Miss Fitz - Hawaii via Miami

2nd release of Maayan Nidam aka Miss Fitz, from Berlin, on Raum...Muzik - release 062. This girl bases her music on low synths, pure minimal beats, always with the company of fresh loops. Ricardo Villalobos is on of her greatest fans and for that offered Miss Fitz his services as a remixer. He made a long remix, as usual, with great effects and a strange vocal, adding his genious touch in every step of the music. Less deep than the a side, but perfect for the first hours of the minimal dance floors. This might be the 1st time that a remix of Villalobos isn't better than the original music.It's at the same level... brilliant and smooth work by both producers enhancing the idea that Berlin really is the main city of minimaland! Extreme fine production by Miss Fitz - both "Maternal" and "Glide Over" are huge tracks - giving us just what it takes to enjoy well defined music... and in the b side an endless journey through mr Villalobos thoughts and feelings. Don't count on pumpy tech house music, this is pure minimal... at it's high standard level

a1 - Menternal
b1 - Glide Over
b1 - Menternal (Ricardo Villalobos In the Pipe remix)

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