Holger Zilske - The Birds & Bees

Holger Zilske it's one of Smash TV elements, but it's alone that comes to demonstrate his value by the known Playhouse. A vinyl wich are included two tracks full of minimalism and gathered by the bass that is common on Zilkse productions. "The Birds" it's an excelent minimal for the finest ocasion with it's constant rythm but always very penetrating, and than the toy elements on Zilske music, making us remind the fine musics produced by the birds. "The Bees" it's my favorite, it has that smooth and special touch that demands you to listen the music for 10 times in a row minimum. A beat that is greatly deep and very well stepped and the three sinthesized chords marking the difference. Very good work of this german fellow, showing us what are Playhouse wishes about minimal music, using an unique kind of style.

Label: Playhouse
Catalog#: Play 144

a1 - the birds
b1 - the bees

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