Sei A - Chinese Whispers

The producer from Glasgow, Andy Graham debuts on International Dj Gigolos with a high intensity record. I’ve been following the producer’s career for quite some time and this EP confirms all my expectations. “Chinese Whispers” goes around dark environments and deep beats and I have no doubt that every dancefloor will appreciate this tracks. The a-side is a “super late night Electro tinged Techno, dark oscillating bass colliding with mysterious female vocals for a serious trip”. Perfect rhythm to be spread in the night times. On the flipside “My Montage” forggets the dark patterns and explores some morning feelings. The beat keeps deep and dark but some “luscious posh trance tinges and urgent synths” turn this track into a track that can become unforgetable, if played in the proper place and time! High rated EP, one of the best releases I’ve listened from Gigolo in a long time (Along the Peter Kruder ones).

a1 - Chinese Whispers
b1 – My Montage

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Release Date: 31.08.2009


Roland Appel – Snow in the Spring Time

Roland Appel started producing music and spinning records in the early nineties. He was a member of Fauna Flash ( together with Christian Prommer ) and the Trüby Trio (with rainer trüby + Christian Prommer ). They successfully produced 3 studio albums. In 2002 he released one album with his Peter Kruder and another with Christian Prommer – Voom:Voom .With every project he toured the world and playing clubs and festivals from Montreal Jazz Festival, Sonar Festival to Fabric London, New York, Berlin and Tokyo.
From 2004 to 2006 Roland lived in Paris, France. During this time he started to write music for his solo career which quickly gained an international following. In 2006 returning to Munich / Germany he teamed up with engineer Jan Krause to start recording once again. Whether Roland incorporates an accomplice or is at it solo, there’s hardly a dull moment in the studio or on stage. Roland Appel captivates his audience by combining the integral influences of Detroit techno, folk, disco all the way to soul and house.
One of the most in demand tracks from the ‘All Night Long’ album, ‘Snow…’ gets a full single release as a result of the huge response from disco heavyweights Horse Meat Disco, who took the time to contact us to tell us how much they love it. Old school disco in every way, certainly not ‘space’ and nothing ‘nu’ about it.. DFA darlings Runaway turn it in a slow burning house direction that builds the tension until every last drop is wrung out in a sweaty pool on the dance floor. Nice.

Minimaland Feedback: “Snow in the Spring Time” really deserved a full single release and Aus music didn’t forgget it… this is one of the most exciting tracks of the last years and this Ep marks it as a symbol of the electronic nowadays scene. The runaway remix in the b side add’s it a deeper sensation, turned up to minimal flavours, just as we like it here. Loved it!

a1. Cold Blooded
a2. Snow In Spring Time
b1. Snow In Spring Time (Runaway Remix)

Release Date: 28.09.2009

Paul Kalkbrenner - Berlin Calling Vol.1

Berlin Calling is undoubtedly part of the film highlights of 2009. Hannes Stöhr’s fictitious drama based around the up-and-coming Berlin musician and Toxicomaniac Ickarus skillfully distances itself from ‘hip’ biopics and instead offers one hundred percent of authenticity and classic storytelling. What is surprising is the ease and the speed with which the dramatic – and even in parts tragic – story is presented. This balance act succeeds not only with images, but also with Paul Kalkbrenner’s congenial soundtrack accomplishes that feat effortlessly. Finally, after the “hymn” Sky and Sand, comes the second release as a 12” EP. Thematically, the title song is closely related to Sky and Sand, and the three tracks form an absolutely harmonious trilogy, not only perfectly transporting the film’s atmosphere, but actually generating it on their own. Even if you don’t know the images, you will soon get the impression of a subliminal, compulsively seething energy – and at the same time that of devouring emptiness, cycling faster and faster around aimlessness.

a1 - Square 1
b1 - Aaron
b2 – Azure

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Minimaland Feedback: After almost one year, it’s a pleasure to get back to “Berlin Calling” steps again… the Cd really marked us and, in Vol.1 vinyl, we’ll all get the chance to buy some of the most gentle soft tracks that have been made during electronic musical history. We are trully appreciators of this producer’s work and we will always be waiting for his next move… for now lets way for Vol.2 because this is a perfect first!

Rls Date: 03.08.2009

Danny Fiddo and Affkt – El Prologo (Remixes Pt 1.1)

Today we present to you a new label, Barraca Music from Spain… I became aware of them when they released “Bank Brotherhood Ep“, their latest work developed by Los Updates and Ricardo Villalobos… but today I’m here to talk about their best work untill now… “El Prologo remixes” headed by Luciano, Villalalobos and Radio Slave. The original tracks were featured in Barraca’s first release and to make it unforgetable nothing could be better than inviting the Chilean crue to perform some remixes. In the A-Side you will listen “Ricardo Villalobos Una Puta Mas Atras Remix”, a 15 minute long length track very typical on his creations where deep percussions, minimal sense and appealing melodies combine perfectly. I promise you won’t get tired of this one in the whole 15 minutes of it. Amazing! In the B-Side there’s “Falto Pepico Luciano remix”, another massive production. If you’re one of the people who believe that “minimal” really does exist among the electronic music movement this is one of it’s best prototypes, 4by4 rhythm, huge percussions, again appealing melodies and some hand picked loops turned this track into a dancefloor turn-on! As I usually say when I listen Luciano or Villalobos productions: “This is minimal!”. If you buy the Ep digitally you’ll have a third track, a “El Prologo” remix by Radio Slave, very groovy with a great deep mnml rhythm where Radio Slave clearly tried to follow the patters of the Chilean producers. El Prologo remixes will be complete when the second delivery sees the light. For that release the chosen artists will be Mathias Kaden and Inxec so… stay tuned!

