Heerhorst & Meissner - Fahrstuhlmusik

The latest release (nr.9) on Kompass Musik , one of our favorite labels, presents a great work of Heerhorst & Meissner. Their only previous record was very nice and comparing with this one u can see the improvements in their production. "Fahrstuhlmusic", the first track of the ep, is the main one! A peace of art full of emotion. The melody is simply amazing and gathered with a deep bass makes it those kind of tracks that u can't get out of your mind. Nathan Fake kind of feelings if you know what i mean... Than you have "Whooop", a funky deep track that floates around minimal paths, perfect for the after-hours disturbed times. This ep ends with "Heroin", a track that during simple reduced beats tells you a story of an addicted guy... the vocal is nice and amusing but the music is not the kind of stuff i like! The A side is basically the important thing here. Enjoy

a1 - Fahrstuhlmusic
b1 - Whooop
b2 - Heroin

Matthew Dear: Interview

Link stolen from O Som e a Fúria
Interview with Matthew Dear aka: Audion, False, Jabberjaw
read it here


Pan-Pot @ Industria

Ricardo Villalobos - Sei es Drum

Latest production of Mr Ricardo Villalobos. It's always hard to judge the man's work. This 3#pack vynil might be a peace of art to ones and a terrible release for others. I think it's his best work since "The Au Harem D'Archiméde"... this "Sei es Drum" is a solid one! "Andruic" is a typical Villalobos kind of production; "Fizpatrick" is the best one of the album, i can't get enough of it, and musics like "Druic" - solid bass involved in a seductive construction does it - or even "Primer Encuentro Latino-Americano" with more than 10 minutes each are able to keep your focused and in great joy. . "Samasai" is strangely nice but "Bailla Sin Petit" has nothing to do with the rest... It might have been one more experience for him, completely failed! It ends with "Farenzer House" and has the name would suggest, this music has a simple housy beat, but an enjoyable construction. With some tracks previously released in his Fabric#36 edition, this is surely another bookmark for this guy. So... count on typical low synths, long journey musics, groovy minimal just going and going but don't expect pumpy tech minimal because that's not the way things work in this 3x12"! Produced and released by his own hands, limited edition, one of a kind.

a1 - Andruic
b1 - Fizpatrick
c1 - Primer Encontro Latino-Americano
d1 - Druic
e1 - Samasai
f1 - Baila Sin Petit
f2 - Farenzer House


Anthony Collins - Cannibal

Anthony Collins is, in our days, one of the biggest upcoming producers of the French scene. Cannibale brings up the best there can be in minimal deep music. Released by Highgrade Records this Ep shows how trendy music can be... Suitable to all styles. The a side track is a neurotic deep modern tune very shaky and perfect to all kinds of dancefloors. The remix, by Tom Clark and Daniel Dreier lows the level down, not hitting so hard on the drums, making it less deep and more minimal. A pure Berlin work, as the experts would say. BlaBlaBla, the b side track, is also a very pleasant one. A great journey of endless feelings with a pure minimal bass line getting along. Simple and perfect. I've appreciated this one a lot... 3 great tracks to this rainy days! Enjoy it, the Cannibale's are out there!

a1 - Cannibale
a2 - Cannibale (Tom Clark & Daniel Dreier remix)
b1 - BlaBlaBla


Adultnapper - Juror Nr 9

Juror Nr 9 is the last release of Adultnapper. Minimal rude techno is what to expect here, seductive music that enters trough your soul and doesn't come out no more. The huge flute present in the a1 track brings us multiple neurotic feelings that appears to not have an end, wow! "Brandy McLeod" is another great one. My favorite I must say, cause it has that kind of construction that i'm always talking about... recycled music, beginning in a simple beat and than just keep rising and rising. A small but perfect music! The Last music of the Ep is Gaiser's remix for Juror Nr.9, a strong one, typical from him... quality music because this Minus guy doesn't know how to make bad music. Perfect way to end this three track album. The Juror might consider them all Guilty! Release nr 26 on Audiomatique, the best they had in a long time.

a1 - Juror Nr.9
b1 - Brandy Mcleod
b2 - Juror Nr.9 (Gaiser's Found Guilty remix)


V.A. - Case Closed

7th and Last release of Cereal/Killers. For those who don't know this label I can say to you that they specialize on uniting great producers in their limited edition Eps. Artists like Ada, Metope, Gabriel Ananda, Misc. or Dj Koze have previously made their contribution to this fantastic releases. The last one counts with Reinhard Voigt, Frank Martiniq and the owner of the label, Pan/Tone! The first track "Brown Star" is a simple genius track made by Kompakt's head man. Just going around a weird bell and an heavy beat in a pure minimal construction. Nice work! Then You have "Stick It" by the inevitable Frank Martiniq. I haven't heard this guy for a while and I'm glad his back cause the music he makes is brilliant. This is, in my humble opinion, the track of the album ...recycled beats, just giving and taking in a deep mysterious work. All you can expect in this one is your feelings uprising every moment during a peaceful harmony of strange feelings... You got to listen it, please! In the b side you have Pan/Tone's work. He doesn't let it down and follows his friends by doing also a great job. It's the shakiest track of the Ep. "Sly" is not new, it was released before, but by it's greatness, it's out again... Case Closed..

a1 - Reinhard Voigt - Brown Star
a2 - Frank Martiniq - Stick It
b1 - Pan/Tone - Sly

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