Under the Alex

Driving my way back home listening some tracks of alex under debut cd, and other lp's released by him, I became aware that, at the moment, he is probably my favourite producer. Our neighbour from Spain has a reputation rising all over the world with his known style of techno house... Tracks like El Arado Adorado, Las Bicicletas son para El Verano or his remix off Oliver Hacke - Subject Carrier shows his unique excellence when making tripping & disturbing music. The hypno-psychedelic constructions with crazy & groovy basslines like in Abitah la Granjeritia, Balas de Jaja Maja or even the january released Cerebrote de Schizofrenia show's that he has knowledge of what the listeners in the dancefloors appreciate. An artist to pay attention where quality is continuously rising up! Don't miss his releases on trapez, they all worth it! This is not a album review it's only to ensure that Alex Under productions are crushing my mind with its powerfullness..

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