Nick Curly - Dubnoise Ep

Every new season we seem to acquire new tastes, new flavours and passions. In musical terms, in the last 3 or 4 months, Cecille Records has represented all those sensations to me. They brought up, in their first two releases, two of my favourite producers at the moment - Lemos and Kreon - and since then I've been paying a dedicated attention to every release this awesome label has! In their 6th Ep they managed to have one of their founders to follow up their pack of releases. This guy has been in the scene for like a decade now and but he only started to produce back in 2005 and now he creates to his own label. Dubnoise Ep it's his 5th release in this year and it's a pretty good rally of deep minimal touches. This release has been played in the dancefloors by guys like Richie Hawtin, Loco Dice, Raresh, Johnny D, André Galluzzi and Gregor Tresher among others, it has 3 nice musics, all of them perfectly produced.
In the A-Side the German presents us "Happy Five" and "Dubnoise" - the first one has a fine groovy beat with lots of fresh sounds perfectly suitable for the summer and the second bets more on deep flavours, twisted and tripped sounds and on a dub beat that will delight all of you. Finally, in the B-Side, we have a delightful "Somewhere in Berlin" that will surprise you by it's dry beat and a tremendous hypnotic deep groove turning this music into the most fitful to my standards. So people, this is a "not to miss" Ep, if you are interested into this things more than the ordinary people, please buy it, listen it, whatever... just don't stay out of it! Mind blowing sounds and deep grooves it's what Cecille Records has been giving to us, and this is not an exception... hope you enjoy!

a1 - Happy Five
a2 - Dubnoise
b1 - Somewhere in Berlin

Rls Date: 31.07.2008


Techno Music said...

Great label.. i love cecille.

Anonymous said...

great label ;)

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