Dole & Kom - Egg

Hello! It's sort of vacations time and i finally got time to spend here with you! My first choice of this summer season is Dole & Kom. This 2 Berlin guys normally produce stuff that i appreciate and this is not an exception. The first music of this digital release is "Egg" - my favorite - a strong music filled by a rude strong bassline and some twisted acid tools ready to mess your head up! The beat is purely amazing and the development of the music gets you attached to it till the end! The second music is "ND" and it's also a pretty good one... it doesn't have that exquisite minimal taste of the first but it transmits that feeling of old school classic Berlin themes. Released on the 19th of June by Piemont Records Digital. Dole and Kom are two more guys to pay attention, so listen there style and see if you like it. Main Key: "Egg"!

1 - Egg
2 - ND


Dandi & Ugo - Hot Teacher

Dandi & Ugo are two Italian guys that have been producing for quite a few years and i've been following their work with great expectations. "Hot Teacher" is released today and I can say that it's one of their best works. Released in Immigrant Digital, this Ep is composed with three digital tracks made by them and two interesting remixes, one from the Japanese guy Ryoh Mitomi and the other by the Serbian Vladimir Acic who made a powerfull dark re-work. So, the three original from Dandi & Ugo are simply awesome, great minimal feeling with seductive constructions that will turn out fine in the dancefloors. "Riplik" might be my favorite - it's very hard to tell because they are all so good - with an incredible groovy rhythm, nice steps and . One word also to "Glandibus" a step by step minimal techno turn on! Perfect! Already supported by guys like Florian Meindl, Simon Baker and Bloody Mary. For your own good don't miss this one, it's just the kind of music that we like here in mnmland.

1 - Hot Teacher
2 - Riplik
3 - Glandibus
4 - Hot Teacher (Ryoh Mitomi rmx)
5 - Hot Teacher (Vladimir Acic)


Minilogue - Doiicie

I start by apologizing to you for the lack of updates we have been having here in mnmland. June is a month full of work and besides we are working on a new page to present to you... But i couldn't pass without presenting to you a wonderful Ep that has been following me during the last few days. Doiicie is the last work released by Minilogue and as one of my favorite producers i decided yo show it here. I have it for a couple of weeks and i've been liking it more and more... Doiicie Ep has two nice tracks where the main key is the a_side! A monster track with the kind of rhythm that is know on Minilogue productions. A typical 4by4 track with a groovy underground beat where you feel like you are being told a story! Step by step it goes driving you into another dimension. In the B side you have the minimalist version of the track. If it wasn't for the voices i would say that this was a Richie Hawtin's kind of producer... thought the voice is a bit annoying but whatever, Minilogue has always nice standards that you all should appreciate! It's not a monster Ep from Marcus Henriksson & Sebastian Mullaert but is the one that i've been listening the most in this busy days. Released by Minilogue Germany and already played by Wighnomy Brothers, M. Tanzmann, DJ Koze, Sven Väth among others. Enjoy

a1 - Doiicie A
b1 - Doiicie B


Mathias Mesteno - Dixie's Diner

Upon You is one of our favorite labels. Their quality is outrageous, i confess that i've never listened anything bad from them and, this time, Mathias Mesteno was their bet. Also known as Matt Vega, this dj and producer from Copenhagen - Denmark - presents tremendous skills in this 3 musics ep. To start off the a1 side "Dixie's Diner" - 11 minutes off deep minimal stuff, with a very nice bass and a fabulous construction. Nice breaks, clean entrances and exquisite taste of pieces. This is surely the main plate of the menu, i can't get tired of listening it... just going and going. wow! ... after you get a taste of Dixie's Diner there can't be nothing better than "Waffles" - b side - also a tremendous music with a nice underground flavor. This guy knows how to make it... You feel like you're listening techno constructions but the minimal power is always present. What a turn on! And to end this nothing better than "Steaks and Chops" - a seductive piece by piece music presenting you the ingredients one by one... till you can't get more of it! Great Ep, one of the best things i listened recently.

a1 - Dixie's Diner
b1 - Waffles
b2 - Steaks and Chops


Boris Brejcha - Mein Wahres Ich

Here it is the album that marks the beggining of summer and that surely will be talked about a lot... I think that beyond the suggestion of the week is also one of the best album of this year till this moment, for that i decided to introduce it to you. Boris Brejcha started to produce in 2006 and till this days he launched works only on Autist and Harthouse (two labels filled of good records and spectacular producers). He has also works produced with his alternative name Anna, for example the so known "Three Colours". This album "Mein Wahres Ich" is a trully demonstration of the techhouse-minimal scene, composed by two powerfull musics that have a great rhythm and growth. In all of them we can notice the fine breaks and the temporal perfection of the entrances as the connections between little spaces delighting the soul of who is listening to it and transmitting an enormous will of fulling around such music on a dancefloor. All the album is very well worked up but there are main musics that capture our attention. "Flying Bird", "Der Krieg der maschinen" and "mein wahr isch" are my favorite. its probable that many of this musics will spread by the most quality clubs all around.

Label: Harthouse
Catalog#: HHMA011-4

1 - Flying Bird
2 - Der Krieg Der Maschinen
3 - Euphoria
4 - Die Reise Nach Riad
5 - Schlafentzug
6 - Einma! Liebe Und Zuruck
7 - Mouse On Weed
8 - Mein Wahres Ich
9 - Every Girl Like A Style
10 - My Love
11 - Fruhlingsbienchen

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