Solab - Shift

12"--->Electronic, Minimal
Seventh Sign Recordings (under construction)

Released: November 2005

a1 - shift (sample here)
a2 - shift (alex smoke rmx) (sample here)
b1 - clocks
(sample here)
b2 - time
(sample here)
Solab is the new project of these two guys from Glasgow (Ross McMillan and Graham Wilson). Having a long term love affair with Detroit techno and having a healthy music scene with a new and fresh partnership, comes one release doing a source of difference that at the same time gains his roots on the smooth classic techno influenced by Basic Channel.
Its a record plenty of details that spices up the seething patterns. Smooth machine beats that will definitely heat up a dancefloor under an groovy atack and needing some peace to transmit the more emotional sounds that evolves for an misterious music if as following a secret plan.
A word for the remix of alex smoke-Great! Alex Smoke is here on remix duties and turns the main track ''Shift'' into a rolling minimal techno monster! Nicelly rattling, but still twinkle-toed groove, just great for a cultivated rampage on the frequency spectrum..
and... It's unknowed... (maybe a landing of parachute in the minimal land) ;->

Audio Werner - Trx

12" -----» Minimal Tech House
Trapez ltd 039

a1 - Schickago (7:52) (sample here)
b1 - Wash The Dishes (8:24) (sample here)

udio werner brings us his second release on trapez in their 39th limited edition... after the great lp "Just Dar It" - with it's fresh ibiza flavours - and the previous "Zwrtshak drive" - their greatest release - Trx brings us a lot of retro minimal always with it's groovy elements.
is a dancefloor killer full of energy reminding us the chicago scene & spirit. Wash the Dishes is a different track - detroit style, deep & funky - moving away a bit of his general productions. Flying bass, funky minimal tech and positive vibrations it's what you can count on in this good 12".


Swat Squad and Alecs Marta - Marciano Homeless

12" --->Techno, Tech House, Minimal
Treibstoff 056
Released: 2005-09-05


a - Marciano Homeless (6:58)
b - Nomad (6:19)

Live and straight out of the deepest inside of the tech-minds comes this release made by Swat Squad and Alecs Marta. Two tracks and definitely the best work in their young and promising producer career so far. Treibstoff's talent scouts may be really proud of themselves with this aquisition. After some phat releases on Trapez (Cologne based Label run by Triple R [aka Riley Reinhold] and Jacqueline Klein. with the parent label Traum Schallplatten ) and remixes for Frankie Etc., Swat Squad are now chasing their cold pressed, murderous grooves with a solid construction full of tiny sounds, filling the cadence up on to an even higher level and moreover, they get it up to such a speed that you might become a bit nervous about the drive. Then you feel the spastic sounds coming like the serpentines in a train on rails. While the games between hi's and mid's are growing to what seems very filled sound, the beat is constantly marching straight into a kind of dance nirvana. This sound rocks, moreover, it is dense and touched for a dancefloor.

A little Minimalicious ;)


Alex Under aún es de españa?

After a small search in web, I found this small sample of the potentialities that the still young alex under I'ts capable to show, and how I has a great edge of progression based in a series of productions that for itself already mark the ways and the paths of the future sounds..
In this liveset live@ Urban, napoli, I question if he don't is an trully italian, cause the expression and the sensibility he delivers to this performance makes who listens it believe he is comfortable in that space and from there is the reason for the title at the beginning: Alex Under aún es de España? (Alex Under still is from spain?)
Shows the comfort that the ones that really can produce and take a dancefloor to the limit are touched by some kind of energy that goes beyond the normal patterns of the simply mortal people.
Take yourself on a Journey at: http://www.internationaltalent.it/multimedia/alex_under.mp3

Minimal touches to a Minimal Xmas ;)


Someone Else - Fresh Air

12" ---» Minimal Tech House
nummer 013

- Fresh Air 1 (8:08) (sample here)
b1 - Fresh Air 2 (8:23) (sample here)

After sean's successful remix for nummer 012 "naxos" (someone else's beaver mix), the co-founder of philadelphia's foundsound, unfoundsound and tuning spork record labels returns on nummer with "fresh air". brace yourself for two minimal and pumpin' monster tracks that are 100% dancefloor killers! each tune is heavy with choppy samples of talk radio, mind-numbing reverbs, butt-shaking basslines and snappy percussion. mmmmm...can you taste it? (in nummer-schallplatten.de)


