Philipp Wolgast - Unshaved

Kompass Musik after attendance’s as Extrawelt, Remute, Tigerskin or Heerhorst & Meissner edit, for the second time a work by Philip Wolgast. After “My Maid Siren” is held in 2006 by him, now is the time of “Unshaved”, a disc very well composed, with 3 exceptional music. It is in the a side that you can listen my favorite, named “unrasiert und der heimat fern”, capable of making anyone dance, getting our interior, feeding a whole natural adrenaline. Excelent building accompanied by a devastating bassline . The remix was made by the Argentine Juan Franco Di Lorenzo aka Dilo, giving greater energy to the music, with the appropriate break always in the right time, carrying subtle touches of piano for his remix. For the lovers of ghost entries, after a pause well achieved, we have “within”, with a very tribal percursion, very well crafted regarded to time and the addition of important factors in its development. Disk completely advisable to our dear readers

Label: Kompass Musik
Catalog#: KOMPA012

a1 - unrasiert und der heimat fern
a2 - unrasiert und der heimat fern(dilo remix)
b1 - within



Channel X - Burning Train

Upon You is a label well known by all of our readers. We generally like their works and once again this is not an exception. In their 15th release they invited the duo composed by André Quasar and Mirko Hensel aka Channel X to lead the decks. They previously released works to Stil Vor Talent and Kassete Records, i must say that i didn’t knew this guys but their works is pretty interesting.
Burning Train has got two original musics and a remix performed by the famous Ruede Hagelstein. In the a side you pass by a “Lost Train”, a pure underground techno track with a hard bassy beat and a step by step construction, just as we like it! It’s a track perfectly suitable to the night pumpy rhythms that you’ll surely appreciate. In the second track a “Hot Candy” is given to all of us… a typical minimaland lovers track, pretty well constructed with all things appearing in the right time! Amazing nigh track with a wicked dry beat, amazing hit-hats and a hot pace setting it up, rhythm non stop so you can dance till you can say no more! Finally in the b side Ruede Hagelstein appears giving “Hot Candy” a completely new feeling… he turns it into a deep groove with a soft melody gently enhancing the track to after hours sessions. It’s also a nice track giving the tender touch that this Ep seemed to beg for. This turns this release into a must have one, with a different mixture of textures and flavours.
Burning Train is Upon You.

a1 - Old Train
a2 - Hot Candy
b1 - Hot Candy (Ruede Hagelstein remix)

Rls Date: 01.09.2008


Sis - Trompeta

This is surely one of the most talked releases of November. Sis aka Burak Sar release Trompeta on Ricardo Villalobos’s Sei Es Drum imprint. The people that didn’t miss the greatest summer parties will surely recognise this one. I listened it last Saturday at Fabric for the first time in a club and I can say that I found it pretty good. This one is being played by Ricardo Villalobos, Luciano, Loco Dice, Dubfire and DJ Koze among others, it’s definitely the main anthem of this summer and it couldn’t be forgotten here in minimaland.
The a side presents the so talked track, “Trompeta”, filled with a huge pumpy 4×4 beat and a melody perfectly suitable to all the summer feelings. The fantastic sample taken from “Balkan Beat box” by Bulgarian Chicks will be remembered for a long time and will make a big blast to the forthcoming months! The flipside “Clarinete” is more adequate to minimaland’s taste with a refined dry beat and a pleasant Clarinet melody. This one floats to minimalistic patterns, it’s not as housy as the a side, therefore is the one that we really support in this release!

a1 - Trompeta
b1 - Clarinete

Rls Date: 15.09.2008

Sis had already released another work - Neisrib Ep - this time on Cecille Records, this one was too a big summer hit. If you like this trendy dancefloor tracks you should take a look at that one too.


Misc. - Chemosphere Ep | Minimaland.com Interview

Lost Souls parties are well known all around the world. To expand all that success they created a new fresh label and invited Misc. to perform the first release! We interviewed the duo about this one. A minimaland.com exclusive interview

Read it here


Tom Dazing - Motion Sickness

Tom Dazing is a producer that always makes me get groovy feelings when I listen his music. Despite it's his debut here in minimaland I can tell you that I've been following the man's work for a long time. His music always contains great rhythm wired to a magic neurotic mind that he surely possesses. In his second release on Toys For Boys Records he doesn't escape that rule and presents us two great tracks along with a remix of "Motion Sickness" performed by the American Tim Xavier. In the a side you can listen "Cappadoras", a powerful track, full of twisted feelings and a perfect bass line - my favourite. I would call this some kind of acid new techno waves, always pushing the reverbed sounds to the limit and then recycling it, making the track going back to the beginning, allowing another extra-run that drives everyone crazy. Mad! In the b side we have another disturbed production. "Motion Sickness" is completely neurotic, even more rougher and rawer than the first .. the amount of little different sounds that we have in this music it's maybe too much for a standard producer, but this guy make them all gather perfectly, combining all the elements to construct a tasty dark hallucinated track. Finally we have the remix of Tim Xavier. This old school producer that no one can be indifferent to show us all, once again all his knowledge. He turns the techno hardcore original track into a magnificent peace of minimal 4x4 techno, constructed step by step. It's in fact a great improvement, I became delighted when i listened this cause i realised that he didn't forget the raw feeling of the original... he just adapted it to the minimal standards that we all appreciate. Great work!

a1 -
b1 -
Motion Sickness (Tim Xavier remix)
b2 -
Motion Sickness

Rls Date: 25.08.2008



Stimming - Una Pena EP

Violeta Parra, a chilean singer from the age of 50/70 is the founder of such vocals that make a great contraste with the breaked house and complete of minimal parts, as in the case of this pretty track “una pena”, that you can listen in the A side. In the b side we have Argy’s mix, with the uprising of bass and rhythm, keeping off side the beatifull and honest Chillean melodies that i so much liked in the a side. Martin stimming edits this again on Diynamic music, label that he already knows very well besides he has already worked with Buzzin Fly and Freerance. The German that mounted a rhythmical scheme , very light in the top of this original - Violeta Parra - arauco tiene una pena.

label: Diynamic Music
catalog#: DIYNAMIC017

a - una pena
b - una pena(Argy remix)

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