Misc - Like Morning in Your Eyes (remixes)

Sender records always release pure quality fresh minimal! This time is not exception... The album of Misc was deserving to have some musics remixed and either pan-pot and hemmann & kadden did a fantastic job remixing Frequenztraeger and Tanz Der Polymere. Hypnotic underground and very detailed performances, full of dark feelings marking the construction of the music. This two won't be out of my mind for a long time i hope! The kind of minimal that drives you madly into the pleasure of strange and emotional behaviours!

Listen To:
a1 Misc - Tanz Der Polymere (Hemman & Kaden remix)
b1 Misc - Frequenztraeger (Pan-Pot remix)

3 Channels - Bar 135

Again 3 Channels... bar 135 brings you three different flavours.Deeop and ketiev are really really keeping the things alive! I'll start with the last one, the one that better suits me; Close up is a tripy minimal production fully functional that, step to step, misteriously, takes the levels to a higher state!The last two minutes of this music are genious. Amnesia is different kind of music, to the mind, to let you tripp, fly... i think this kind of music can't be described, it's music that touch in the heart, in the soul; Lady Salata the A side of the ep is more a bit too housy but its a nice tune to a club! The release nr 63 on Trapez Records. To be released in the beggining of May


The dream comes true

Numark (www.numark.com)

Well, today this post is about a equipment expected to be released in the 2nd quarter of 2006 (Feature and release information on the numark website above).
For what I seen, I'm trully impressed!! Numark, as often, makes a new path in dj equipment, combining a turntable with a cd/mp3 player. The X2 (pronounced X-squared), for me, will explode the dj market. For those who haven't decide between a turntable and a cd player.. well.. Now you have both! Forget Pioneer or others, because Cdx allready proved to be better, although with some doubts cause the interface was not well shaped but the features when was released were amazing, so this X2 cannot be worst. And now numark has released HDX, same shape as CDX, with a vinyl record on the top, but with 80 gb hard drive. The design and the features of X2 (on the photo) is... simple, so, minimalistic! and it's indeed a real turntable. Magnificent! I'm expecting it since I saw it! Numark? As much as I can say, I have a Numark mixer, (ppd01) and it's the best reliability and quality construction I have ever seen!
well Numark, very well...


Oliver Huntemann - Fieber

The debut cd of Huntemann is presented by International Deejay Gigolos, the producer from bremen shows all his qualitys in this album. A 12 track album where all of them can be said to be perfect to the dancefloors. Crazy electro breaks - crazy effects always marking the producer - hithat and bass, and there it is! A perfect cd always uprising the moods... essential to anyone!
Musics previous released like black ice or rubin (both co-produced with bodzin) are the fundamental background to present more risky tracks like 37 Degrees or Orient Express! I can't say i didn't like any of the beats cause they are quite good indeed! A simple but genious release, the 190th of Gigolo... Be aware of Oliver Huntemann, one of the greatest promissing djs in this year... Scary Love!

Listen to:

a1 - 37 Degrees
|| a2 - 50,1 || a3 - Black Ice || a4 - Cracker Capers || a5 - Radio || a6 - Orient Express || a7 - Scary Love || a8 - Rubin || a9 - French Fries || a10 - Flesh || a11 - Matchbox || a12 - Rotodrom

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