a1 – Points (Ricardo Villalobos Una Puta Mas Atras remix)
b1 - Cartas Para Geisha (Falto Pepica Luciano mix)

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Rls Date: 07.08.2009

Lauhaus - Latenights

Despite being the first Lauhaus Ep that we post, we’ve been following his career for a long time, this Dj and Producer creates dedicated music and his Dj sets are some of the best ones you can listen. Laurens Lanting aka Lauhaus is also one of the parts of the duo Polder, highly known by their famous album Poldermodel and this solo Ep proves all his quality. This producer from the Netherlands presents three amazing tracks that will have a tremendous effect among underground crowds. His deepness his something that we definitely appreciate and you will be able to confirm it when you listen this release. The first track “Latenights” is a guaranteed dancefloor igniter with it’s deep beat and incredible tech-house rhythm. A flawless track that will make the dancing people go crazy. Lauhaus bounce it again in the b-side track “Newe Welle” surfing through even more deep dark waves, not as techy as the other but with far more soul… it’s a perfect one for our kind of style and the one that makes us astonished here at the land. If you buy it digitally you’ll have a third track – “Backstage Beauties” a after-hours session bomb, that it’s worth to buy. Released by Intacto Records.

a1 - Latenights
b1 – Newe Welle
D.O. - Backstage Beauties

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Release Date: 17.08.2009

Freedarich & Stiggsen – Lago

Each night before bedtime, Freedarich & Stiggsen turn into two giant, radioactive ants. There they are then, obviously enjoying their facet insect eyes. And sometimes, their own ant’s sound inspires them to produce techno music. When Freedarich & Stiggsen want to go out, they turn back into Bohemians again, in order not have to party all alone due to Berlin’s mean bouncers. With their first release on Areal, Friedrich Greiling & Steph Sandeck have come up with a double-A-side. Both sides do not hesitate, they simply take you on a trip. So we had no option but to let the dice decide.

Minimaland Feedback: What a promising start for this duo, Freedarich and Stiggsen are an incredible mysterious surprise, this Ep is a new breath of fresh air through the scene. “Lago”, the first track is a beautiful combination of different pleasures, a melody that will tear you apart, really well created reminding me some of the best times of trance music, the deep beat will complete it for you, if you like music with feeling this is your best choice for this month… fly, fly away. I must confess I can’t stop listening it…! The other one is “Candide”, a darker deeper track that will lead you into a trip through the most rough sides of electronic music. Maybe the most surprising release I’ve listened in the last times, I’ve already bought it, i just hope some of you will do the same…

a1 - Lago
b1 - Candide

Rls Date: 13.08.2009


Hrdvision - The Mohana

Wagon Repair’s first release past the 50 benchmark offers a look at long time partner Hrdvsion’s latest works of chopped melody and effervescent invention. Opener ‘The Mohana’ explores a central chord progression with intermittent squeaked melodic static, reverberant pad echoes and crisp swinging percussion. A pragmatic animal, dueling hook lines dance, transform and compete for attention between pounded kick and hat in one of Hrdvsion’s most floor ready tracks to date. B side ‘ Sliding Into Air (Edit)’ takes matters ten clicks deeper as soaked pads loom forebodingly over lively harmonic sparks. An exercise in volume and dynamics, melodic holes are punched through a compressed mix, their impact adding profound rhythm to the already infectious percussive motor. Epic and uncompromising, ‘Sliding Into Air’ is a violently graphic alternative to its meeker techno cousins. ‘Sliding Into Air (Live)’ , which will only be available in digital format, offers a different shade to its aggressive original, with melodic and percussive variations adding definition to the tracks monolithic pads and mix meddling dynamics.

Minimaland Feedback: After their 50th smashing release, Wagon Repair continues to surprise us, this time with Hrdvsion on the decks. Tech pumpy minimal to make the dancefloors go mad! Full support to “The Mohana”

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a1 - The Mohana
b1 - Sliding Into Air
Digital Only – Sliding Into Air (Live mix)

Rls Date: 22.06.2009


Mathew Jonson - Walking On The Hands That Follow Me

To celebrate Wagon Repair’s 50th record our favorite Canadians are releasing a special colour vinyl of label head Mathew Jonson’s latest work. Fresh in the aftermath of new summer baked Cobblestone Jazz material, Mathew’s refined combination of unearthly melodic twists and floor friendly percussion is back, offering a darker and deeply personal perspective to his unparalleled output. Opener ‘Walking On The Hands That Follow Me’ stalks with foot stepped bass and rapid fire hat as subtle wisps of melody approach from afar. Deep and nightmarish, a staccato affected confessional vocal pierces the mix as a chilling pad blows an icy wind to make your hair stand on end. Ever cinematic, this vertigo inducing composition is among Mat’s most seductive and eerie. On the flip, ‘When Loves Feels Like Crying’ tugs with crisp melodic sentiment to a calm percussive motion. Rich yet fragile, harmonic fragments granulate from the central hook, dripping resonant as punched bass tones offer glimpses of movement and energy beneath the cascading surface form.

Minimaland Feedback: Gathering Mathew Jonson and Wagon Repair could only be awesome! This release is all about perfection and feeling. A side made to trip, B side to fall in love (or out of it), to cry, to think, to want… I know this track for a long long time, from a few Jonson’s set and i just can’t stop listening it. Must buy Ep!

