Pupkulies And Rebecca – Burning Boats In Remix

A1. Burning Boats (Masomenos Rmx) 11:59
B1. Sorry (youANDme Rmx) 06:40
B2. X-Hale (Someone Else Rmx) 06:28

Recommended! All the producer's are top level so you'll imagine that the remixes should be good! take a look at the samples here


March pics

Spring is arriving and with the the new season more fresh and sunny releases appear, here are some of my fav EP's during the last days

Robag Wruhme - Proviant [Circus Company]
Mendo - Encantos [Cadenza]
Julian Jewel - Color [Cocoon Recordings]
Ryan Crosson And Guti - You've Got Me [Supplement Fact Records]
M.in - Sing And Blow At The Same Time [Desolat]
Kleinschmager Audio - Audiology Argentina Rmxs [Rrygular]

Proviant and Mendo Ep's have already been posted in our main site www.minimaland.com, the others will follow... music is coming :)


James Holden - The Idiots Are Winning

Today I was listening this album and I've noticed that I've never mentioned it here at the land. So here it is, to me one of the best albums of all time, by mister fantastic fabulastic James Holden.

Released by Border Community back in 2006. Many of you certainly don't know it but this is your chance... buy it, or whatever, just don't miss this production of true art...


Gui Boratto - Telecaster

Gui Boratto has just released a new EP on Kompakt and there's a track that it's impossible not to like. One of those that enter and your soul and stick to it!

Gui Boratto - Azurra EP


Nicolas Jaar - Time For Us

Because, sometimes, deep house makes sense to our soul! One of the best tracks I've listened for a long time...

"no more time for me and you"


Cherry - World Waits EP

"Deep, Melancholic and Emotional… Cherry’s music will project different emotions in you. Ada remix is simply amazing, I must say that she is, nowadays, one of my favorite producers and everything she touches turns it into gold."

...and having said that i can only advice you to wait until March and buy this one. Meanwhile listen the samples here: minimaland.com

World Waits Ep tracklist:
a1 – World Waits
a2 - World Waits (Ada remix)
b1 – When The Truth Is

Label: Four:Twenty
Release Date: March, 2010


2009 Album of The Year II

Here it is, the 2nd album of the year and yet, another lady in the scene! Die Faser by Cio D'or was one of the most surprising albums of last year. Most of the album consists of Cio‘s melodic minimal stylings, with deft but subtle touches of delay and reverb lending themselves to her trippy sound that makes up different kinds of fabric. She was kind enough to do an interview with us, read it here

“I like hypnotic techno, it gives
people this sense of endlessness,
this infinity that trance doesn’t achieve.”


2009 Album of The Year

It's always tough to name only one album to a all year so I've decided to name two! :) The first one was produced by the Chilean Lady Alejandra Iglesias aka Dinky. "Anemik" was released during October by Wagon Repair, read more about it here: minimaland.com. I will be posting the 2nd album in the next days...

At times dreamy, at times nightmarish, at times romantic, at times befuddled, ‘Anemik’ is always quintessentially Dinky.

tracks to listen in this cold winter days...

hello peeps, in 2010 i will try to update our blog more times with different things that are normally posted in our main site www.minimaland.com ! Blog days are back!

10 tracks to listen in the first days of January:

Telefon Tel Aviv - Immolate Yourself (Sascha Funke Digital Bonus mix) / Bpitch
Losoul - The Crush / Playhouse
Audiofly - Salioelsol (Kabuto & Koji mix) / 8Bit
Qno - Tanz Der Zuckerfee (Mollono bass mix) / Ostwind records
Plasmik - Retune / Hypercolour
Danuel Tate - Remember Me / Wagon Repair
Lemos - Nice & Clean / Cecille Numbers
Marco Carola - You and Me / Minus
Mike Shannon - Under The Radar (Ricardo Villalobos mix) / Cynosure
Pantha Du Prince - Water Falls / Rough Trade

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