Freedarich & Stiggsen – Lago

Each night before bedtime, Freedarich & Stiggsen turn into two giant, radioactive ants. There they are then, obviously enjoying their facet insect eyes. And sometimes, their own ant’s sound inspires them to produce techno music. When Freedarich & Stiggsen want to go out, they turn back into Bohemians again, in order not have to party all alone due to Berlin’s mean bouncers. With their first release on Areal, Friedrich Greiling & Steph Sandeck have come up with a double-A-side. Both sides do not hesitate, they simply take you on a trip. So we had no option but to let the dice decide.

Minimaland Feedback: What a promising start for this duo, Freedarich and Stiggsen are an incredible mysterious surprise, this Ep is a new breath of fresh air through the scene. “Lago”, the first track is a beautiful combination of different pleasures, a melody that will tear you apart, really well created reminding me some of the best times of trance music, the deep beat will complete it for you, if you like music with feeling this is your best choice for this month… fly, fly away. I must confess I can’t stop listening it…! The other one is “Candide”, a darker deeper track that will lead you into a trip through the most rough sides of electronic music. Maybe the most surprising release I’ve listened in the last times, I’ve already bought it, i just hope some of you will do the same…

a1 - Lago
b1 - Candide

Rls Date: 13.08.2009

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