Seph - Creeping Corazones

To end this week i'd like to get back to typical classic minimal patterns... So i picked up Seph's last album at Dumb-Unit called Creeping Corazones. This Argentinian guy that gain his reputation with some good releases at pretty honest netlabels made a wonderful work in this one. "Creep Take 2" is a 12 minute track surrounded by a dark environment that just don't stop coming and going... I can't get tired of it, it's subtle but shaky, dark but alive! Then in the 2nd track Seph team's up with Pablo Denegri creating a tripped minimal tune. Again a long length track, again a perfect construction during it... bumping till the end. Two Top tracks marking another great release by Dumb-Unit - number 40 - deep dark techno just keeping the feeling alive..

a1 - Seph - Creep Take 2
b1 - Seph & Pablo Denegri - Nozaroc

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