Extrawelt / Nathan Fake - Soopertrack / The Sky Was Pink

Two of the best tracks ever made... The Sky Was Pink and Soopertrack are icons in this kind of music and absolutely know by it's fabulous production and the happinness they used to gave us in the better days. The two Border Community classics were now remixed und it's certain that doing this kind of job can't be easy. I can't judge either if the remixes are better than the originals or not but they give them a different look and it can always bring us a feeling of deja vu. Soopertrack is allienated by progressive trance on this remix and Martinez makes a subliminal work making The Sky Was Pink more relaxed and minimalist. An amazing release that can't be described in words...

2 Dollar Egg - Module Shaker

12" ----» Minimal tech house
i220 - 035

a1 - Module Shaker (7:15)
b1 - Module Shaker (Tomie Nevada remix) (5:39)

Gordon Heinicke & Erik Besier - 2 dollar egg - released this ep in october last year but this music - module shaker - was produced a long time ago, in late 90s and it was part of playlists in all the great clubs across the world. Tomie nevada makes a great remix bringing us an up skilled module shaker with new synths and front psyched rythms... I220 hadn't released an ep since 2003 and it's a great way to come back!


Richard Bartz - Big

2 x 12" ----» Acid, Tech house
kurbel 035

a1 - intro
a2 - atomic dog
a3 - zero eight nine
b1 - do it
b2 - real people
c1 - it must be wrong
c2 - rave to the maximum
d1- while the city sleeps
d2 - funky feet

Richard bartz, owner of kurbel records, is one of those german representants that makes his country highly ratted in the electronic scene. This double 12" is a mixture of poisons... acid, retro, reverbs, synths... a great album that takes you either to highly standart electro acid music (listen carefully d1 - while the city sleeps) or funky tech house like in b1 - do it... Leaving the german mark all the way setting a great energy and positive vibrations when you hear this kind of music! Atomic Dog, Do it, It must be wrong & while the city sleeps makes you understand the versatility of mr Bartz and why this will be a great great release


John Gaiser - And Answer

12" ----» Techno, Minimal
m_nus 046

a1 - And Answer (7:57)
a2 - Pandrip (5:47)
b1 - Egress (7:04)
b2 - No That (6:20)

If you are buying a m_nus album you should know what to look for... great productions, perfect minimalism and creativity... following the release from Magda, John Gaiser presents us "and answer" an album where all the tracks have a great bassline always upgrading its music adding perfect and noisy snares, a dark atmosphere in the middle of bass and beats. One of the best releases i've heard in a long time with all the goodys that i like in this kind of music.

The Modern Deep Left Quartet - Baby

12" -----» Abstract, minimal, techno
wagon repair 011

a1 - Babyfoot (10:05)
b1 - Intervention (2:46)
b2 - Straight Whiskey (6:39)
b3 - The River Card (1:40)

"I am happy to introduce The Modern Deep Left Quartet. We have Danuel Tate on keys, Tyger Dhula and The Mole programming, and myself on SH-101. Straight Whiskey features Frank on bass guitar. I hope you enjoy our first published live recording." - These are the words of Mathew Jonson about this new release on his label - wagon repair - all the tracks were recorded live from some jamming sessions. Babyfoot is the ideal music to get some knowledge of what kind of work they make, starts with an abstract rythm growing to a subtle minimalism track, a very nice one! Then it has an "Intervention" of techy feelings, a track very small but with great ingredients... An ep to listen and to spend a nice evening... at home!


Magda - Stop

12" ----» Minimal Techno
m_nus 035

a1 - 48 Hour Crack in Your Bass (7:26)

a2 - Lockjaw (5:54)
b1 - Panna Cotta Eyes (5:33)
b2 - Oblivicleas (5:44)

The debut 12" of Magda Hojnacka following the minimal taste that we can always appreciate on her sets... Richie hawtin style all the way, funky smooth growing bass patterns always followed by a slow and perfect construction that can lead us to a great evening! 48 Hour Crack in Your Bass is the perfect example of what Magda normally likes and surelly the best track of this release. Lockjaw & Panna Cotta eyes are also great productions with great minimal patterns assuring us that Magda is working it nicely! A don't miss it Ep

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