Niederflur - Typo Ep

Niederflur (Christopher Bleckmann & Hannes Wenner duo), debuted on M_nus label, and only by itself these five simple words (MINUS) make music panorama crumble when a new Ep is arriving from their Headquarters. So, judging Niederflur’s debut on M_nus label it’s like judging angel’s sex. It’s a quality add-on fact. What to say about Niederflur - Typo EP? Well… It’s really hard to find an Ep that goes on all the spectrum of the techno/minimal-techno genre with this level of quality. Let’s put in dj language… you put this Ep in your bag and in every point of your set you have a mix for it, from the top to the bottom, from the hypnotic to the progressive, you choose! Reviewing, Typo is typical techno bassed with a trip appearing on the horizon that goes on and on till the end with the bass derivable to the harmony trip. Iso goes minimal tripy, details and confused/clean highs leading to some kind of trance. In all the musics the bass is always niederflur. What’s niederflur basses? Richie Hawtin called them “basslines from hell”! Led is my favourite one, a lot to the hypnotic drives. The bass is melted, reverbed and hypnotic, and the construction follows that path, in a very minimal reverbed bass hypnotic way. Amp (one of the digital releases), is a really good progressive one, ideal if you want to keep the stage, or start the top peek. Finally , Pvc (the other digital release), I’ll call it minimal electro techno. Fits electro sets, fits techno sets, and fits minimal sets needing some variation to a good side. Really great sound games with a electronic computerized sound creating a disabled addictive harmony. I’ll consider this a don’t miss Ep. Haves great quality, great grooves, great sample games, great variations… Doesn’t have a track that will be the one of the year, but for sure all these five tracks will be in the best sets of this year. It’s a great quality “all-terrain” Ep. 8/10

1 TYPO (7:19)
2 ISO (6:01)
3 LED (6:12)
4 AMP (5:39)

5 PVC (5:24)

Release date: 09/07/2008


Simone Tavazzi - Cloud

This is one of the Eps that couldn't be forgotten here in Minimaland. "Cloud" is one of the most talked releases of this month, it's success is tremendous! Simone Tavazzi aka Delysid 25 is an Italian producer trying to make his way to the top! This Ep is already supported by guys like Matt John, Xpansul, Mark Henning, Fabrizio Maurizi, Someone Else, Luciano Esse and Renato Figoli. The release comes with 3 superb tracks - the original and the remixes by Butane and Danilo Carboni.
In the A side you have a killer techno track - like this label seems to like - with a high rhythm, pretty good bass level and a strong groovy beat, unstoppable! So... expect a dancefloor turn on. This typical italian kind of production makes us all cry out for more. In the b side you have it, Butane remix presents us a minimal version of "Cloud", reminding us the typical deep constructions that we so much appreciate here in our blog - low synths, step-by-step construction and a tremendous bassline, perfect to be listened in a pleasant morning. Finally you have Danilo Carboni remix, a Kleptomaniac funky style, making an even more powerful interpretation of the original. When I saw this release i thought that this track was going to be the weakest link but I was totally wrong - this is such a great groove, perfect to be listened in the first ours of the night.
It's in fact an excellent Ep that you should have in your collection. Release number 5 on Renovatio Records, a record that is known by their support to emerging Italian producers.

a1 - Cloud
b1 - Cloud (Butane remix)
b2 - Cloud (Danilo Carboni Cleptomania remix)

Rls Date: 30.06.2008


Ellen Allien - Elphine (remixes)