A - Walking on the Hands That Follow Me
B - When Love Feels Like Crying

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Release Date: 08.06.2009

Bond & Blome - Ghost Story

What could be better than uniting Mr Benno Blome and Jens Bond to perform? This are easily two of my favorite producers united in one of the best labels of electronic musical history – Sender Records. If most of the ep’s that are being released are suited to Summer grooves, this one transcends any season with some dark spooky environments being transmitted in the two tracks. In the A side you will listen a “Ghost Story” filled by mysterious voices able to frighten you in a lonely dark night… the music is very well build, it has a groovy beat and the sample choices are very adequate to the theme of the Ep. In the b-side there’s “This Way We Play”, another dark track, not as groovy as the first but quite more deep and minimal, transmitting again the feeling that you are entering into some kind of twilight zone. Easily my favorite track of the Ep. Prepare yourself for some scary moments… a production that will have tremendous success during hard night environments.

a1 - Ghost Story
b1 - This Way We Play

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Rls Date: 29.06.2009

Extrawelt - Deine Beine

Extrawelt (Arne Schaffhausen and Wayan Raabe) are undoubtedly one of best things I’ve listened my entire life! Their past influences based on Progressive Trance can be the cause, as I too, enjoyed some of those moments where they were known as Midimilz. Still, their sound is clearly different from the average, charging it with tremendous emotions and a respectable knowledge on what concerns to music production – the best example of this fact is their album (Schone Newe Extrawelt) that was posted here during October where they’ve shown all their skills. Now they are back, this time on Traum to deliver an inspirating Ep. The first track of “Deine Beine” is the one that marked me the most… “Mit Liese Auf Der Wiese” transmits such an incredible feeling that It’s difficult to explain, a smooth beat followed by melancholic chords that keep growing and growing making you wonder how beautiful and penetrating this style of music can be. After this one comes “Clap’s Cally” with it’s hypnotic chords, 4by4 rhythm and low synths… a great tool to be spread during night. “Was Ubrig Bleibt” finishes the Ep in great harmony and a sense of enjoyability and kindness floating around deep dub patterns.
Definitely, one of the best works I’ve listened the entire year…

a1 -Mit Liese Auf Der Wiese
b1 - Clap’s Cally
b2 – Was Ubrig Bleibt

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Traum V113
Rls Date: 02.07.2009


Moodymanc - Seedz

The vinyl-focused, shrink-wrapped, limited-edition, coloured vinyl Tsuba offshoot Tsuba Colours returns after the triumphant debut of label-boss Kevin Griffiths’ “Cantona Kung Fu” earlier this year – this time, it’s Moodymanc with “Seedz”.
Otherwise known as Dubble D of 20:20 Soundsystem, Moodymanc aka Danny Ward is the real deal. A jazz drumming, house music obsessive he has toured live, DJ’d the world over and is now carving an impeccable reputation as Moodymanc. With releases scheduled for Third Ear, Dessous and Connaisseur to name but a few, his reputation looks unlikely to be shaken, too.
First though, his input for the Tsuba offshoot deserves our attention.”Seedz” combines tribal drums, delicate keys and subtle horns in fine style, referencing the best of New York house while remaining modern in feel. No loop-driven drum assault, “Seedz” is a carefully structured slice of deep house.
B-side cut “Thumbs Up” goes south with a latin/afrobeat house direction. Carnival drums, FM bass and an unrelenting drive do the work while low-in-the-mix filtered loops ebb and flow throughout, adding the sort of melody the lazy among us would characterise as summery.
For the digitally inclined there’s a bonus drum dub of “Seedz” which will please the tinkering-jocks out there so all in all this is another strong release for the fledgling offshoot which seeks to satiate lovers of house in all formats.

a1 – Seedz
b1 - Thumbs Up
Digital Only - Seedz (Drum Dub)

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Release Date: June, 2009


Hugo - Stel and Stan

Tuning Spork is clearly becoming one of my favorite labels, their have been doing a great work this year and today I present to you their latest Ep. The original “Stel and Atan” was first released back in 2007 and now, after two years, label founder Jay Haze felt it was time to do the proper revisit of this sort of neglected bomb! So, both Haze and Hugo produced two new versions of the track. The A side is the “S Ivory Pleated Pants Remix”, by Hugo, a funky deep minimal house tune with a great bass line and a hot groovy rhythm that will leave the dancefloor swaying under the moonlight. Next comes Haze with his “S Iridescent Spandex Remix) bringing the track to a deeper level turning this monster into a minimal tech turn on! The rhythm is near to perfection along with the bass variations.. After his great mix for Fabric, Hazy continues to surprise us, we really support his work and we honestly think that his productions keep getting better.. this is a track to be appreciated by… appreciators! Hugo and Haze showing the people what minimal grooves are all about.

a1 - Stel And Atan (S Ivory Pleated Pants remix)
b1 - Stel And Atan (S Iridescent Spandex remix)

Rls Date: 26.06.2009

Mathias Mesteno - In Laws

I think Minimaland has already showed all their love for Upon You releases. Almost every one of them have the ability to surprise us and even if we expect the very best from this label, their rarely let usdown. This is the 2nd time we present a Mathias Mesteno work and if you liked the last one you’ll surely like this! The Ep is composed by three amazing tracks starting with “Andrea” a deep tech house seductive production where a heavy bassline and some high fashion loops (very similar to Detroit’s style) stand out! This track has a growing pattern since it starts and it will easily be a major hit in the dancefloors. After Andrea, Mesteno present us “Bettina”, a quite more pumpy lad making us remind some typical Masomenos or Kreon & Lemos productions with a high pumpy beat and some jazzy loops that fit perfectly in it. The tech house rhythm marks presence in this one again imputing itself like a fingerprint of Mesteno’s music. “Melinda” closes this fabulous Ep in a great way, this one is a more mysterious one where you listen the first minute and you still can’t imagine what’s coming out of there. Well, I won’t ruin it for you but I can tell you that this is a deep delicacy, typical on Upon You, in those kinds of tracks that keep getting up and down always creating an enormous urge to dance. Another must have production, buy it and keep it like gold cause you can’t get much better than this.

