Fairmont - Gazebo / Gazelle

12" ---» Minimal Tech house, downtempo, ambient
Border Community 09

a1 - Gazebo (6:26)
a2 - Gazebo (Tool) (4:25)
b1 - Gazelle (6:11)
b2 - Gazelle (Tool)

Fairmont is the semi-famous side project of producer Jake Fairley - his “soft side”. Fairmont is a nice guy and makes techno-pop love songs that make people smile or cry depending on how their day is going. He does a nice and relaxed live act that you can dance to. He sings of heartache and lonely nights while lovers gaze into each other’s eyes. However, if you prefer, it is also nice to just take a pill and give yourself a message. (in discogs.com)

Despite their short time of existence,the record label border community is well known by it's famous releases like nathan fake - the sky was pink or estrawelt - soopertrack... this new upcoming album is also a great one with a touch of melancolism like Fairmont likes that goes deep into your soul. Gazelle is a quiet deep track, nicely made very very soft! Gazebo is full of mixed feelings that brings you great emotions, it can take you high into the sky or bring you down towards the ground, surelly the better production of this 12"

1 comment:

Anonymous said...

this one is a must have for all minimal fans out there... it so hot my needles need ot be changed after spinning it...

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