Luciano Pizzella - Pavlov Said

In this last few times I've been addicted to two Eps... one was already posted (Lee Jones - Aria) and it's time to show you the second one. Luciano Pizzella is the responsable for this great work. "Pavlov Said" makes me remember the better days.. the feeling it carries, the emotion it brings, it will all enhance your mood and spirit. Despite my great friend Francis doesn't like it, all i can say is that this one will inspire the most of you. It's a deep, deep music with a perfect construction charged by a great melody... The remix made by Daso will fulfill all the dancefloor needs, it has a 180º change, but it's also very good. The melody has only small appearances, before and after it's all hard and rough! The original music is the reason of this post. Like once Pavlov defended, the typical procedure for inducing classical conditioning involves presentations of a neutral stimulus along with a stimulus of some significance, in this case the neutral stimulus would be the beat and construction and the significant one would be the melody. This Ep will condition your deepest thoughts! Music directed to the soul! Pavlov said and will continue to say! Released by Dogtown Belgium...
tks niki :P

a1 - Pavlov Said...
b1 - Pavlov Said (Daso remix)


Exercise One - Intensity

It was being difficult to arrange an Exercise One release that I'd like... Despite being one of my favorite artists their last releases weren't that good... but this time, at mobilee records, Marco Freivogel & Ingo Gansera created a fantastic Ep. "Intensity", a side track, has all the condiments to be perfect at the dancefloors.. It has a minimal start and than it goes evolving to minimal techno standards. The rhythm is constructed with a powerful bass line presented in a spectacular beat... on and on 'till the end! Far from any doubt's... the best music i heard from this guys in a long time. In the b side the Berlin duo developed a deeper track, not as groovy as the other, but still.. a good and nice track. "Ceremony" might not attract you in the first times but, in the end, you will notice that this is a good hypnotic minimal puncher! Nice acid melody after 3.44minutes and than the Ceremony begins... wow! This one had to be released by Mobilee Records, one of the greatest labels of our times.


a1 - Intensity
b1 - Ceremony


Lee Jones - Aria

Lee Jones (member of My My) is a German producer, based in Berlin. This Ep might be his greatest work. Aria - a side track - is a deep feelings music charged with a strong melody and a nice minimal environment. Despite not being made directly to hit the dancefloors this music as all the possibilities of being mixed by the most genuine guys. I listen so many strange and different things but in the end it's the simplicity and good taste that moves me... this is the strongest example of subtleness. The Tiger Stripes remix is more powerful, with more boost. Nevertheless the melody remains as it was and the basic feelings are also there. So if you want to play this Ep on the decks you might choose this remix... it's as good as the first but with more intensity. You can see the quality of the remixer in this one. Why? Cause he remixed but he kept the main arguments there, so it's a perfect one! Released by Aus Music, it's already one of the Ep's of the year... Two great musics, choose your favorite and don't stop listening to it... see you all next week!

a1 - Aria
b1 - Aria (Tiger Stripes remix)


Allan Villar - Los Tonidos

Villar is back with another piece of amusement and good taste. "Los Tonidos" follows the same standards of "Trece", his first release that we liked so much here in mnmland. This 6 track Ep offers you strong bass lines, some neuroticism and an exquisite deep production able to lead you to great moments in the dancefloors, reminding you what latin flavors are meant to. "Centavos" is a nice funky one with a very good groove, genious. "Bloeiduur" is probably my favorite... this one pushes the limits to another level presenting to you a dark tripped environment. What a music! "Notlrac" is also a great production, it's surely more calm but as efficient as the others. Step-by-step construction with a perfect grow path. The remix made by Hector Pizarro is pretty good, pure minimal. Mike Wallace's (manager's label) one turned out to be much better than the original adding a nice set of samples and a funkier rhythm. Released by Toppaz Digital. We will be following this man's career, see how he keeps it up! For now... so far so good!

