Sunsetpeople - orion \ salty dog

12"--» minimal-funky
get physical music 035

a - orion
b - salty dog

the 35th release by get physical music is the return of Sunsetpeople to the label after the track "mifune" (GPM016).
side A (orion) is the "club side"; with a very one-of-a-kind groovy beat that reminded me the first record of sunsetpeople by physical(GPM002); this is a track that builds itself with the help of effects, gains and breaks trough the exact time and in the exact moment.
side B (salty dog) is a more selective track that not everyone will enjoy..but those who will i´m sure that are going to let their bodys follow a subtle progressive effect that runs during the entire track. this "alternative" side starts with water falling..dogs barking..(andre kraml used elephants on "safari"remixed by kiki&the silversurfer(crosstown rebels 015) sunsetpeople used dogs..) and suddenly the beat comes out from nowhere and the subtile effect starts to show from the midle of the other elements in this track. in resume is a good record, very "physical" ,that stays in the gender sunsetpeople always showed.

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