TG aka Tim Green - Mr Dry

Trapez are back to their basics!
Tim Green is the featured artist on their 90th edition and I can say to you that he managed to do a very good work on this one! We were already missing this kind of work that Trapez normally brings us so this release gave us all that we hoped for! This producer, based in London, has released most of his work on Four:Twenty Records and now he presents us two groovy tracks, made to make everyone dance! In The A side we have "Mr Dry" that starts very gently only with a small beat but once the elements start entering into the music it doesn't stop any more! It's a track with a great bassline, a perfect flow and some neurotic dark elements to drive your head into the other side! I normally don't like voices in the songs but this one has a spooky acapella that fits very well in it so it's another turn on for this great track! In the B side don't expect less... "Glow Worm" brings even more power and enthusiasm! I confess that this one is my favorite... it has an explosive beat and such an incredible rhythm, and in the middle of the track the feelings turn even more aggressive and than you will feel in techy heaven !For you that used to like Trapez releases, i really advice you to listen this one. It has all that we normally require in music and you will surely like it. Great British production.

a1 - Mr Dry
b1 - Glow Worm

Rls Date: 07.08.2008


Anonymous said...

Mr Dry is one the best songs on my pc. Thx

Anonymous said...

Not all that.

Bear said...

great tune. Do you know where I can find a set with this tune in it?



Morgan Sully said...

LOVE this track too. Heard it at a place in Oakland, CA and simply had to go and find it. I made a mix with it in it. Remixed a bit at the end of the track to mix into another one of my favorite tracks. Comes in at about 2:47...


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