Halland - Ginger Lynn

First release of Halland - aka Elias Landberg (Swedish Producer) - on the 8th Limited Series by Num records, label of Phil Quenum and Lee Van Dowski. A calm minimal Ep where "Lynn" is the main attraction. Detroit style all the way with a subtle growing during the music, a charge of neurotic loops and a great deep solid beat. What a seductive music. The A side - "Ginger" is also a great work imputing a perfect construction - step by step - where quality is above all. Smoother than the B side, but without any doubt, another master piece 8 minutes of excelent taste. Num records is getting quite good, always with top releases and this is not an exception.. two great dance floor tracks, minimal at it's best. Limited copies edition!

a1 - Ginger
b1 - Lynn

minimize 07.11

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Miss Fitz - Hawaii via Miami

2nd release of Maayan Nidam aka Miss Fitz, from Berlin, on Raum...Muzik - release 062. This girl bases her music on low synths, pure minimal beats, always with the company of fresh loops. Ricardo Villalobos is on of her greatest fans and for that offered Miss Fitz his services as a remixer. He made a long remix, as usual, with great effects and a strange vocal, adding his genious touch in every step of the music. Less deep than the a side, but perfect for the first hours of the minimal dance floors. This might be the 1st time that a remix of Villalobos isn't better than the original music.It's at the same level... brilliant and smooth work by both producers enhancing the idea that Berlin really is the main city of minimaland! Extreme fine production by Miss Fitz - both "Maternal" and "Glide Over" are huge tracks - giving us just what it takes to enjoy well defined music... and in the b side an endless journey through mr Villalobos thoughts and feelings. Don't count on pumpy tech house music, this is pure minimal... at it's high standard level

a1 - Menternal
b1 - Glide Over
b1 - Menternal (Ricardo Villalobos In the Pipe remix)


Ruede Hagelstein - dog vs dog III

Fuck Mondays

Label: Lebensfreude
log#: LFV 21

a - Fieser Mopp
b - Der Kammblaser

Cio D'or - Kimono

Cio D'or start producing in 2004, her debut album "Hokuspokus" on Treibstoff was rapidly into the charts. Since than, karmarouge was on of the labels that tooked her in and she launched a great success - with Gabriel Ananda - called "Lauschgoldengel". Now she is back with "Kimono" making her debut at Motoguzzi Records with three great tracks marked by deep patterned techno. Abstract music, dark and heavy beat, slow but genious growth during the music. At the first sight it might appear too minimalist, but if you listen it loud you'll see the great minimal techno that this album has. "Kimono" sounds like minus works, very hypnotic, great bass line guided by deep grooves. A work of art, in my humble opinion. Than you have "Fata Morgana" presenting the same minimal style, a bit more techno, not so pure as the 1st one. "Psst!" might be, for the most of you, the best track of the Ep. The resonant bass line along with a great percussion its evil stuff. Than, in the middle it appears a new bass line, more intense, saturated, with a stronger filter, just perfect... a deep dark techno bomb, just going and going 'till it takes you down! All the three tracks are very good, perfect to the dancefloors. The best release i heard this last 2 weeks :) ...enjoy

a1 - Kimono
b1 - Fata Morgana
b2 - Psst!


Peter Grummich - Fresh Air For Fresh People

Sick release from Peter Grummich - German based - on Karloff records, known by their sympathy for different music. I fell in love with the A side in the minute i put a hand into it! The tripped "Breezin" freshes up the air in a spectacular sense... the amazing dry techno beat along those disturbed sounds that just don't stop getting deep inside your head just full fills all this classy music. This is, in matter of facts, one of the best musics i heard in the last times. Heads will role when this hits the dance floor. Production at it's highest level, berlin stuff, dubby bass and deep neurotic behaviors. In the B side you have "Fresh Air for Fresh people", a great music also, more shaky, less disturbed... perfect bass, nice construction and there you have... simple classical dance music just to rise up your days, enjoy it!

a1 - Breezin
b1 - Breezin (Tool)
b2 - Fresh Air For Fresh People


Seph - Creeping Corazones

To end this week i'd like to get back to typical classic minimal patterns... So i picked up Seph's last album at Dumb-Unit called Creeping Corazones. This Argentinian guy that gain his reputation with some good releases at pretty honest netlabels made a wonderful work in this one. "Creep Take 2" is a 12 minute track surrounded by a dark environment that just don't stop coming and going... I can't get tired of it, it's subtle but shaky, dark but alive! Then in the 2nd track Seph team's up with Pablo Denegri creating a tripped minimal tune. Again a long length track, again a perfect construction during it... bumping till the end. Two Top tracks marking another great release by Dumb-Unit - number 40 - deep dark techno just keeping the feeling alive..

a1 - Seph - Creep Take 2
b1 - Seph & Pablo Denegri - Nozaroc


Mihalis Safras - I Need My Mom

Mihalis Safras has been the Greek producer with the most important action in the last year. In a week of spectacular albums I present to you "I Need My Mom"... Well if his mom listened this release she would definitely be very proud of him! True deep techno, this album is marked by three very disturbed bombs! Going around Detroit sounds in "I need My Mom" and then escaping to Berlim hypnotic minimal underground with "Cook N Garden" Safras show us how music can easily be so good. "Bongie" is my favourite one. Dark bass lines and pumpy beats that will leave you thrilled during all the way.. perfect if you like it simple, rough and deep. Release nr.9 on Syndikaat Records, techno label from the Netherlands.


Justin Martin - Nightowl

Justin Martin debut album for Buzzin' Fly.... This San Francisco - Usa based producer created a sick groove, somewhere between deep and tech house, filled by a tripped melody and great sub bass that launches us to a great ride. I heard Sven Vath playing this one and i fell in love with it in the same moment. This music will rip you up, it's perfect to the dance floor entusiasm. I must say every release of him has been great and for that he is one of the big guys here in the 6th floor! The Manoo (member of Rodamaal) & François A remix is more of the same... brilliant music, perfectly shaped in harmony and obviously bringing us the same great emotion. Suitable for the late after hours. This is a limited release, so if you want to buy it don't waste any time..

a - Nightowl
b - Nightowl (Manoo & François A remix)


Kolombo - Model Ep

Olivier Grégoire aka Kolombo is a Belgian artist and produced a perfect Model for Karate Klub - excellent German label - with the cooperation of mr Robert Babicz. The original one is a very pleasant track filled by smooth and deep minimal ways and by simple & genious melody. A great way to start a night... just going and going. Than you have Babicz remix, adding it more underground but keeping the feeling on! 11 minute length track taking it to incredible paths of enjoyment! A bit more funky, bit more shaky, worked up to full fill the dance floor motivations.
I must say i liked the both a lot... but the original has all those standards that i like to listen... Smooth brilliant release... another great one

a - Model (Robert Babicz remix)
b - Model (original)


Reggy Van Oers - Metza

Another excellent ep launched by trapez, this time produced by Reggy Van Oers(character that is unknown to me, but from now on will make part of our musical dictionary). This ep contains two very audible musics and they are both worked in the same sense. As "Cytric" as "Metza" have a great individual growth,many cautions and everything done in the right time. In "Cytric" we have the possibility to listen the "mad" voices in the back. A nice ep that is worth to be listened.

Label: Trapez LTD
Catalog#: TRAPEZLTD 58

a - Cytric
b - Metza

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