Ellen Fratz is one of our favourite producers. She began her career in 1995 and since that date she didn't stop any more, always maintaining a pretty good level. All her major productions have been released on Bpitch Control and this is not an exception.
Elphine is one of the tracks that were most talked about concerning to Ellen Allien's last Album - Sool (Bpitch175) released last May. To celebrate all it's success the Bpitch Control guys decided to launch a 12" of it inviting Zander Vt, Troy Pierce and Louderbach to remix it.
So, in the A side you have the original track released last may and the remix of Zander Vt. For those who don't know the original I strongly recommend it! It's one of those tracks that can't get out of your head, very smooth, with pretty good vocals and an incredible deep soul. In Zander Vt's remix you get a higher rhythm, a stronger bass and the same feeling of the first. Fritz Zander and Sven Von Thülen are the duo behind the name and they didn't messed it up. The remix is quite enjoyable and perfect to the dancefloors. Pumpy! Next we have the American Troy Pierce! I don't need to introduce him to you, you all know his work... i hope! In this remix he doesn't let his reputation fail. When the track begins you immediately understand that this one is going trough another roads. The beat is huge, with a gigantic bass line and an acid rhythm that makes you wonder... how does he do it!? When you start to listen the Ellien's vocal in the back with all those trippy effects and strong neurotic lines you realise: this is what music should always be! Finally you have Louderbach's release, he takes Elphine to darker and calmer lines always with quality above the average...
After the remixes of "Mango", Bpitch presents us another great pack of remixes, this time of "Elphine".A Must Have!

a1 -
a2 -
Elphine (Zander Vt remix)
b1 -
Elphine (Troy's One Eyed JAK remix)

Rls Date: 18.08.2008


TG aka Tim Green - Mr Dry

Trapez are back to their basics!
Tim Green is the featured artist on their 90th edition and I can say to you that he managed to do a very good work on this one! We were already missing this kind of work that Trapez normally brings us so this release gave us all that we hoped for! This producer, based in London, has released most of his work on Four:Twenty Records and now he presents us two groovy tracks, made to make everyone dance! In The A side we have "Mr Dry" that starts very gently only with a small beat but once the elements start entering into the music it doesn't stop any more! It's a track with a great bassline, a perfect flow and some neurotic dark elements to drive your head into the other side! I normally don't like voices in the songs but this one has a spooky acapella that fits very well in it so it's another turn on for this great track! In the B side don't expect less... "Glow Worm" brings even more power and enthusiasm! I confess that this one is my favorite... it has an explosive beat and such an incredible rhythm, and in the middle of the track the feelings turn even more aggressive and than you will feel in techy heaven !For you that used to like Trapez releases, i really advice you to listen this one. It has all that we normally require in music and you will surely like it. Great British production.

a1 - Mr Dry
b1 - Glow Worm

Rls Date: 07.08.2008


Amê mixes Fabric 42. Exclusive Minimaland.com Interview

Fabric 42 will be released on 15 September and the featured artist mixing this cd is the duo Âme, known by their major hit "rej". I already listened this next Fabric release and i can tell you that is pretty good! We gathered with them for an enjoyable interview!

Quenum - Vault Elements

The French Philippe Quenum has released over 70 records during his 10 years as a producer. He also is one of the founders of Num Records - considered by many one of the best labels in this kind of music. Although I never posted anything from him, I always follow his productions and he is one the guys that I most respect. In his first release of 2008 he presents us an unique piece of simplicity and good taste. The Ep starts with "Lousiane", a 2 minutes track where he explores different experimental environments. Than the show really starts with the awesome "Venice After The Rain"! This piece of art starts very gently with a deep bass and some sweet chords and it goes on and on always in a peaceful tone. As the name suggests, it fits perfectly to a Rainy day... it's a bit sad in the beginning but in the middle of the music the moods change and it develops to a groovier side. Great music! Next the disturbed "Vault Elements" presents us a different state of mind, with minimalism signs all over it - dry beat, weird chords, perfect constructions and a great rhythm. This will make wonders in the dancefloors. The music has also a 4th track - Mokossa - that is only available in Digital Format. I listened it and I can tell you that it's also a very nice club groove, but not what he like here in minimaland Vault Elements was released on Thema, label based in New York. If you are a music lover and like to listen some of best old school techno producers you can't miss this Ep.

