Heartthrob - Signs

One of m_nus best producers is back. Jesse Siminski aka Heartthrob presents his first Ep of 2008 and i may say to you that he is in great shape! So, today (28.05) will be released in digital version "Signs" on beatport, you can count on tremendous basslines and very high synths ready to screw your head up. Both musics are excellent, the a side shows all the skills that this guy has. He goes up and down, left and right, always with a dead wish for minimal sounds that are able to terr you apart. It's a funky music, highly intense with a weird, kind of spooky, melody that i just can't stop listening! Easily one of the tracks of the year so far. Next, in the b side, we have "Apprentice" - this one gets back to m_nus essentials, low synths, deep dry beat, acid flavors and a set of samples of such creativity that will drive you to insanity! Both tracks will make the difference in the dancefloors, the level of production is very good, typical in this label that we were already missing. Take this Ep as a little show-off to what's gonna be Heartthrob Album that will be out very soon. Sick release!

a1 - Signs
b1 - Apprentice

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