Elon - Noose

Hellow people, today i have another new name for you. Elon Admony is from New York and was born in Israel, the country of the best 4/4 psychedelic trance! This release launched by Clink Music recordings is already from March but i hadn't listened it yet. The ep has got 3 nice musics where the main elements are "Don't Pull String" and "Noose". Both musics are in the edge of minimal techno and tech house so they can be appreciated by all kinds of taste. Elon's music is characterized as having strong bass lines, lots of power and some dark feelings. Adding this factors to his nice production skills this Ep managed to be one of a kind. So, if you are looking for extreme music, done over the edge, with lots of aggressive dark power, buy this release and enjoy. Be aware to his next release, this time on Dumb Unit named "Birds Ep". See'a

a1 - Noose
b1 - Don't Pull String
b2 - FLV

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Lord Kook said...

Holy crap, "Noose" is a funky stormer! Thanks for the heads up on this!

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