a1 - Andrea
b1 - Melinda
b2 - Bettina

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Rls Date: 22.06.2009

Plasmik - Colors EP

The Berlin based Brothers Roman & Marcel are back with their first release during 2009, launched by Connaisseur, Recordings as usual. This might be their greatest Ep till date and was already supported by Lee Jones, Gabriel Ananda, Solomun, Shinedoe, Masomenos, Eyerer, Brendom Moeller and Luke Solomon among others. In fact this work contains three great grooves that go around some deep Detroit house and minimal techno. The Ep starts with “Night Bell” with a 4by4 old school rhythm and some neurotic patterns that will make your brain trip during all the way of this one. All the tracks that have “Bell” on their name usually are like this: psychotic, trippy and really acid! Next is “Sneeky Dee” in a far more relaxed rhythm, more inclined to deep house roots but that fast turn into a tech house track. It has a great bassline and the construction on this one is simply amazing, in the beginning there’s only the beat but things start to show up forming an incredible tune. I can see this rising up the moods of night and after-hours crowds. “Red Tension” ends this production in a great way. It is the track with the strongest musical approach, where Plasmik stop to be random producers and transform themselves into something more: musicians. It has a great deep rhythm, with some jazzy instrument in the back like the piano and the sax and a beautiful sound universe stepped up by an amazing percussion, building up a perfect journey. Outstanding release.

a1 - Night Bell
b1 - Sneeky Dee
b2 - Red Tension

to listen the samples visit our mainsite: minimaland.com

Release Date: 24.06.2009

Robag Wruhme - Abusus Adde

Gabor Schablitzki aka Robag Wruhme is one of our favorite old school producers and one of the guys that I’ve first started to listen among this musical genre. His Ep’s on Music Krause made me realize that this was the next step, this is was the true Dance music! Now, after a few years he still continues to do amazing productions like this one that was released by Vakant a few days ago. Abusus Adde is composed by three very good tracks that were already supported by Sacha Funke, John Tejada, Ellon, Anthony Collins, Magda, Slam and Raresh… It all starts with “Hodgkin Mopp” a tripadelic minimal long length performance that goes around a fascinating melody and a wicked beat typical on Robag’s productions. Next is the disturbed “Ruptur Oing” that will captivate you by it’s fascinating deep lines and the step by step construction. A powerful dark tool to use in night clubs! To finalize the EP appears “Fufo2″, a track interlaced between dubstep beats and minimal constructions showing another side of this guy that we also appreciate a lot! A track to start a set or to end it… Robag isn’t a “normal” producer, his tracks are genuine, now it’s up to you to like it or hate it.

a1 - Hodgkin Mopp
b1 – Ruptur Oing
b2 – Fufo2

Release Date: 03.06.2009

Veitengruber - Bon Melange

In the 21st release of the aclamated 8bit – owned by Mr Nick Curly – a new producer appears in the scene… this Mannheim based artist “Veitengruber” 1st release is really an well acomplished one composed by two original tracks and two remixes propered by Afrilounge and Liapin. The Ep starts with “Bon Melange”, a quite seductive track with a clean 4by4 beat full of quality and good taste, a great percussion and a construction that suits well to 8bit (and Curly’s) style. Next is “Big Love” a deep turn on with one of those step by step constructions that drives the crowd insane. All the elements seem to fit perfectly in the track and i think you’ll really appreciate it. The melody is wicked, reminding me some Kreon & Lemos productions, very relaxed with warm chords bringing you into the right mood for summer. In the b side you will be able to listen an Afrilounge version of Bon Melange full of minimal inputs and deep lines… a strong deep pumping track properly made to night clubs and really good soundsystems . To end up this pack Liapin also shows up with a remix of the same track (digital version only)… he is part of Afrilounge trio and on this solo version he shows all his inherent potential with a neurotic procedure of minimal exquisite good taste. This is an EP that you must know about, 8Bit continues to deliver in quite good style with flawless productions.

Digital only - Bon Melange (Liapin remix)

Release Date: 01.06.2009


Blind Minded - Tekatek Ep

The Trapez limited series are back again, this time with a British producer - Blind Minded - bringing us an outstanding work with two top tracks. The first delicacy starts with a 4×4 dry beat and some neurotic sample. It gets even more interesting when the vocals show up… the guy speaking seems to teach us something about how to produce a music, just showing how easy is to produce a good track (is it really that easy?). B side bring us Clap in Time, a tribal step by step minimal track, typical to listen at the best clubs and that will work perfectly in the houses with those perfect sound systems. The jazzy inputs work beautifully and the bassline demands dancing! Trapez showing once again top choices with Blind Minded. Clean release, not a blind bet!

a1 - Tekatek
b1 - Clap In Time

Rls Date: 27.04.2009

Moritz Piske - Real One Ep

Producers from Berlin always have a special kind of way of doing things… when I started to listen this Ep I rapidly thought that Moritz Piske should be from this amazing city, the way he constructs a certain pattern or how he inputs in the music such variations of bassline are typical from there. In fact this is the 2nd work I listen from him, both released by Opossum Records, one of my favorite labels during this recent years. Moritz present us two quite good tracks starting, in the A side, with “Real One” that was charted by Sweet N Candy as his favorite choice for April… why? Cause it got flow, a great bassline and a seductive pumpy feeling. A real turn on! In the B side there’s “Cant Keep”, with a step by step construction, some marvelous bass variations and a schizophrenic vocal sample. A typical Berlin all-minimal track, just as we like it here. Top class release, Opossum Records brings quality into a scene that sometimes seems to be overcrowded. Highly recommended.

