Solar & Poppcke - Useless Beauty Ep

Hello people, today's release goes melodic. Daniel Solar and Mark Poppcke already caught my atention when they released Grounded Ep ("Emitter" is awesome) a few weeks ago but i decided to wait for another Ep to see if they were really good or if it was begginers luck and, as a matter of fact, they kept doing nice enjoyable things. This German guys produce a melody so sweet and tender able to make you fly away from it all and relax on deep touchy music. "Useless Beauty" opens this great Ep in a great way, it has a smooth beat and an enormous feeling. I can already imagine this one being played when the sun is high in the sky... it's perfect for an outdoor party! Alex Niggeman remix of this one gets a little more pumpy with a more intense beat but keep the main elements of the original. Very nice one, but i prefer the original. In the B side we have "Starlit Skies", the most minimalist track of them all, with a nice rhythm, a step-by-step construction and obviously, in the second part of the music, the tremendous melody. This one can be used in the night or in the day, it contains elements for both occasions. It's a wonderful track! Finally you have "Kaimar" getting back to the a-side patterns. Another perfect one to the wide open spaces. Let yourself be driven by all it's feelings and intensity, in the original or in the remix, cause they are both very pleasent. Released by Meerestief, music to your soul, just for the better days... Limited Edition.


a1 - Useless Beauty
a2 - Useless Beauty (Alex Niggeman rmx)
b1 - Starlit Skies
b2 - Kaimar
b3 - Kaimar ( Christopher Ehlers rmx)


Heartthrob - Signs

One of m_nus best producers is back. Jesse Siminski aka Heartthrob presents his first Ep of 2008 and i may say to you that he is in great shape! So, today (28.05) will be released in digital version "Signs" on beatport, you can count on tremendous basslines and very high synths ready to screw your head up. Both musics are excellent, the a side shows all the skills that this guy has. He goes up and down, left and right, always with a dead wish for minimal sounds that are able to terr you apart. It's a funky music, highly intense with a weird, kind of spooky, melody that i just can't stop listening! Easily one of the tracks of the year so far. Next, in the b side, we have "Apprentice" - this one gets back to m_nus essentials, low synths, deep dry beat, acid flavors and a set of samples of such creativity that will drive you to insanity! Both tracks will make the difference in the dancefloors, the level of production is very good, typical in this label that we were already missing. Take this Ep as a little show-off to what's gonna be Heartthrob Album that will be out very soon. Sick release!

a1 - Signs
b1 - Apprentice


Elon - Noose

Hellow people, today i have another new name for you. Elon Admony is from New York and was born in Israel, the country of the best 4/4 psychedelic trance! This release launched by Clink Music recordings is already from March but i hadn't listened it yet. The ep has got 3 nice musics where the main elements are "Don't Pull String" and "Noose". Both musics are in the edge of minimal techno and tech house so they can be appreciated by all kinds of taste. Elon's music is characterized as having strong bass lines, lots of power and some dark feelings. Adding this factors to his nice production skills this Ep managed to be one of a kind. So, if you are looking for extreme music, done over the edge, with lots of aggressive dark power, buy this release and enjoy. Be aware to his next release, this time on Dumb Unit named "Birds Ep". See'a

a1 - Noose
b1 - Don't Pull String
b2 - FLV


Swat Squad - Prototype Ep

Swat Squad are not properly newbies in the field. They already released to labels like Trapez, Treibstoff and Resopal among others. Despite they haven't received any highlights here in mnmland in the past few months that doesn't mean they were forgotten! When i listened Prototype i thought that it was, surely, one of their best releases of the year. Oliver Henares, aka Swat Squad, resident in Barcelona, presents us with good deep minimal music and nice latin groovy flavors. The main attraction of the Ep is the A side "Prototype"... it's a powerful blast of minimal techno new trends with an outstanding beat, a great selection of tools and an amazing rhythm. I wont forget this one for a while. Next, in the B side we have "Amotic Lighter", surely a more relaxed music but with nice details to enjoy. And finally "Red Cat" gets back all the power of the A side with an intense bassline on a up and down music that uses it's breaks to rise up the moods. A Ep that has been played by guys like Paul Ritch, Karotte, Pablo Bolivar, Alexi Delano and Davide Squillace, released on Tic Tac Toe records, a label with high quality standards.

