Chris Lattner & Coco Malente - Limbo Taxi

Chris Lattner, one of the Lessizmore resident, gets back to Einmaleins teaming up with Felicitas Mambele aka Coco Malente, a Nigeriam producer, for another great instalment. This might be considered a little preview of what’s to come during next Summer, fresh sounds, cool happy vocals and some pumpy flavored beats demanding danceable moments. Thats how the Ep starts, in the A side with Lattner’s track. “Limbo With Coco” has already been supported by mr. Nick Curly and Karotte among others, and it might really be a great Summer hit, the track has it all, quality, rhythm and a really enjoayble beat reminding us some of those old school anthems that we so much liked. In the B side Malente’s appears with a “Yellow Cab to Paris” showing up the same kind of patterns presented in the A side, a solid pumpy groove, some tribal elements, smooth funky bassline’s and really good percussive elements. Einmaleins was picked as one of the top 5 labels of last year and that can’t be considered luck, their work continues to be subliminal always presenting some of the best fresh tunes of the market, this time with the most grooviest and the most subtle house out there at the moment. Released in the last days of March

a1 - Chris Lattner - Limbo With Coco
b1 - Coco Malente - Yellow Cab To Paris

Release Date: 23.03.2009


Nick Curly - Series 1.1

8Bit Records has just released another massive release this time with their owner leading the decks. If you didn’t knew that Nick Curly is the label head of 8Bit you probably don’t know that he is also the founder of Cécille Records imprint, and this are definitely two of the hottest labels of the market. All their releases have top quality and this one confirms that pattern. The first Nick Curly Series bring us two strong tracks that were already supported by Dj’s like Ricardo Villalobos, Tiefschwarz, 2000&One, Sis, Johnny D, Gregor Tresher, Anthony Collins, Markus Fix, Livio & Roby, Boris Werner and Ray Okpara (…among others). Side A comes with a pumpy fresh tech house groove along with some jazzy elements that will leave the crowd delighted. Side B get’s even better, minimaland’style. It starts pretty deep and calm but the patterns go growing and growing like if there’s no tomorrow. “4711″ will be a sweet candy to all party’s and specially morning after-party’s. Released two days ago, hot!

a1 - Say Something
b1 - 4711

Rls Date: 30.03.2009

Marco Resmann - Paradise Lost

Upon You gets back to the scene with a release from one of their favorites producer: Marco Resmann aka Phage. Minimaland has a post of this guy’s first release - “Watercolour”, released by Mobilee - and now, after two years we get to cover another great installment from Mr. Resmann, this time released by my favorite label. So the plot is set: perfect label, awesome producer… the result is an outstanding Ep. It all begins with an edit version of “Paradise Lost”. a track build step by step that starts very dark and smooth but rapidly grows to a kind of underground euphoria full of hypnotic crisped patterns. After this amazing piece of good taste the original version shows up as a light version of the first, not as pumpy, but with an improved minimal sense that you can only listen in releases of labels like Upon You. It’s definitely the track of the Ep that better suits to Minimaland standards. “A Pace of Life”, in the B side finalizes this production in a deep dark style in those kind of night rhythms that the dancefloor will certainly appreciate. Release nr.20 on Upon You.

a1 - Paradise Lost (Edit)
a2 - Paradise Lost
b1 - A Pace of Life

Rls Date: 02.03.2009


Miguel Toro - Ford

Today we present to you some Latin flavors brought by the Venezuelan musician Miguel Toro. I have to say that I didn’t knew this producer but once I listened his Ep “Ford” I fell in love with his music. Released by “Motivbank” the vinyl comes with two tracks, one of them edited by Hagia Sophia… so if you like it simple, groovy and full of quality you have to listen this stunning release. On the A-Side Toro brings us the most exquisite music from South America (full of those latin grooves that minimaland appreciate) along with a traditional 4by4 pumpy beat that we so much like. On the B-side his music gets different influences, becoming a smoother track but never loosing the minimal delicacies that Toro presented us in the other side. It’s definitely an Ep that you should all know released by a very promising label. The German Motivbank debuted with Reboot and now in their 5th release, they look as solid as ever. Let’s wait for their next one..

a1 - Ford
b1 - Raw Digits (Hagia Sophia Edit)

Rls Date: 30.03.2009

Amir - Communicate

After some great feedback about his last work released on 8-Bit “Jazz Loops Ep”,Mr Rimah Khalouf aka Amir debuts on Trapez Limited Series with another great piece of good taste. In this release he comes up with two very pleasant tracks and a Into That remix by Piemont.
“Epopoe” was the one that really captivate me, it’s a massive 11 minutes tech house bomb with a huge percussion and some hypnotic samples that will leave you stunned, a true master piece. “Haptic” travels trough house waves, it’s clearly not as pumpy as the other one but it also has got a high quality of production. To end up the release, Piemont came up with a funky remix of “Haptic” (I think this one is only available on digital format, but i’m not sure) with the typical groove that the dancefloors seem to like, a clean beat, nice bassline and let’s party..

a1 - Epopoe
b1 - Haptic

Release Date: 23.03.2009

Douglas Greed - Beuys Don’t Cry

Freude At Tanzem is certainly one of the greatest labels of all time in the kind of music that minimaland usually supports. They still release almost every thing produced by Wighnomy Brothers and also artists like Marek Hemmann, Mathias Kaden, Kadebostan and Douglas Greed. This last producer just released his new Ep called “Beuys Don’t Cry” and, on FAT’s first appearance during 2009, Douglas came out with a brilliant performance. In his new 12″ he presents 4 tracks full of quality and passion. “If this…” is the first one and starts with a rather pumpy groove transmitting a danceable vibe. The percussive elements are some of the best you may listen nowadays, tech housy feelings all over the place. The 2nd track is the “Chessbet” appealing more to melodic moments, with some acid patterns that will turn your brain completely messed up. The feeling on this one is huge and you’ll definitely feel the incredible vibe this piece or art transmits. “Animals Will Only Come To You If You Feel Them” turns the paths to darker and heavier roots, appealing to your deepest feelings in those kind of tracks that will make the dancefloors mad… this one is to enjoy at open spaces, to float around between a nocturnal melody and some amazing percussion that are present in this amazing groove. Feel it! “A Life Full of Handshakes” closes down the path, in a dark dubbed style.
Music lovers only

a1 - If This...
a2 - Chessbet
b1 - Animals Will Only Come To You If You Feed Them
b2 - A Life Full Of Handshakes

Rls Date: 16.03.2009


Markus Schatz & Brett Longman - Dope On Plastic EP

After a magnificent Ep produced by Benno Blome and Tom Clark - “Pheromonia”, Highgrade records is back with another top release, this time with Markus Schatz and Brett Longman at the decks. Schatz is known by his work on labels like Opossum records, while Brett Longman, from Paris, has a few good works at Logistic Rec, among others. “Dope On Plastic Ep” brings something more from them, this is a high class production with the most challenging stripped down percussive mnml there can be. All the 4 tracks are beautifully constructed and will be certain hits to be appreciated at the most exclusive dancefloors. Dubby and funky elements, low synths, great kicks, detroit roots, deep melodies, unexpected rhythms, amazing constructions, you can count with all of this in the Ep. Highgrade always brings the most freshest techno in the scene and this release is not an exception. Another fabulous work from one of the best labels in the market. A must have.

a1 - Dope on Plastic
a2 - Push It
b1 - Running
b2 - Good Vibe

Rls Date: 16.03.2009

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