a1 - Lousiane
a2 - Venice After The Rain
b1 - Vaul Elements

Rls Date: 03.08.2008


Daniel Mehlhart - Origami

Daniel Mehlhart, a young producer with just 22 years old, with plenty of works edited by labels like Karmarouge, Neuton or even FOEM CREMA, presents a record, for the first time, on Kindisch. Origami is an original name to a disc dedicated to melodic minimal, something that goes through his career. "Origami" has a small melodic essence, pretty oriental. "Alles klar Alles easy" doesn't miss the rule on the small melodic particles, but this music is much more worked in terms of development and growth step by step. Times well defined, with an excellent break doing the natural recycling of the music "Fata Morgana" gives an incredible will to balance, cause of it's intermittent cranky percussions. One African connection noticed through the music by a minimal vocal and it's own tribal waves." Nebelschwaved"(digital only) will certainly be listened at all those dancefloors around the world. Well developed, melody always involved, excellent to a full sun morning!

Label: Kindisch
Catalog#: KD 017

a1 - origami
- alles klar alles easy
- fata morgana
digital track
- nebelschwaved


Sascha Funke - Mango Remixes

Mango of one of the best works launched by Sascha Funke. His album with the same name was released last February on Bpitch Control and now it was time to do some remixes of this great success! This fantastic label doesn't know how to let us down and, to maintain the high level of the original music they invited three producers that have a doubtless reputation!
In the first side we get to listen a re-work from Stefan Kozalla aka Dj Koze's. His Pink Moon remix is one of a kind getting you through different waves along the music... it starts very smoothly and in the middle of the music it has a break and than the rude dry beats starts doing it's effect! This is a brilliant dark remix, able to make you fly through different coloured moons. If the a-side is good don't expect different in the other... Superpitcher and Tobias Thomas throw in a spectacular old school mix, very intense and catchy, full of positive energies. In fact, it couldn't go wrong with this two guys, they have been in the scene for a couple of years and their skills are recognised by everyone.
Don't expect pumpy music in this release, this is the truest German style, directly made to hit he mind, to fly away and hopefully never get back! Release nr 180 on Bpitch Control, remembering one of their best launches of the year: Sascha Funke - Mango.

a1 - Mango (Dj Koze's Pink Moon remix)
b1 - Mango (Tobia Thomas & Superpitcher's Como Mango Version)

Rls Date: 04.08.2008


Nick Curly - Dubnoise Ep

Every new season we seem to acquire new tastes, new flavours and passions. In musical terms, in the last 3 or 4 months, Cecille Records has represented all those sensations to me. They brought up, in their first two releases, two of my favourite producers at the moment - Lemos and Kreon - and since then I've been paying a dedicated attention to every release this awesome label has! In their 6th Ep they managed to have one of their founders to follow up their pack of releases. This guy has been in the scene for like a decade now and but he only started to produce back in 2005 and now he creates to his own label. Dubnoise Ep it's his 5th release in this year and it's a pretty good rally of deep minimal touches. This release has been played in the dancefloors by guys like Richie Hawtin, Loco Dice, Raresh, Johnny D, André Galluzzi and Gregor Tresher among others, it has 3 nice musics, all of them perfectly produced.
In the A-Side the German presents us "Happy Five" and "Dubnoise" - the first one has a fine groovy beat with lots of fresh sounds perfectly suitable for the summer and the second bets more on deep flavours, twisted and tripped sounds and on a dub beat that will delight all of you. Finally, in the B-Side, we have a delightful "Somewhere in Berlin" that will surprise you by it's dry beat and a tremendous hypnotic deep groove turning this music into the most fitful to my standards. So people, this is a "not to miss" Ep, if you are interested into this things more than the ordinary people, please buy it, listen it, whatever... just don't stay out of it! Mind blowing sounds and deep grooves it's what Cecille Records has been giving to us, and this is not an exception... hope you enjoy!

a1 - Happy Five
a2 - Dubnoise
b1 - Somewhere in Berlin

Rls Date: 31.07.2008

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