The Modern Deep Left Quartet - Baby

12" -----» Abstract, minimal, techno
wagon repair 011

a1 - Babyfoot (10:05)
b1 - Intervention (2:46)
b2 - Straight Whiskey (6:39)
b3 - The River Card (1:40)

"I am happy to introduce The Modern Deep Left Quartet. We have Danuel Tate on keys, Tyger Dhula and The Mole programming, and myself on SH-101. Straight Whiskey features Frank on bass guitar. I hope you enjoy our first published live recording." - These are the words of Mathew Jonson about this new release on his label - wagon repair - all the tracks were recorded live from some jamming sessions. Babyfoot is the ideal music to get some knowledge of what kind of work they make, starts with an abstract rythm growing to a subtle minimalism track, a very nice one! Then it has an "Intervention" of techy feelings, a track very small but with great ingredients... An ep to listen and to spend a nice evening... at home!

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