Misc. - Sinus Hotel

Perfect 4 track album @ Sender Records by Christopher Bleckmann & Hannes Wenner aka Misc. "Fassade Noir" is the great candidate to the dance floors... it has an incredible bass line, top hypnotic feelings and a great rhythm. Synths all over the place, minimal construction, step by step... it hast it all! what a blast! You may notice the differences between all those previous albums by misc and this one... much more deepness, minimality, less confusion and lower lines. In the third track you get a taste of what Misc. is usually all about - wicked blast off music. But than it brings it down again in "Dance Your Name" with all those charges of low synths, groovy beats and neurotic percussions. Released in the last day of August, nr 67 at Sender. A must have...

a1 - Fassade Noir
a2 - Staroulette
b1 - Frank Around The Corner
b2 - Dance Your Name


Voigt & Voigt - Speicher 54

Reinhard Voigt and Wolfgang Voigt got together for the 5th time to produce a brilliant ep released by Kompakt on their famous extra editions! This two old school producers ( Wolfgang is even co-founder of Kompakt) show once again how music can be great and simple. Typical smooth growing paths in the A side, very minimal, always uprising the emotions with their typical German tunes! In the B side you have a berlin track, step by step along with that great melody and there we go again... They like to call it "minimal techno pop", printing their own spirit and their personal mark. With all those minimal requirements that we like to listen in a track "Diskozwinger" will be a great winter tendency's presentation. One of the best Speicher's I heard...

a1 - Going Audio
b1 - Diskozwinger


Anti-pop music festival - After it

In the last few days something pretty good happened, the best set's and live acts of the Anti-Pop music festival appeared on the web ... here's some sweet gifts to all of you, my favorite one's are here for you to listen carefully, great music, on and on... enjoy! If you have any requests for something u'd like to hear, just ask. We think that this Magda set, despite having many musics that she played there, it's a fake one, if any of u can help us, please do... respect!


Minilogue - Ghost

September, month of responsibilities... So I'm starting it by presenting to you a work of Minilogue - one of my favourite producers - and so far, one of their brightest productions! Ghost is a deep minimal techno music perfectly glanced by a groovy bassline and some deep chords that just don't stop floating around. Than in the b side you have the "beat tool" of the original making it an excellent dub techno berlin classic style music. If you want power, u have it here! Leave The "Dub mix" to the chill out moments...
Release nr 36 on Mule Electronic, once again presenting to the audience a top quality ep..

a1 - Ghost
b1 - Ghost (Beat Tool mix)
b2 - Ghost (Dub mix)


Maxime Dangles - Agujas

The Future..


a - Agujas
b - Love Water

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