a1 - Real One
b1 - Cant Keep

Rls Date 30.04.2009


Moonbeam - When Tears Are Dropping From the Sky

The Russian duo Moonbeam composed by Pavel Khvaleyev and Vitaliy Khvaleyev are back to Traum, after almost a year to release a quite good Ep. Their sounds are quite unmistakable and are marked by some progressive beats always going under outstanding basslines while a few melodies float on the air. And this is, again, what they came to show at Traum Schallplatten. The first tune “When Tears Are Dropping From The Sky” is the most proggy one, reminding me some psychedelic tunes that I listened a few years ago… this really is a track for all of you to close your eyes and feel it… i bet this will gain an extra dimension on open air partys. Next comes “Chirpy” engaging into a more disturbed path, more suitable to minimal techno horizons. It’s another monster one already charted by many Traum djs and my favorite of the Ep. To finalize this terrific work comes “Otaria Ursina” with some gentle melodies to be appreciated in a sunny morning party. Traum releases usually are above the average and this one proves it.

a1 - When Tears Are Dropping From The Sky
b1 - Chirpy
b2 - Otaria Ursina

Rls DatE: 05.04.2009

Berghain 03 - Part II

Following the huge success of Marcel Dettmann, OstGut Ton brings you ‘Berghain 03′ by Len Faki at the end of april 2009. Before the CD hits the shop, the label releases two 12″s featuring the exclusive material of Len’s mix, which, of course, is too good to keep it from DJs all over. In Detail, ‘Berghain 03 - Part I (o-ton 22) contains tracks by Tony Lionni and Radio Slave, ‘Berghain 03 - Part II’ (o-ton 23) contains tracks by Edit-Select and Len Faki himself.
Edit-Select is both label and music project of Scottish DJ Tony Scott, who might also be known for his releases as Percy X on Soma since the mid 90s. Two years ago, he spectacularly managed to reinvent himself as Edit-Select. Nearly all of his new minimal techno tracks have been played and charted by respected Djs such as Luciano, Ben Klock and Richie Hawtin. His exclusive contribution ‘Bauer’ to ‘Berghain 03′ features a stoic rhythm, sparse, but very effective sci-fi tricks and a stretched, standing pad turning the track into a hypnotic monster tool for the wee hours.
Of course Len Faki himself would not miss the chance to contribute an exclusive track to his own mix CD. ‘BX 3′ is one of those typical Faki productions, which, after a tension building prelude, draws on an abundance of resources: alarm sirens, white noise, a massive kick drum. One can literally feel Faki’s awe-inspiring, baroque joy of exploiting what’s possible.

Minimaland Feedback: Massive Techno Anthems with Two Real Gems

Release Date: 20.04.2009

Read more about Len’s Faki mix here

Reboot - Ronson Ep

Frank Heinrich aka Reboot is a producer that Minimaland has never mentioned till this date. Despite that fact he is one of the most promissing producers in the tech house scene having previously released some Ep’s on famous labels like Cadenza Records and now, for the second time, he shows up on Cocoon Recordings new edition to deliver a brilliant piece of genuine dance music. This limited edition starts, in the A side, with “Mirasierra”, a long length track that is being charted by Luciano, Nick Curly and many others. I really like this one, it’s a great construction that goes around mnml tech tribal rhythms. In the B side appears “Ronson” with more powerful roots among a step by step pattern, a massive techno beat and a huge bassline… this is something to order the dancefloors to go mad, it’s the most valid tool of the Ep and the most valid reason of this post. A Blue limited edition that all music appreciators should have in their collections

a1 - Mirasierra
b1 - Ronson

samples here

Rls Date: 01.04.2009

Nick Höppner - Makeover / Foundling

Nick Höppner, influent part in My My trio, releases this solo “Makeover/Foundling” after the last “Who Needs Action” on berghain, now on another division, Ostgut Tontraeger, the visible echoed part. Ostgut was considered one of the best (and the best by a few) labels of the year, so these two names simply seemed to make a great bond.
Needle down on the vinyl, appears “Makeover”, a stripped down, detailed track more sided to the static rythm and some additional increases on the melody to a introspective progressive construction. Fliping back, on the b side, Foundling takes the control into a more ethereal vibe, as it transmits a great sense of order and detail. Will not put your emotion or thrill up on the peak, however, as listened carefully, denotes great quality, reminding us of older times and good memories with a fresh sense. Ostgut starting, since the last ep on february, to appear again this new year betting on stability and quality. (written by Flow)