a1 - Prototype
b1 - Atomic Lighter
b2 - Red Cat


Pele & Townston - Requiem For Three Cellos

Pele and Townston are two unknown names till this days. Maybe this release will punch this two German producers to success, they sure deserve it! This Ep was totally produced to fulfill the dancefloor needs with two nice club tracks very groovy and very funky! "The Who" has a strong cool rhythm able to pass you great positive energies. This is a track to dance, to jump, to smile, never forgetting the rough minimal attitude always present in our blog! "Requiem For Three Cellos" in the b side gets more darker and less funkier making it a music that we usually like around here. Build step by step, it drives you through a strong beat and very nice synths till it gains sense... and when it does it just doesn't stop! This music goes getting better and better each seconds it passes, the bassline is insane and the dark vibes are built perfectly... it's surelly a music to be in the charts of many Dj's. A last advice, listen this more than once, cause everytime you listen it you get more enjoyable feelings. If you buy the digital version you'll get a bonus track called "Beside Myself", it's not as good as the others but, as always, it's worth to be listened.

a1 - The Who
b1 - Requiem For Three Cellos


Truss & Donor - Perception Ep

Today's choice is calmer than the normal stuff i post here. Truss & Donor are respectively Tom Russel - a British guy making his 2nd release - and Greg Schappert - American producer that has been living in all the great towns of this musical movement - and made a very good first impression with this great Ep released on Dumb-Unit (their first of 2008). "Foreseen" opens the hosts in a great way with it's dry beat and a few acid elements here and there marking what might be the best music of the all Ep. Don't expect hard things here, this is the most pure deep minimal that can be made, that normally Dumb-Unit uses to support. In the B-Side you have the remix by Sarah Goldfarb of "Foreseen" making it even deeper adapting it to be a master track in the dancefloors. The subtleness of the original was not forgotten by Sarah and she made, in fact, a real good job keeping the feeling of the original in it but making it more trendy. About the rest of the Ep all that i can say to you is that both tracks keep it with very low synths and always with nice variances of beat and snares. "Forethought" is those kinds of step by step productions very well accomplished and "Unseen" is another deep piece of music, very good beat, nice bassline and always with an excellent selection of sounds that fit perfectly in the music. Nice one!

a1 - Foreseen
a2 - Forethought
b1 - Foreseen (Sarah Goldfarb remix)
b2 - Unseen


Gregor Tresher - Break New Soil

Break New Soil is, without any doubts, the best Ep i listened this week - and they have been plenty enough. Gregor Tresher is not new in the scene, he has been doing quite a good work since 2004 that has been mostly released on Datapunk and Great Stuff Rec. This time it was Moon Harbour Recordings who bet in the German producer. I advice you to listen this one carefully cause it's really great stuff. In the A side you can listen the original of "Break New Soil", a track that seems being recycled over and over with lots of clean breaks and great entrances after it. Perfect construction, clean minimal, a hit here in mnmland! And, if the a side it's good, wait untill you listen the b one. Daniel Stefanik turned the music into a perfect deep minimal pierce of art. I can already imagine this one being played in the early hours of the morning with the sun appearing around. It's a seductive music, great bass line over the beat and keeping the breaks that i talked about off the original one. Don't miss this one people, Gregor Tresher telling you how it's done!


a1 - Break New Soil
b1 - Break New Soil (Daniel Stefanik rmx)

Joseph Capriati - Farlocco Ep

Joseph Capriati is a 20 year old producer based in Italy. I was very surprised when i realized he was so young, he's music is very mature and powerful and i never could guess that he is only in the beginning of the career. Anyway, his latest work was released on Frankie records. For the people that don't know this label i will tell you that they normally bet on wicked and productions with some neurotic and disturbed grooves. And this is what the Ep is all about..."Farlocco", the first track of the ep might the best one, that suits to our kind of preference. "Highest tower" and "Para Scaramantia" are two shaky musics and completely adapted to the labels stuff. Both are suitable to be thrown to the dancefloors in the early hours of the night . So, i alert you, this is not a bomb Ep but it's a quite listenable release and this way I got a chance to present you with another nice release of Frankie's French label.

a1 - Farlocco
a2 - Highest Tower
b1 - Scaramantia
b2 - Cyprinus Carpio


Holger Zilske - The Birds & Bees

Holger Zilske it's one of Smash TV elements, but it's alone that comes to demonstrate his value by the known Playhouse. A vinyl wich are included two tracks full of minimalism and gathered by the bass that is common on Zilkse productions. "The Birds" it's an excelent minimal for the finest ocasion with it's constant rythm but always very penetrating, and than the toy elements on Zilske music, making us remind the fine musics produced by the birds. "The Bees" it's my favorite, it has that smooth and special touch that demands you to listen the music for 10 times in a row minimum. A beat that is greatly deep and very well stepped and the three sinthesized chords marking the difference. Very good work of this german fellow, showing us what are Playhouse wishes about minimal music, using an unique kind of style.

