Masomenos - Matou Ep

The duo are back in the game. Masomenos present Matou Ep to delight all of you. If you don’t know this unknown project from France you should be ashamed of yourself. This guys are the revolution, everything they do seems to be magnificent and this is another example of their fine deliverance. To raise the bets higher they invited another amazing producers to remix the first track, they are Kreon & Lemos, the Greek duo, one of the best things that happened in the scene during 2008. Matou Ep is filled with 3 tracks, all of them in the cutting edge of minimal techno.
I’ll start with the last cause that’s my favorite one… “One Inch a Day” has got a vocal that we all known ( i don’t remember from where…) and a rude dry beat that makes everything else look obsolete… it’s surely the purest thing i listened during January… i can’t get tired of it! The beat, omg the beat! Unmissable. “Hands Up” remixed by Masomenos, Kreon and Lemos is the track that opens up the Ep and it’s also a very nice one, lot’s of pumpy energy and the typical Kreon & Lemos deep beat, perfect to enhance the groove among the dancefloor. “NY” follows through the same paths! … The major key of this album and the reason why i’m posting this here is “One Inch A Day”, the track of the year so far! Release nr7 on Welcome to Masomenos..

a1 - Hands Up (Masomenos & Kreon & Lemos)
b1 - NY
b2 - One Inch A Day

samples here

Release Date: January, 2009


Max Cooper - Harmonisch Serie

After a brief passing by through Firefly Recordings or Autistc Records, labels where this guy showed us some value as a producer, Max Cooper launches on Traum this fine record, all of it interconnected by some nostalgic harmonies, as the name of the Ep already mentions it. “Harmonish Series” is the main attraction of this work, the track is very well built, step by step with a very danceable rhythm,a powerful bass line and off course, a clear melody as I didn’t listened for a long time The remix of "Harmonisch Series" was in charge of Kanio, focusing more on the rhythmic development of the track, adding some clues to the nostalgic tune we heard in A side. In the b side there’s a more notorious Techno-house, for lovers of techno with clean breaks. "I (long version)" is the second track on the B side, with a tone to remind you that this is the Christmas season, and in rhythmic and constructive terms based on “Harmonisch Serie”. The digital version brings two more tracks, the first is "Compact Yourself" and the second a remix produced by Ito. I strongly recommend this disc to finish the year in beauty, great job made by this highly known label to close 2008.

Label: Traum Schallplatten
Catalog#: Traumv107
Rls Date: 05.01.2009

a. harmonisch serie
b1. harmonisch serie(Kanio remix)
b2. i(long version)

Digital Bonus1: compact yourself
Digital Bonus2: compact yourself(ito remix)

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