Hemman and Kaden - Vaganza EP

12" ---> Techno, Minimal, Tech house
Freude am Tanzen Recordings

-a - Vaganza
-b1 - Tramway
-b2 - People

This release from february of 2005 reflects how these artists (Marek Hemman & Mathias Kaden) complement their work in productions marked by the excelence patented in their final products and how a partnership can reveal new paths for the same ways. They're growing since the release from 2003, Guten Tag EP, showing a great attention to the details and always polishing those teeny imperfections, that shows the concern in doing better developments release after release.
Speeking for myself, this Ep is the conclusion of a work and hopefully with more to come tracking the same path..
Vaganza starts calm, peaceful, making subtile variations and always adding good vibes that complement the line that is beeing followed by bass. haves great unexpected changes, without strain much the rope, and this is a thing that some producers don't pay attention, because if you give a lot of variations they're gonna, sooner or later, to finish for spending the music and limitate the evolution that it could achieve.
It's delightfull listen this music day by day having the surprise of keeping your mind and senses connected/disconnected to it..

A great listening!


25 ep's to offer this Christmas

If you are looking for ideas of what to offer in this Christmas season here are the first 25 Albuns that we would be suggesting during this month!

  • someone else - fresh air ep (nummer 013)
  • richie hawtin - de9 transitions (m-nus cd)
  • djinxx - microscopic ep (cocoon 015)
  • goldfish and der dulz - ding dong ep (boxer 029)
  • chadronnet vs. afrilounge - phonix ep (pokerflat 057)
  • tigerskin - the trick ep (morris-audio 044)
  • audion - suckfish (spectral sound cd033)
  • misc - like morning in your eyes (sender cd052)
  • konrad black - draconia ep(wagon repair 003)
  • miha popoviciu - tales from the moon ep (gigolo 176)
  • nathan fake - dinamo/coheed remixes ep (traum 060)
  • huggotron - glasshouses ep (resopal 030)
  • egoexpress - aranda ep (ladomat 2173)
  • sammy dee and guido schneider - styleway ep (pokerflat 063)
  • ryan crosson - say so ep (trapez ltd 036)
  • scsi-9 - on the edge ep (kompakt 129)
  • pier bucci - familia (crosstown rebels cd003)
  • john spring - snapshot ep (substatic 048)
  • john dahlback & axel bartsch - speicher 32 ep (kompakt extra 032)
  • g-man - graphite ep (defrag sound processing 007)
  • mark and john - the most dangerous animal in the zoo ep (audiomatique 007)
  • elektrochemie - pleasure seeker ep (get physical music037)
  • ada - i love asphalt ep (areal 034)
  • cosmic sandwich - man in a box ep (my best friend 015)
  • alex under - dispositivos de mi granja (trapez cd005)


Argy - Sub But Still Nutty

12" ---»» Techno, Minimal
raum...musik 051

a1 - Evaquate (6:34)
b1 - Stravoma (5:53)
b2 - A Rhino in a Glass Shop (5:56)

Argyris Theofilis (Argy) is a 20 year old greek producer; his second production is a smashing example of what minimal groovy techno is! After the great hit that was love dose, his first release, Sub But Still Nuty brings us disturbed arguments well linned up with a rythmatic beat always gathering a great bass line. Evaquate is the first track of the album, where the paranoia starts, the lines of music making start to develop and where you gain the feeling that this is not an ordinary album! Stravoma is a 6:00 Am track, pure minimal underground perfect to be part of tracklists of the best djs. A Rhino in a Glass Shop like the name shows is a complete disturbant track, following paths of producers like ricardo villalobos, luciano or plastikman with a dry bassy beat always developing till you start to flip out and imagine that the rhino is really in the glass shop. An overdosed release that you can't miss!

Fairmont - Gazebo / Gazelle

12" ---» Minimal Tech house, downtempo, ambient
Border Community 09

a1 - Gazebo (6:26)
a2 - Gazebo (Tool) (4:25)
b1 - Gazelle (6:11)
b2 - Gazelle (Tool)

Fairmont is the semi-famous side project of producer Jake Fairley - his “soft side”. Fairmont is a nice guy and makes techno-pop love songs that make people smile or cry depending on how their day is going. He does a nice and relaxed live act that you can dance to. He sings of heartache and lonely nights while lovers gaze into each other’s eyes. However, if you prefer, it is also nice to just take a pill and give yourself a message. (in discogs.com)

Despite their short time of existence,the record label border community is well known by it's famous releases like nathan fake - the sky was pink or estrawelt - soopertrack... this new upcoming album is also a great one with a touch of melancolism like Fairmont likes that goes deep into your soul. Gazelle is a quiet deep track, nicely made very very soft! Gazebo is full of mixed feelings that brings you great emotions, it can take you high into the sky or bring you down towards the ground, surelly the better production of this 12"

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