1 - Centavos
2 - Bloeiduur
3 - De Luxe
4 - Notlrac
5 - Centavos (Hector Pizarro)
6 - De Luxe (Mike Wallace)


Greenbeam & Leon - Monochromatic

Today's release is dedicated to full power minimal techno. Greenbeam & Leon are two guys from Georgia (!) and if you are looking for meltdown night rhythms you have to listen this Ep. "Monochromatic" is the best produced track of the album. Rough beats, great bass line and traditional minimal constructions in a non stopping music. Be carefull when you listen it, you have to be with hunger for power... if your not, don't bother! "Weekend" continues with the fever rising up, another techno puncher. To ease up the things a little bit "Bullhead" ends the ep. It's a more calm music, with a nice deep beat able to remind you guys like Alex Under or Luca Baccheti. Very very good. In fact, this duo made an excellent pumpy album and i'm sure that you - like me - didn't knew them yet. Their previous release was on unfoundsound (netlabel of foundsound) so you can take a free pick at it and see how they developed since then. Released by Piso Record, available only in digital.

1 - Monochromatic
2 - Weekend
3 - Bullhead


Extrawelt - Dist Theme

Dist Theme, the long awaited Ep from Extrawelt is finally out! The first release with the German duo - Arne Schaffhausen & Wayan Raabe - at Kompass Musik couldn't be better. A-side music (my favorite) can trick us up, it starts with a 4x4 beat, completely dry, that goes on and on and you start to imagine they aren't going anywhere... but then the melody rises and the story gains another feeling, the mixture between different styles like progressive trance and minimal techno ends up in a brilliant music. I didn't like the 2nd music that much but it's also a fine production with a nice groove directed to early hours in the night! "Yeah But No But Yeah", the last one, is absolutely insane. This one evolves to minimal techno standards with a melancholic melody coming along with it. It's a bit disturbing, but very well produced. Anyway it's a very nice release by one of our favorite artists in a label that, until now, gave us only brilliant releases!

a1 - Dist Theme
b1 - No But Yeah But No
b2 - Yeah But No But Yeah

Ricardo Villalobos - Enfants

I begin this post by deeply regreting the mistake i`ve done in the "Emil Lassaria" post. This happened, because i`ve made the post before the release. In addition, "Ricardo Villalobos" plays the music entitled "Copiii Lui Luciano". Therefore, i thought, as many others, that it was thist young producer to launch it. Yet, the real ep of "Ricardo Villalobos" only now was released, entitled "Enfants". Consequently, the one from "Emil Lassaria" is false and according to some official blogs this is not the first time that this young producer tries to copy and profit from the work of others.
Again, i deeply regret the mistake, and state the real ep from "Ricardo Villalobos"

A1. Enfants (Chants)
B1. Enfants (Tambours)


Donk Boys - Doozer Ep

Donk Boys are Thomas Jaldemark & Martin Abrahamsson - Sweden based - and Doozer is their last presentation. A good solid work released by Frankie Records, label from France. Despite not being a master piece, you can count on great grooves and some mad twisted touches that this label always seem to bet on! "Rufs" and "Vaseline on Toast" are my favorite ones. They are not overcharged with sounds, in fact they are quite sound hearing with simple and sophisticated production. About "Doozer" ... it can be the main key here for most of you. Why? Cause it has a five star construction, some neurotic and wicked sounds and a nice deep house beat. The rest of the ep is fine too, you will appreciate the groove of "Little Rat" (only on digital edition) and the rude beat of "Broke Steak". Don't count on bombastic music, this is a quiet deep minimal release. The quality and know how is there, let's hope this will be the engage of a great career for this Swedish fellows.

a1 - Doozer
a2 - Rufs
b1 - Broke Steak
b2 - Vaseline on Toast


Arne Weinberg - A True Story

First, congrats to Arne Weinberg and Matrix label for these great EP.
Second, The True Story EP was composed by 4 sound tracks of organic electronic music, and that will appeal to everyone who enjoys soul-moving attributes in the music.
Third, This is only promo EP.

Use preferentialy those tracks with louge people in a lounge place.
Side Efects:
Make people feel strange vibrations.

Enjoy it...

01.A True Story
02.Don't Look Back
04.Where Will We Arive

Joseph Capriati - Fuck On / Girotondo

Powerful 2-tracker with max dancefloor effect.
"Fuck on" is a proper funky minitechno rocker with spectral atmospheres and a vibrant bassline whilst "Girotondo" is mainly based on warm chords, a deep bass and fired twists.

Great realease...

