Lauhaus - Latenights

Despite being the first Lauhaus Ep that we post, we’ve been following his career for a long time, this Dj and Producer creates dedicated music and his Dj sets are some of the best ones you can listen. Laurens Lanting aka Lauhaus is also one of the parts of the duo Polder, highly known by their famous album Poldermodel and this solo Ep proves all his quality. This producer from the Netherlands presents three amazing tracks that will have a tremendous effect among underground crowds. His deepness his something that we definitely appreciate and you will be able to confirm it when you listen this release. The first track “Latenights” is a guaranteed dancefloor igniter with it’s deep beat and incredible tech-house rhythm. A flawless track that will make the dancing people go crazy. Lauhaus bounce it again in the b-side track “Newe Welle” surfing through even more deep dark waves, not as techy as the other but with far more soul… it’s a perfect one for our kind of style and the one that makes us astonished here at the land. If you buy it digitally you’ll have a third track – “Backstage Beauties” a after-hours session bomb, that it’s worth to buy. Released by Intacto Records.

a1 - Latenights
b1 – Newe Welle
D.O. - Backstage Beauties

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Release Date: 17.08.2009

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