Eyerer vs Koletzi - Granulum/Nimbus Ep

Kickboxer - sublabel of Boxer Recordings - proudly presents Martin Eyerer & Oliver Koletzi, a great duo, that produced an Ep marked by perfect beats and clean minimal breaks. Both musics are ideal to the floor vibes with their wicked groove and tremendous power, more techy in Granulum (what a track!) and more electro in Nimbus. A fine way to end today's musical update, release #11 at this promissing label! Enjoy

a1 - Granulum
b1 - Nimbus

Monomachine - Flor de Loto

Flor de Loto is truthly the best album i listened this last few weeks and i've listened some good ones as you may notice. Monomachine are Francisco Allendes and Inigo Oruezaba, two guys from Zaragoza i think. It reminds me artists like Alex Under or Bruno Pronsato, betting more on the minimal tech side, full of groovy beats and hypnotic acid reverbs. "Flor de Loto (Inxec rmx) is absolutely great, a minimal trippy perfection... "Long day" is a nice deep track. Released by Immigrant Industries. You can listen all the four tracks in the label's website

1 - Flor De Loto (Original Mix)
2 - Flor De Loto (Inxec Mix)
3 - Traveller
4 - A Long Day

Woody - Whatever Pt2

Part 2 of Whatever series, released in the last month, listened for the first time Today. Long energetic tracks, perfect to take it to the dancefloors. Side A more electronic and pumpy, Side B dark and misterious, showing two sides of what can be produced in the minimal variable. Released by Fumakilla records, german label

a1 - Hot Rod
b1 - Dakini


James Holden - The Idiots are Winning

The Uk based producer will release in the last days of november his debut album, a very subjective production. Some won't appreciate it, others will... i liked it a lot. It's a different kind of art. It flows through abstract and experimental music reaching some pleasant minimal techno patterns. This release - on Border Community - shows why James Holden is one of the most respected producers in the world. Lump, Idiot, Corduroy or Idiot Clapsolo are interesting productions with a high level of detail... just taste it
”What I want to do is make electronic music that feels more human and more live – just letting the machines malfunction and me be barely in control of them, you just need to know where to inject the life into it, and how to, and then the computer can become an instrument just like any other" says Holden.

tracklisting: 01. Lump / 02. Quiet Drumming Interlude / 03. 10101 / 04. Corduroy / 05. Flute / 06. Idiot / 07. Lumpette / 08. Intentionally Left Blank / 09. Idiot Clapsolo / 10. Quiet Drumming


Minimize II

Black Art Orchestra - Minimize the Risk
Billy Dalessandro - Dont Sleep
Alex Under - Miltipliremezclas(Tadeo rmx)
Sleeper Thief - Full of you
And Again - Larry's Circus
Anja Schneider - Addicted (Gummihz rmx)
Marcus Hartmann - Chromosom 24
Audiofly vs James Talk - Cool Wet Grass
Isolee - Willy Skipper

Start Chasing (Extrawelt Remix)

Start Chasing (Extrawelt Remix), from the CD5" of Alexander Kowalski - Start Chasing (Promo)

Label: Different , Play It Again Sam (PIAS)

Released: Sep 2006


Matzak - Might Is Right

The first release of Matzak. I'll be waiting for the next one... Go look for it!

Label: Kickboxer

Style: Minimal, Tech House

A1 The Burglar (*****)
A2 Mad Is Mad
B1 French Pop
B2 Puzzle Bubble (*****)


Melchior Production - Different Places

It feels good to listen smooth music producers that knows how to touch us in the soul. Melchior Productions aka Tomas Melchior has that special feeling that not all the people are born with. Producing a different kind of minimal that feels good to hear in special nights when you want to escape from all that normally full fills your average day. This musics are like a gradual cultivation of beat with hithats that surfs on an on an endless wave. A release to the special days, number 58 on Perlon records..
"We Get lonely in different places"

a1 - Different Places
b1 - The Phantom

Format B - Cosa Nostra Funk

Format B are Franziskus Sell & Jakob Hildenbrand, Berlim based, this release marks their remarcable and uprising level of production. All the three tracks are above the usual standards. "Sex Drive" shows their electro side while "Knarzer Roller" goes through deep minimal patterns, this might me the best track of the ep, or at least the one that pleases me the most. But the track that first captured my attention was "Cosa Nostra Funk" - the first time i listened this great pumpy track was in a friend's set and i got madly in love with it. Don't miss this one released on Opossum records :)

a1 - Sex Drive
b1 - Cosa Nostra Funk
b2 - Knarzer Roller

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