A1. Fuck on
B1. Girotondo


V.A. - Soniculture 008

"Our most special dynamic duo, representing the chicago-lisbon connection, lighted the fire, and worked on a new recipe. mix plenty of groove with sophisticated synth lines, throw in a touch of acid and some extra spices. Pump it all up and we are finally ready for the action. available soon at a dancefloor near you. A2 - dalessandro & expander - "pump kin pie", jason emsley remix (6'07") known for his hot releases on platzhirsch, jason emsley brings his own recepe that he learned, back in the old days, in la. The result is a nice home-made blend of techno that includes perfect drumsets, the right touch of acid, and of course, the secret ingredient that makes him so special.
B1 - thinkfreak - "my good bug" (7'21") this is the new floor burner from thinkfreak, who, again, surprises us with a groovy minimal track charged with maximal energy and a synth line that come in at exactly the right time to provide us with the perfect mood for madness. It's party time!"

Great work, from great dj`s, enjoy it...

A1.Dalessandro & Expander - Pump Kin Pie
A2.Dalessandro & Expander - Pump Kin Pie (Jason Emsley Remix)
B1.Thinkfreak - My Good Bug


Popof - Summer on Mars Ep

Hi guys. It's time to talk about one of the biggest promises in the future of minimal world. Despite his "eastern" name, Alexander Paounov is from Paris and I can say to you that all of his releases are very good. This Ep starts with a f*ckin "Bitchy Groove", a pure minimal delicious music full of ups and downs and non stopping rhythm. A track directly produced to fulfill the dancefloor needs! In the B side we have two melodic tracks. Both of them are capable to destroy a life of deep strong feelings. "Toxic Love" is an Oxia track, if I may say so... it has the intensity, the seduction and the variance of emotions. Brilliant! "Summer on Mars" keeps the things directed to the soul. I love this one, it reminds me beginning of all this musical traditions. It's not very demanding but it has a pure melodic harmony - trancy stuff - that delighted me in every way it could. 3 Brilliant tracks to mark our first post dedicated to mr. Popof. I predict a tremendous future to this producer. Released by Notorious Elektro, from Germany.

a1 - Bitchy Groove
b1 - Toxic Love
b2 - Summer on Mars


Alter Ego - First Time In Portugal

Roman Fluegel and Joern Elling Wuttke came together as a production team in the late 80s after both collecting valuable music experience from previously being in various bands.
In 1993 they have allready released several maxi singles and an album under the pseudonym ACID JESUS. Later that year they changed their name to ALTER EGO. The first ALTER EGO EP appeared in 1994 on SVEN VAETHS HEARTHOUSE label, wich was at the time, one the most pioneering labels from germany.
Most recently, in March 2004, the massive single ROCKER was realeased to give a taste of their new album TRANSPHORMER which came out in May 2004 and got the worldwide attention.
With the help of SKINT RECORDS, ALTER EGO have been nominated for diverse top positions in various music magazines, such as:

GROOVE, best track; best album, best liveact;
RAVELINE, best track; best producer.

They are also nominated at the DANCE AWARD in march 2005.

In February 2008, they come for the first time to Portugal, organized by SONIC CULTURE, from the great EXPANDER.

22.02.08 LUX - LISBOA

Two Amazing productions from ALTER EGO

01. Alter Ego - Gary (Original)
02. Alter Ego - Why Not (Original)

"Why Not" was played by ATA in the end of ANTI-POP MUSIC FESTIVAL 2007, and that can be remembered on youtube - ATA@ANTI-POP MUSIC FESTIVAL (PART1)

Great weekend, we will be there...

Miniimum 01.08

My choice to start 2008

01. Ellen Allien & Apparat - Floating Points
02. SCSI 9 - Flight Mode
03. Apparat - Arcadia
04. Juergens - Love It
05. Miss Kittin - Pollution Of The Mind
06. Microcosm - Deneb
07. Guy J - Skin
08. Emil Lassaria - Copiii Lui Luciano
09. John Gaiser - Withdrawal
10. Super Flu - Brink

BTrack: Underworld - Beautiful Burnout

John Gaiser - Eye Contact

Another amazing ep produced by Jonh Gaiser.
A techno minimal style envolved all this great production, "Withdrawal" is an fantastic track, allready played by Magda and Troy Pierce, from M_nus.

Enjoy it and let you fly till the sunrise...

A1 Eye Contact
B1 Chlorine
B2 Sightblotch
C1 Wet Contents
D1 Out Of Sort
D2 Withdrawal

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