Release Date:23/03/2009 | Cat: OSTGUTTON#21

Touane - Salty Peanuts

“It may sound like a cliché, but for once it’s true: in a scene scattered with soundalike artists,Touane sounds like no other. On his many records for Persona, Dumb-Unit, liebe*detail, MiniSketch and Resopal, the Italian producer has continually challenged assumptions about “club music,” turning out rich, surprising tunes that sacrifice neither intellect nor emotion in their pursuit of the groove—making him a perfect fit for Berlin’s Lan Muzic, of course.
Touane’s last release for the label was 2007’s Eiertanz EP; now he returns with two strong new tracks rounded out by a quietly bonkers remix by Lan’s resident mad scientist, Jacopo Carreras. Dark, dirty and mischievous, “Salty Peanuts” finds Touane in full-throttle mode, propelled forward by a deep, muscular bass line and dry, scratchy percussion that vibrates like sandpaper against hardwood. For all its restraint, there’s no forgetting the funk, and as the track builds, adding layer after layer of muted percussion and coolly jewel-toned synthesizers, the track only becomes more urgent and irresistible.
“BBQ” slinks into earshot as if it had a guilty conscience, with churning bass cloaked in shadow and oblique percussion providing cover. But like a blush comes to the cheeks, the track gradually emerges into the light, as bright synthesizer lines build in intensity and the drums start throwing sparks; its long, extended climax is an unexpected fusion of dub techno, percussive house and deepest space disco, and it slays.
Jacopo Carreras’ remix of “Salty Peanuts” is, if anything, even saltier than the original. Staying true to its sense of funk, he leans into the bass, sharpens up the hi-hats and adds a delirious little acid burble, with jittery digital edits crushing beats to bone dust and a gelatinous mass of bass and keys bubbling up and splashing all over the rhythm’s clean lines. It’s one of the most focused things Carreras has done yet, and a guaranteed after-hours secret weapon.”
Minimaland Feedback: Amazing BBQ, Lan Muzik equals Quality

1. Touane - Salty Peanuts
2. Touane - Salty Peanuts (Jacopo Carreras remix)
3. Touane - BBQ

Release Date: 20.04.2009


Chris Lattner & Coco Malente - Limbo Taxi

Chris Lattner, one of the Lessizmore resident, gets back to Einmaleins teaming up with Felicitas Mambele aka Coco Malente, a Nigeriam producer, for another great instalment. This might be considered a little preview of what’s to come during next Summer, fresh sounds, cool happy vocals and some pumpy flavored beats demanding danceable moments. Thats how the Ep starts, in the A side with Lattner’s track. “Limbo With Coco” has already been supported by mr. Nick Curly and Karotte among others, and it might really be a great Summer hit, the track has it all, quality, rhythm and a really enjoayble beat reminding us some of those old school anthems that we so much liked. In the B side Malente’s appears with a “Yellow Cab to Paris” showing up the same kind of patterns presented in the A side, a solid pumpy groove, some tribal elements, smooth funky bassline’s and really good percussive elements. Einmaleins was picked as one of the top 5 labels of last year and that can’t be considered luck, their work continues to be subliminal always presenting some of the best fresh tunes of the market, this time with the most grooviest and the most subtle house out there at the moment. Released in the last days of March

a1 - Chris Lattner - Limbo With Coco
b1 - Coco Malente - Yellow Cab To Paris

Release Date: 23.03.2009


Nick Curly - Series 1.1

8Bit Records has just released another massive release this time with their owner leading the decks. If you didn’t knew that Nick Curly is the label head of 8Bit you probably don’t know that he is also the founder of Cécille Records imprint, and this are definitely two of the hottest labels of the market. All their releases have top quality and this one confirms that pattern. The first Nick Curly Series bring us two strong tracks that were already supported by Dj’s like Ricardo Villalobos, Tiefschwarz, 2000&One, Sis, Johnny D, Gregor Tresher, Anthony Collins, Markus Fix, Livio & Roby, Boris Werner and Ray Okpara (…among others). Side A comes with a pumpy fresh tech house groove along with some jazzy elements that will leave the crowd delighted. Side B get’s even better, minimaland’style. It starts pretty deep and calm but the patterns go growing and growing like if there’s no tomorrow. “4711″ will be a sweet candy to all party’s and specially morning after-party’s. Released two days ago, hot!

a1 - Say Something
b1 - 4711

Rls Date: 30.03.2009

Marco Resmann - Paradise Lost

Upon You gets back to the scene with a release from one of their favorites producer: Marco Resmann aka Phage. Minimaland has a post of this guy’s first release - “Watercolour”, released by Mobilee - and now, after two years we get to cover another great installment from Mr. Resmann, this time released by my favorite label. So the plot is set: perfect label, awesome producer… the result is an outstanding Ep. It all begins with an edit version of “Paradise Lost”. a track build step by step that starts very dark and smooth but rapidly grows to a kind of underground euphoria full of hypnotic crisped patterns. After this amazing piece of good taste the original version shows up as a light version of the first, not as pumpy, but with an improved minimal sense that you can only listen in releases of labels like Upon You. It’s definitely the track of the Ep that better suits to Minimaland standards. “A Pace of Life”, in the B side finalizes this production in a deep dark style in those kind of night rhythms that the dancefloor will certainly appreciate. Release nr.20 on Upon You.

a1 - Paradise Lost (Edit)
a2 - Paradise Lost
b1 - A Pace of Life

Rls Date: 02.03.2009


Miguel Toro - Ford

Today we present to you some Latin flavors brought by the Venezuelan musician Miguel Toro. I have to say that I didn’t knew this producer but once I listened his Ep “Ford” I fell in love with his music. Released by “Motivbank” the vinyl comes with two tracks, one of them edited by Hagia Sophia… so if you like it simple, groovy and full of quality you have to listen this stunning release. On the A-Side Toro brings us the most exquisite music from South America (full of those latin grooves that minimaland appreciate) along with a traditional 4by4 pumpy beat that we so much like. On the B-side his music gets different influences, becoming a smoother track but never loosing the minimal delicacies that Toro presented us in the other side. It’s definitely an Ep that you should all know released by a very promising label. The German Motivbank debuted with Reboot and now in their 5th release, they look as solid as ever. Let’s wait for their next one..

a1 - Ford
b1 - Raw Digits (Hagia Sophia Edit)

