Popof - Summer on Mars Ep

Hi guys. It's time to talk about one of the biggest promises in the future of minimal world. Despite his "eastern" name, Alexander Paounov is from Paris and I can say to you that all of his releases are very good. This Ep starts with a f*ckin "Bitchy Groove", a pure minimal delicious music full of ups and downs and non stopping rhythm. A track directly produced to fulfill the dancefloor needs! In the B side we have two melodic tracks. Both of them are capable to destroy a life of deep strong feelings. "Toxic Love" is an Oxia track, if I may say so... it has the intensity, the seduction and the variance of emotions. Brilliant! "Summer on Mars" keeps the things directed to the soul. I love this one, it reminds me beginning of all this musical traditions. It's not very demanding but it has a pure melodic harmony - trancy stuff - that delighted me in every way it could. 3 Brilliant tracks to mark our first post dedicated to mr. Popof. I predict a tremendous future to this producer. Released by Notorious Elektro, from Germany.

a1 - Bitchy Groove
b1 - Toxic Love
b2 - Summer on Mars

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