Heerhorst & Meissner - Fahrstuhlmusik

The latest release (nr.9) on Kompass Musik , one of our favorite labels, presents a great work of Heerhorst & Meissner. Their only previous record was very nice and comparing with this one u can see the improvements in their production. "Fahrstuhlmusic", the first track of the ep, is the main one! A peace of art full of emotion. The melody is simply amazing and gathered with a deep bass makes it those kind of tracks that u can't get out of your mind. Nathan Fake kind of feelings if you know what i mean... Than you have "Whooop", a funky deep track that floates around minimal paths, perfect for the after-hours disturbed times. This ep ends with "Heroin", a track that during simple reduced beats tells you a story of an addicted guy... the vocal is nice and amusing but the music is not the kind of stuff i like! The A side is basically the important thing here. Enjoy

a1 - Fahrstuhlmusic
b1 - Whooop
b2 - Heroin

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