V.A. - Case Closed

7th and Last release of Cereal/Killers. For those who don't know this label I can say to you that they specialize on uniting great producers in their limited edition Eps. Artists like Ada, Metope, Gabriel Ananda, Misc. or Dj Koze have previously made their contribution to this fantastic releases. The last one counts with Reinhard Voigt, Frank Martiniq and the owner of the label, Pan/Tone! The first track "Brown Star" is a simple genius track made by Kompakt's head man. Just going around a weird bell and an heavy beat in a pure minimal construction. Nice work! Then You have "Stick It" by the inevitable Frank Martiniq. I haven't heard this guy for a while and I'm glad his back cause the music he makes is brilliant. This is, in my humble opinion, the track of the album ...recycled beats, just giving and taking in a deep mysterious work. All you can expect in this one is your feelings uprising every moment during a peaceful harmony of strange feelings... You got to listen it, please! In the b side you have Pan/Tone's work. He doesn't let it down and follows his friends by doing also a great job. It's the shakiest track of the Ep. "Sly" is not new, it was released before, but by it's greatness, it's out again... Case Closed..

a1 - Reinhard Voigt - Brown Star
a2 - Frank Martiniq - Stick It
b1 - Pan/Tone - Sly

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