Oliver Huntemann - Fieber

The debut cd of Huntemann is presented by International Deejay Gigolos, the producer from bremen shows all his qualitys in this album. A 12 track album where all of them can be said to be perfect to the dancefloors. Crazy electro breaks - crazy effects always marking the producer - hithat and bass, and there it is! A perfect cd always uprising the moods... essential to anyone!
Musics previous released like black ice or rubin (both co-produced with bodzin) are the fundamental background to present more risky tracks like 37 Degrees or Orient Express! I can't say i didn't like any of the beats cause they are quite good indeed! A simple but genious release, the 190th of Gigolo... Be aware of Oliver Huntemann, one of the greatest promissing djs in this year... Scary Love!

Listen to:

a1 - 37 Degrees
|| a2 - 50,1 || a3 - Black Ice || a4 - Cracker Capers || a5 - Radio || a6 - Orient Express || a7 - Scary Love || a8 - Rubin || a9 - French Fries || a10 - Flesh || a11 - Matchbox || a12 - Rotodrom


chente said...

Along with James Holden and Nathan Fake in my opinion the biggest surprises this year!

Electrobot said...

Já adquiri esse CD...muito bom.

Mais ou menos dentro da mesma linha, também gostei dos álbuns de Marc Romboy e de Dirt Crew (se bem que este último é basicamente uma compilação de 12"s, mas não deixa de ser bom).

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