Blind Minded - Tekatek Ep

The Trapez limited series are back again, this time with a British producer - Blind Minded - bringing us an outstanding work with two top tracks. The first delicacy starts with a 4×4 dry beat and some neurotic sample. It gets even more interesting when the vocals show up… the guy speaking seems to teach us something about how to produce a music, just showing how easy is to produce a good track (is it really that easy?). B side bring us Clap in Time, a tribal step by step minimal track, typical to listen at the best clubs and that will work perfectly in the houses with those perfect sound systems. The jazzy inputs work beautifully and the bassline demands dancing! Trapez showing once again top choices with Blind Minded. Clean release, not a blind bet!

a1 - Tekatek
b1 - Clap In Time

Rls Date: 27.04.2009

Moritz Piske - Real One Ep

Producers from Berlin always have a special kind of way of doing things… when I started to listen this Ep I rapidly thought that Moritz Piske should be from this amazing city, the way he constructs a certain pattern or how he inputs in the music such variations of bassline are typical from there. In fact this is the 2nd work I listen from him, both released by Opossum Records, one of my favorite labels during this recent years. Moritz present us two quite good tracks starting, in the A side, with “Real One” that was charted by Sweet N Candy as his favorite choice for April… why? Cause it got flow, a great bassline and a seductive pumpy feeling. A real turn on! In the B side there’s “Cant Keep”, with a step by step construction, some marvelous bass variations and a schizophrenic vocal sample. A typical Berlin all-minimal track, just as we like it here. Top class release, Opossum Records brings quality into a scene that sometimes seems to be overcrowded. Highly recommended.

a1 - Real One
b1 - Cant Keep

Rls Date 30.04.2009

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