1 - Clone
b1 - Chiral

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