Rls Date: 30.03.2009

Amir - Communicate

After some great feedback about his last work released on 8-Bit “Jazz Loops Ep”,Mr Rimah Khalouf aka Amir debuts on Trapez Limited Series with another great piece of good taste. In this release he comes up with two very pleasant tracks and a Into That remix by Piemont.
“Epopoe” was the one that really captivate me, it’s a massive 11 minutes tech house bomb with a huge percussion and some hypnotic samples that will leave you stunned, a true master piece. “Haptic” travels trough house waves, it’s clearly not as pumpy as the other one but it also has got a high quality of production. To end up the release, Piemont came up with a funky remix of “Haptic” (I think this one is only available on digital format, but i’m not sure) with the typical groove that the dancefloors seem to like, a clean beat, nice bassline and let’s party..

a1 - Epopoe
b1 - Haptic

Release Date: 23.03.2009

Douglas Greed - Beuys Don’t Cry

Freude At Tanzem is certainly one of the greatest labels of all time in the kind of music that minimaland usually supports. They still release almost every thing produced by Wighnomy Brothers and also artists like Marek Hemmann, Mathias Kaden, Kadebostan and Douglas Greed. This last producer just released his new Ep called “Beuys Don’t Cry” and, on FAT’s first appearance during 2009, Douglas came out with a brilliant performance. In his new 12″ he presents 4 tracks full of quality and passion. “If this…” is the first one and starts with a rather pumpy groove transmitting a danceable vibe. The percussive elements are some of the best you may listen nowadays, tech housy feelings all over the place. The 2nd track is the “Chessbet” appealing more to melodic moments, with some acid patterns that will turn your brain completely messed up. The feeling on this one is huge and you’ll definitely feel the incredible vibe this piece or art transmits. “Animals Will Only Come To You If You Feel Them” turns the paths to darker and heavier roots, appealing to your deepest feelings in those kind of tracks that will make the dancefloors mad… this one is to enjoy at open spaces, to float around between a nocturnal melody and some amazing percussion that are present in this amazing groove. Feel it! “A Life Full of Handshakes” closes down the path, in a dark dubbed style.
Music lovers only

a1 - If This...
a2 - Chessbet
b1 - Animals Will Only Come To You If You Feed Them
b2 - A Life Full Of Handshakes

Rls Date: 16.03.2009


Markus Schatz & Brett Longman - Dope On Plastic EP

After a magnificent Ep produced by Benno Blome and Tom Clark - “Pheromonia”, Highgrade records is back with another top release, this time with Markus Schatz and Brett Longman at the decks. Schatz is known by his work on labels like Opossum records, while Brett Longman, from Paris, has a few good works at Logistic Rec, among others. “Dope On Plastic Ep” brings something more from them, this is a high class production with the most challenging stripped down percussive mnml there can be. All the 4 tracks are beautifully constructed and will be certain hits to be appreciated at the most exclusive dancefloors. Dubby and funky elements, low synths, great kicks, detroit roots, deep melodies, unexpected rhythms, amazing constructions, you can count with all of this in the Ep. Highgrade always brings the most freshest techno in the scene and this release is not an exception. Another fabulous work from one of the best labels in the market. A must have.

a1 - Dope on Plastic
a2 - Push It
b1 - Running
b2 - Good Vibe

Rls Date: 16.03.2009


Till Von Sein - Ovas

The Berliner Till Von Sein is a producer that is gaining more reputation each day it goes. His music is perfect to after hours sessions bringing an enormous happiness to the dancefloors. After having produced some records to Trenton, Morris Audio and Moodmusic he now appears on Dirt Crew Recordings for a very inspired Ep. This new face of the Deep House scene presents three classy tracks with lots of different influences from soulful house cuts to jazz always combined with those kind of underground grooves that we so much like. On the first track of this release - “Ovas” - Till von Sein was assisted by Catz and Dogz to create a great funky track that will deliver a great feeling of joy to the dancefloor movement. The passionate “Nulla” is those kinds of deep house tracks to enjoy a splendorous afternoon at the sunny beach. Just chill! Finally “Sunday Madness” shows up with a fine percussion and a great rhythm completed by some soulful vocal samples. If you like it simple and deep, this is your kind of Ep. Till Von Sein confirms all his potential… lets wait for more. After hours are back.

b1 - Nulla

Rls Date: 02.03.2009


Kolombo - Sniff Ep

Kolombo is a producer well known among the mnmland. We have been covering some of his best releases and in this year he already released two Eps, one on Bluffin Records (Tweedle Dee) and the other on Turbo Records, a Montreal based record label that started out in March of 1998 as a partnership between two friends and DJs, Mark Dillon and Tiga.. old school! While “Tweedle Dee” is a mysterious confusion of weird sounds (not exactly a master piece), “Sniff Ep” is a classic release marked by delicious minimalist constructions and really progressive rhythms. A1 track is a really progressive blow tune marked by a sample recall us to some illicit happenings. It’s very well constructed and will have a certain success in the dancefloors. “Pique Nique” in the B side is the most strong track in the Ep and the real reason of why I’m posting this here. This one has an awesome trippy sub bass groove that is able to eat your mind up. The crispped synths are also delightfull and the all elements seem to combine perfectly, a real brain teaser. Release nrº 61 on Tiga’s Turbo Records. Snifffff

a1 - Sniff
b1 - Pique Nique

Rls Date: 11.02.2009


Ray Okpara - Brothers Ep

Ray Okpara started his career a few years ago but it was last year that he really came up among the electronic movement. Now, in 2009, he shows up once again, this time at Oslo Records do deliver a massive mnml production. “Brothers Ep” is all about long repeated loops with small variances and some fine percussion that will cause you a crazy urge to dance. In fact this Oslo release presents a pack of 3 magnificent tools where quality is ensured.
The first track “Brothers” is an unique percussive pumpy journey that will certainly be a hit in all the dancefloors. B1 track - “We Keep” - fly's off through deep atmospheres and long melodic hypnotic chords giving the Ep and extra classy feeling. Finally the last one “Snice” gets back in touch with loops and percussive elements creating a really groovy feeling. If you like quality and cutting edge mnml tech sounds you really should buy this records. A must have.
Oslo delivers!