Label: Playhouse
Catalog#: Play 144

a1 - the birds
b1 - the bees


Benno Blome - Rumburack

The big man from sender, and one of my top5 producers is back in great shape making a awesome Ep. Benno Blome, resident in one of the biggest clubs in Berlin presents “Red Tuna & Rumbarack”, two tracks that will delight all of you that like it deep, minimal and smooth!. This magnetic Ep sticks to you like glue with two tracks created to full fill your every need. Red Tuna is my favorite, it as several weird chords behind a full minimal techno pattern. I can’t get tired of it, all the little sounds that you listen in this music seem to create a special environment, that the most of producers can’t. The old school style from Benno Blome is somehow unique and different. In the A side you can also have a sense of what his music is all about. This calm relaxed music goes through more dark entrances with a step by step growth. The founder of Sender show’s how it’s supposed to be done. No mistakes, quality of production, special style and understanding of the scene. He is in fact a single producer, listen some of his sets and you will know why. I like the way he moves.

a1 - Rumburack
b1 - Red Tuna


Remote - Hardstick Ep

Already Signed to Yvan Smagghe's label - Kill the Dj Recordings - Remote are one of the most skilled producers in France. I came to this conclusion when i listened "Hardstick Ep". It's one of the nicest things that passed around here in this month. A very stylish electro stuff never forgetting the minimal part. This ep is filled by 3 nice tracks made to all kinds of taste. The first one - "Hardstick - goes darker and deeper with a powerfull beat in an intensive and trippy environment and clearly is the one who most adapts to our blog's requirements concerned to music. You will love it madly! Ghost, second of the a-side forgets the techy stuff and clearly goes through acid patterns leaving you a small taste of what Detroit acid scene was all about. It's nice to the early hours of the night! Finally the "La Horse remix" was made to be played by guys like Tiga, Damian Lazarus and that kind of reputed Djs. It's a curious and somehow different Ep, take a look of the best that French production has to offer.

a1 - Hardstick
a2 - Ghost
b2 - Hardstick (La Horse remix)


minimize 08.4

Hi guys, here it is a catch up of what's been April to me. This are the musics that followed me during this great month, hope you enjoy it. Click in "Ep" " link to see the full album.
mnmland suggests:

Johnny D - Orbitalife - (Ep)

Lemos - I Mousa Pu Gamousa - (Ep)
Peter Grummich - Berlin 8 Am - (Ep)

Anja Schneider - Mole (Pan-Pot rmx) - (Ep)
Marc DePulse - Frozen (Da Fresh rmx) - (Ep)
Monomachine - Peskaito - (Ep)
Billy Dalessandro - Soulchaser (Undercover mix) - (Ep)
Mark Broom - Never Again (Mihalis Safras rmx) - (Ep)
Delon & Dalcan - 248Km (ft. Oxia) - (Ep)
Phunklarique & Dejonka - Reflections in Plexiglass - (Ep)
Maik Loewen - Tin/Can - (Ep)
Pan-Pot - Ape Shall Never Kill Ape (Marco Resmann rmx) - (Ep)
Lucio Aquilina & Del Prete - Middle Age - (Ep)

Kadebostan - Ruff Dancer - (Ep)
Noze - Danse Avec Moi (Sascha Funke rmx) - (Ep)

Claro Intelecto - Warehouse Sessions V

It's time to present to you the "Warehouse Sessions", a collection of releases that couldn't be forgotten here in minimaland. So here it is, Session nrº5, the final one, maybe the most brilliant too. Mark Stewart aka Claro Intelecto is the guy behind this fantastic project that involves all kind of production, since deep house to minimal techy stuff. "Hunt You Down" in the a-side is a very functional track, nice bass line, step by step construction and some real clean sounds to be enjoyed in this 10 minute length deep music. "Momento" gets more cynical with a more robust techno pattern. Nice kickdrum and a great metallic snare in a dark stylish track. I heard that Raresh was playing this one, it's really his style and the best track of the Ep. Like the previous 4 editions, it was released by Modern Love and I advice you to listen all of the 5 Eps. This is music that only some of the great Ones can produce. Take a look at it and see how you adapt!

Love # 044 || Rls Date: 22.04.2008
a1 - Hunt You Down
b1 - Momento

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