a1 - Brothers
b1 - We Keep
b2 - Snice

Release Date: 26.02.2009

Mountain People - Mountain 007

The label/artist Mountain People might be unknown to some of you, but the ones that already know this project also have the sense that their music is characterized by deep grooves and long house splendor. Once someone asked “How deep is too deep?”… and that is really the question that you should be asking when you get to listen Mountain People 007. This release has got two minimalist deep house tracks that might not get into you at the first try, but if you listen it carefully you’ll see that this really has got lots of potential. On “Mountain 007.1″ you’ll have a slow pace demonstration of the finest deep mnml there can be able to lead you to such hypnotic states that your mind will stop thinking for a few seconds while you’re listening this beautiful fable. 007.2 climbs over the mountain with some refined percussion, genius bass and recycled lines. It’s the most solid tune of both, a growing jam that can only be produced by the best. I really would like to know who’s behind this project… If you like it deep simple cuts, exquisite production and classic beats you’ll definitely like this. This is music that work nicely for Djs who like to combine minimal and nudeep house in their sets. Get to know Mountain People!

a1 - Mountain 007.1
b1 - Mountain 007.2

Rls Date: 03.03.2007


Minilogue - My Teenager Gang

Marcus Henriksson & Sebastian Mullaert got back to Mule Musiq to produce another dub minimal hit! After “Animals” we may think that they would slow down on production but that’s not what happened. In fact their first release of 2009 brings more from the same: strong drums, deep basslines and some neurotic keyboard effects gathered with carefully chosen samples. In the A side you will listen “My Teenager Gang”, a dubby track, charged with lot’s of bass and some tribal elements: some birds singing, conga rhythms and some great world music chants leading you to the impression that you’re on a music safary around Africa. They all combine perfectly in the whole 10 minutes of this great production, it’s really a master exotic techno dub cut. On the flip “Hundraelva” bets on other kind of roots where synths make the difference. This one reminds me a lot “Hitchhiker’s Choice” or some Cadenza productions, jazzy tones are everywhere getting along with some hypno plastic surfaces ready to terr u apart!
This two tracks are some of the reasons of why i love Minilogue. They are able to do such different things always with pure quality. Their background on Progressive Psychedelic Trance must have helped them to create such different and good environments. If you like pure music don’t miss this Ep.

a1 - My Teenager Gang
b1 - Hundraelva

Rls Date: 16.02.2009

Alejandro Vivanco - Nachtstring

The Chilean producer is back! The guy who created “Rojo Pomodoro” shows up once again to deliver two precious tracks full of passionate grooves and tribal techy house rhythm. The first track “Nachstring” is something very special, a long length one that starts with some twisted piano chords and a genuine 4×4 beat, very dry, very danceable. The percussion is always an essential part to this kind of tracks, and I bet that as soon as you start listening it your feet will start moving to the beat. In fact this is one of his finest works up to date, 10 minutes of ice breaking music, hitting the floors perfectly. Unmissable!
On the flipside Vivanco offers another massive turn-on. It’s not as hynotic as the first but it contains some high level psyched synths and an amazing percussive beat that will drive you mad. I really think that this kind of tracks can only be done by the Chilean crue - Villalobos, Luciano and Alejandro. 10th release of International Freakshow, already supported by Loco Dice, Luciano, Karotte, Johnny D, Mathias Kaden and 2000 and One.

a1 - Nachstring
b1 - Cicatrizante

Rls Date: 16.02.2009


Audio Werner - Easygoing

This label who, last year had only one work released is back in great shape, with the Ep being held by one of my favorite producers.. Sometimes it’s better to release just a few bombs from time to time than to release an Ep every single month and this work prooves it… I’m talking about Tom Ellis and his work “Concentrate.” This disct titled “easygoing” is their first work published this year , a great quality one with lots of compassion. Than in the A side we find one of the best tracks i listened this year, “easygoing” it’s is name indicated for such sonority, full of good emotions and fully acessible to all. With a well danceable pace and a bassline that makes us remember a jazz impromptu. In the middle of the track an introduction of 4 piano chords, performs fully the wishes of any hearing. Excelent for a nice shiny afternoon in this rainy winter. On the other side we have “goingeasy” in a more deep tribal style, accompanied by an alternating low line and a melancholic melody.

Label: Hartchef Discos
Catalog#: HFC015
Release Date: 13.02.2009

a - easygoing
b - goingeasy


Makcim & Managemend - Red Aglet

Remote Area shows up once again to deliver a massive ep produced by Makcim & Managemend. It’s the second production made by this duo from the Netherlands and minimaland can ensure you that this really is something special. They compile the best elements of deep and funky grooves, always with very nice rhythm and perfect knowledge of how to produce an healthy dancefloor turn on. “92 House” and “Red Aglet” (massive track) are the perfect example of their good taste. Beside this sexy funked up jazzy grooves, the 2×12″ release also brings a more disturbed neuro minimal pattern that we always appreciate, taking presence on “Somniphobia” and “Euphobia”… Fearful! Supported by Ricardo villalobos, 2000 and One, Sammy Dee and Cassy. Impressive..

Digital Only - Euphobia

Rls Date: 09.02.2009

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